The fifth «X»

So it seems our friends Alan and Tom run into the biggest adventure of their lives. It is one thing — to dance on the bones of others games and sling ink in the quiet mezzanine strategic advice, and quite another — to create their own game, and even a giant such as MOO3.

What to do? In which direction? You can correct the mistakes made in the previous section. You can attend to a general three-dimensionality is happening. All can increase two times. You can make the game Homeworld. There are many options, and they are terrible.

But the balance of factors, the number of science, the implementation of the graphics engine and even the great battle real time vs turn based — all this nonsense, trivia. We need something more. The new concept, which will pull the game to the next level of evolution or forever leave in the past …

Of course, the former journalist came up with the idea over very quickly.

It is called "fifth "X".

Make no mistake. It just so happened that they "global space strategy" called "4X", What means "eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and exterminate". Fifth "X"Which, as the authors believe MOO3, do not have enough players for complete happiness means "eXperience".

According to Alan and Tom, all previous "Global space" It was not global. Games are becoming more and more difficult, but a sense of perspective of what is happening to blur. In pursuit of quantity, we lost the main thing — the accuracy of what is happening. Alan wants to bring to the game atmosphere widescreen movies. Less so beloved vargeymerami abstractions. When you look into the abyss, the abyss looks into you.

In Master of Orion 3 player finally cease to be a creature of flesh and blood. Even interplanetary dictator. We — the force that controls the galactic civilization. The dictators, presidents, rulers, and consuls — a pawn in our hands. They come and go, we stay. We use their government, their armies, their special services to achieve the goal, which is visible only to ourselves.

It is not enough just to be a good commander and sensible economist. To succeed, you must also be a politician, diplomat and administrator.

However, the existence of non-material also has disadvantages. Despite the fact that the game is turn-based, and the player has an unlimited time to think, he can not control everything. The developers put into the game is very unusual resource — "Attention". Each piece of the machine control an empire requires a certain percentage of your "attention". It is logical, right? And if so, then in one move "attention" not enough at all. Thus, the player will have to choose what issues to solve on their own, and what to leave on the conscience of many imperial officials.

The very idea "multi-level design"And not implemented properly in MOO2, will be fully used in the latter part of the game. The player is only concerned with the fact that he was the most interesting. The rest, as far as its own powers, abilities and ambitions, do computer characters, which, of course, can be changed. This approach allows the authors to really huge game (and that it will be such that there is no doubt — read the diaries of developers) and it does not drown us in a sea of ​​micromanagement.

However, while all this is just words. Work on MOO3 in full swing, there is still at least a year of waiting. The publisher has not yet declassified appearance MOO3, but Alan Imrich, as if trying to enlist someone’s support, available on its website almost a formula of mathematical model for future games. According to him especially scrupulous players can almost completely restore the image of the third "Orion". But is it worth to try? The main thing — the fifth "X" — We can only feel in their own skin.

P.S. Hopefully, "multi-level design" It allows me to finally realize his dream and spend a day in the role of a small boy living in the most backward planet in the lower right corner of the map, which wants to be the captain of the spacecraft and the evening staring at the starry sky in search "Orion".

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