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We always carefully select the tools that support our beauty. But not so attentive to the conditions of storage of your favorite cream or perfume. How to extend the makeup and what can be discarded without regret?

Change Places

Favorite room of many girls in the apartment — bathroom. After all, here you can enjoy water procedures, make a face mask at night and in the morning — makeup. And, of course, it is convenient when all you need at your fingertips. But this convenience turns that ink deteriorates faster and cream well before the expiration date lies not so smoothly. This is because the level of humidity in the bathroom upgraded, so the place is just foaming agents. Any decorative cosmetics, a variety of treatments for the face in the bathroom deteriorate faster than the storage room or N on the table in the hallway.

Creams, tonics and face masks are best stored at room temperature, avoiding direct sunlight. It is important to comply with the tightness of the package — if Wednesday cream penetrate the bacteria, it can be oxidized and will not be so good for your skin. If the cream in a jar, rather than in the tube, use a spatula, it is more hygienic.

Important: Typically, the means for skin stored for about 6 months. On the corruption point to change the color or smell, and texture.

To store …


The most durable means considered eye shadow, blush, pencils and powder. They can be used 1.5-2 years, with the proviso that the brushes and applicators regularly wash and pencil sharpener to clean after each use. Keep makeup can be in a hallway or bedroom. Conveniently, when everything is stored in a large home beautician, so the products are protected from light and, moreover, it is always kept at about the same temperature. In carcasses one of the shortest shelf life. Longer than 3 months it is impossible to use. If we loose it spinning, the ink dries more quickly. No water or some other «popular» means to revive the ink you can not — run the risk of eye problems. While not buy a new one, to revive the ink can be lowered to 5 minutes in a glass bottle with warm water.

Lipstick will last you for at least six months. Warning signs may be the appearance on the surface of fat droplets, bitter smell or dry lips during use. Important: if you blush or shadows began to crumble, it just means that gradually evaporates they contain silicone. But the quality is not affected.


The main enemy of perfumes and toilet waters — oxidation process. Because of him, they begin to quickly erode in an unpleasant flavor notes. They are oxidized due to temperature, oxygen, and glare. So cool, dry place — ideal conditions for perfume. Important: If the bottom sediment appeared, changed the color of the spirits, it is better to leave the aroma. Otherwise, in contact with skin it will not give the scent that you want to feel. Can such spirits and cause irritation to the skin, because the wrists, behind the ear and parts of the neck (where applied perfume) skin softer than in other parts of the body.

Useful tips:

He is to buy cosmetics store. Firstly, it can not live up to its term, and secondly, your preferences (in colors or brands) may change and the product will have to be discarded. If you are presented with some cream or lotion, and your not over yet, do not rush to open the packaging to smell and to evaluate the consistency, then it aside on a shelf. When closed, the vehicle prior to use will survive in its original form. Two packages purchased for the price of one — is not always the right decision. Especially when it comes to cosmetics with a small shelf life.

Lipsticks are best stored away from sunlight in a cool place. But in any case, do not put it in the refrigerator. After a while in the frosty «climate» in the bottle starts to accumulate condensation water, and this will negatively affect the properties of the varnish. Before use, be sure to stir the paint. This must be done properly: turn the vial and roll it between your palms. Only in this case there is a smooth mixing of all components. This applies not only colored lacquer, but the base and top coatings. After use, close the bottle tightly cover. Often on the neck remains cured lacquer. If you do not get rid of it, the lid will not fit snugly. This microscopic gap allows air to penetrate into the bubble, causing varnish starts to dry. You can fix this with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover. Remove any excess and tighten the lid. Do not try to revive nail polish with acetone, because it destroys the structure. As a result — the coating falls unevenly foliated and quickly crack. To dilute the favorite nail polish, use special tools.

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