Talk about telekinesis with Chronicle director Josh Trank

Trunk took the time to talk with a reporter RSMad why telekinesis opens the way to super abilities as mankind would benefit if the dinosaurs made films, and more.

Will — a concept studied philosophy and psychotherapists, with the multi-volume theory and endless debate such luminaries of science, as Aristotle, Schopenhauer, Kant and Freud. Finding ways to extend the will to control external objects by thought is deeply rooted in the study of these scholars, but still a lot of science fiction — Stan Lee and Stephen King.

However, with the advent of technology telekinesis theory closer to reality. «I’m scared,» — says Josh Trank, author and director filmed in a documentary style film «Chronicle» (Chronicle), which deals with the three teenagers who discover a telekinetic abilities after a meeting with the wreck of an unidentified flying object.

Despite the deep penetration into our lives, the technology — something physically separated from us. We depend on it, and in some way excluded. Though the technological solution we have is, for example Headband with a sensor on the forehead, it remains something secondary, but there is a natural and controlled by thought, the very essence of our «I».

«I think everyone dreamed of moving objects by thought, and telekinesis associated with superhuman powers — says Trunk. — It is a symbol sverhvozmozhnostey. «

For several years, the technique of «telekinesis» has come to the masses thanks to affordable (up to $ 300.) Head units NeuroSky, Emotiv and other companies. At the heart of their work laid the same principles — whether they are intended to remove the thought of Stephen Hawking (as in the iBrain) or to help kids play board games (as the device Mattel MindFlex).

Digital technology uses telekinesis electroencephalographic (EEG) data synchronized movement of millions of neurons, to determine the emotions and thoughts to manipulate the software and real objects. When a person is at rest, his brain produces alpha waves; when a person is focused, there are beta waves. Fluctuations between the two states can be determined by sensors on the felt substrate, recording brain rhythms.

Wearing a bandage NeuroSky, everyone can touch the technology, and even contribute to the development of the plot of the film. Through emotional investment the audience figures are much more realistic, especially in the Bullet Dodger, stories in the style of Guy Ritchie on the London underworld. They may be among the victims.

A good example — the hacker George Hotz aka GeoHot, who created his system Neuropilot before became known for youthful exploits with the iPhone and PS3. The vehicle, like a scooter, is controlled by the head of the helmet, and it took the author of the design knowledge gained in project OpenEEG (encephalograph and creation of open source software for it).

Trunk worried about the ease with which telekinezopodobnye interfaces have an effect on the consciousness: «Telekinesis impact on the psyche. New generations of children are born, they only know what they see in front of you, so innovation is inevitable and unpredictable change the process of acquiring human experience. «

The sense of control over previously uncontrolled certainly sounds Hotz in a statement to the BBC, C after breaking PS3: «There is nothing inaccessible to hackers. Now I can do with the system anything I want. I know great opportunities — but do not know how to apply them. «

Teens psychics exist only in the movies. In real life, a place where technical innovations can quickly turn from a fascinating science fiction in the horrific dystopia — a DARPA projects of the Ministry of Defense (DARPA). As part of the Silent Talk engineers are trying to find a way to transmit electromagnetic waves of the brain between the soldiers. With the helmet equipped with EEG means the soldiers will be able to read each other’s thoughts. On the battlefield, communication is difficult because of the chaos and noise, and direct communication «mind-brain» combatants will allow sharing of information at the same time discreetly and reliably. However, the possible consequences of awed.

The Dark Side of Digital Trunk causes telekinesis to think about the practical applications of the technology, until recently only possible in movies. «It produced enough good films, and in the future will be a lot of good films, warning us of the consequences of the abuse of technology. Now, if the dinosaurs made films, prevention of which could learn … «

But the technology developed by the project Silent Talk, there are less sinister purpose. Researchers from the University of Berkeley (Calif.) Apply the same principles in the hope of regaining the voice dumb and people with speech disabilities. Researchers from the department of biomedical engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a way to send short messages using EEG. Thus, patients with ALS, spinal cord injuries, stroke and other diseases will be able to communicate with others.

In addition to speech technology applications of telekinesis will help restore the mobility of persons with disabilities. Patients are able to psevdokomy (locked-in syndrome) or bedridden receive robotic assistants. Jose del R. Millan, biomedical engineer at the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne (Switzerland), guides the development of the robot controlled via EEG. The robot is equipped with a laptop computer for voice and video, so it can be presented to the operator in a place where it is impossible to his physical presence.

People in a wheelchair will be easier to maneuver developed by Toyota and Riken research group chairs, the control signals of the brain. Close to the end of the project took three years for the design Mindwalker EEG-driven exoskeleton with which will be able to walk people suffering from diseases of the lower extremities. For people with disabilities who are able to walk, but do not have the hands to be developed telekinetic prosthesis. In early 2013 r engineers Applied Physics Laboratory at Johns Hopkins University have restored some patients the National Military Medical Center Walter Reed movement of arms and hands, controlled by thoughts. Modular prosthetic limb has 22 degrees of freedom, including the management of individual fingers.

The broader scope of the telekinetic technology — drive vehicles, requires concentration. Experts Google, seem to believe that the car is better to think for themselves, but Nissan is working on the car to read the thoughts of the author before the person has time to fully understand them, which reduces the reaction time.

Do not stay aside and bikers. The driver of the motorcycle concept from Toyota Prius Projects able to mentally shift gears. Parlee Cycles Motorcycle equipped with a means of interaction between man and machine, developed by Deeplocal. There are solutions Board of Imagination, but through the helmet Emotiv EPOC (and running tablet Samsung with Windows 8) fans of skateboarding can improve skills, polishing their mind control techniques.

The company InteraXon, specializing in computing facilities operated by the thought has equipped the Ontario Pavilion Hausa EEG helmets with which it was possible to control the light source illuminating the Niagara Falls, the CN Tower in Toronto and the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa. And although the idea does not belong to the engineers of InteraXon, and the Canadian Department of research and innovation, they can not be accused of a lack of imagination.

Whatever it was, «in the near future will be a very interesting future, whatever it earned,» — predicts the trunk.

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