Straight and Curly

Curly Girl «utyuzhat» their hair, for a perfect smoothness, and holders of straight hair tend to «catch the wave». Changes in appearance — it’s good. But with minimal risk to their own health and beauty.

Takes its

Form of hair is genetically predetermined. The representatives of the Slavic type of appearance never meet the type of hair that is typical, for example, members of the Negro race. If you look at the hair under a microscope, you can see that the line in the cross section is circular, and the curly — look like an ellipse, slightly curved in the middle. It is this bending makes it flexible and enables scrolling in a helix. Wavy strands under a microscope look like oval, and therefore only slightly bent. So it will curl the hair or not depends on its shape. The cross section rounder, the hair straighter and stiffer.


What sort of advantages can boast of a girl with straight hair?

1 For them easier to pick up the hairstyle. After all, if you like the geometrical shape or asymmetry, to emphasize this beauty can only straight hair.

2 Lovers bangs too lucky. You can try a forward, straight, milling — and the difference will be visible at all times.

3 Straight hair is not afraid of moisture and retain their appearance.

4 Trendy form coloring (coloring, highlighting, Ombre) to straight hair looks spectacular.

5 Shine hair always particularly noticeable on the straight strands.

But that straight hair look impressive, they should be smooth and shiny. That is well groomed. The basic rules are:

• Shampoos for hair type, try to alternate with the means that something corrected or stored. For example, products for colored hair, nutritional or wetting. So the hair will get more nutrients.

• Always use the balm-conditioner. For those who are always in a hurry, there is an alternative — indelible care.

• If you love your «honesty» and emphasizes its ironing, be sure to apply termosredstvo.

• Combs play a role! A good massage brush with natural bristles perfectly replace professional massage in a salon. Within 5-7 minutes, brush your hair before going to bed, to improve blood flow to the scalp.

• At least 2 times a week to do a mask. As additional care can use various oils. They are applied to the hair in a heated form before washing and washed away at least 1 hour with shampoo. Also a few drops of any oil can be added to the finished mask. Using the air conditioner after this procedure is not necessary. Castor oil prevents dandruff, makes hair shine and softness. Good treats damaged hair.

Jojoba oil

It moisturizes, adds shine to the hair. Olive oil helps if the hair falls out and flogged.

The soul needs

If you wanted to change in the form of Hollywood waves or small curls, are possible options.

At home

Get help mop home appliances: curling irons, hair-brush, boomerangs, curlers. The choice needs to be done, starting from the winding frequency and time that you have. Fen-brush, for example, quickly twist the ends of hair and will provide a beautiful, but not pronounced wave. Boomerangs or curlers cope with the problem, but will have to spend at least 40 minutes. If you frequently make waves, it is better to choose elektrobigudi — stands as a good hair dryer, to use very convenient. Curling different diameters will be a good buy for those who like curls.

In the cabin

The modern wave of many names: «angel curls», «biozavivka», «Silk wave» … In fact, they only differ in the composition of the name of the manufacturer. The rest of the steps of the procedure are the same: the master wind the hair on curlers, wets their solution, washed, and does part-converter. Although the same sequence of steps, the result of the same wave form are different. This depends on such factors as the quality of the hair, exposure formulations suitable hair «hold» curl. Also do not forget that still remains a chemical perm and hair care need increased. With the revitalizing and moisturizing agents.

Circle waves

What advantages can boast curly girl?

1 Curly locks sprinkled with enough hair spray and to form hands.

2 Due to their structure longer retain a fresh appearance, so they can be washed often.

3 Tips hairdressers as often as possible to give the hair dry yourself the best achievable, if the hair is curly. Size and shape are preserved in any case.

4 If the hair is straight, but the thin, long, they will not look nice. In this case, the victory of the curly locks — their length is always charming.

5 It is believed that the beautiful natural curls are more attracted to the opposite sex.

But there is curly hair and disadvantages. Owners curls are much more likely to suffer from split ends. All this, of course, you can adjust the competent care:

• The basic rule — to soften. Carefully chosen shampoo. Look at the composition of different oils, extracts of medicinal plants.

• If the strands are cut further funds for use and safety tips Shampoo. It is not necessary to use means for increasing, as they are destructive effect on the structure.

• After washing, do not rub your hair with a towel and gently pat the locks.

• Stylists recommend to choose a special comb — a comb with a few teeth from quality material. Hair should be brushed starting with the ends and gradually climbing up.

• Key in the diet mask — moisturizing. It is also important at every opportunity sprayed onto strands of a two-phase spray. Hairstyle it does not spoil, but it brings a lot of benefits.

Big change

Make curly hair straight out in several ways.

At home

Independently wave can be flattened by using forceps. Occupation tedious, especially if elastic curls and long hair. Sometimes it can not do without assistance, to the smoothness was perfect. If the wave is soft, the device is appropriate for home use. Tip: select the widest plate. Less obvious method — the slightest moisture all the efforts will bring to nothing. Therefore, before the transformation check the weather forecast and be sure to fix your masterpiece styling tools.

In the cabin

Option 1. keratin straightening. The procedure will give smoothness PA 2-3 months. Relative short-lived results compensated by the fact that the method does not change the structure of hair, as the main component is a liquid keratin. But, of course, to say that absolutely no damage to the hair is not applied, it is impossible. So stylists are advised to carry out the procedure no more than once a year.

Option 2. Chemical or permanent straightening. This is the «chemistry», only in reverse. If you wish, you can and do forget the natural curls, if every 6-8 months to repeat a session on regrowth. The procedure is done in several stages. At first — the application of special means of providing high-quality alignment. The coating by means of straightening and heat treatment. After exposure of the drug — ceramic heat treatment. Secured by neutralization. A few days after the procedure, refrain from gum, collars and pins to secure «platform». Houses usually recommended make masks and use rectifying means to maintain the effect.


Curly hair is often necessary to moisturize and shear split ends. Then they will not pushitsya and form elastic curls. Long hair before going to bed to braid loosely plait — this will avoid tangling and also retain hair. Before laying the hair dryer need to give them a little dry, apply a spray with thermal protection and get to work. Use the diffuser, it helps to maintain the natural shape of the hair. Owners straight hair should not abuse the rinse aid, since they contain silicones. Use them no more than 2-3 times a week. If your hair is thin, look for the amount of money, hard emollient oils.

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