The first casting of a new installation has been repeatedly punched in the jet — two blasting clear bite, there are striped! Yes, bigger, for two hundred grams. This, comrades, is the theme! You can not very overnice wiring undermine higher knock louder on the bottom. Despite the fact that this test is the top of my «Yamaga» — jig absolutely complete, no «failures», and casting and wiring — confident, adequate. Now I see a long range — and, finally, I pay attention to suvod the opposite shore. I completely forgot about it — because in the morning, with a strong side wind, catching at a distance of 35-40 meters was impossible in principle. A powerful jet of the center channel required a straight section of the cord, which would pass over it in the air, giving the opportunity to make at least two or three steps without demolition. The wind killed a catch unconditionally. But he s verse I easily shoots a jig to the opposite shore, where before sboyka main stream and tributary of the left duct formed a tempting patch of calm water. And not so penny — suvod stretches twelve meters. And what about the depth?

Hooray, the depth is. Six grams of drowning three seconds — and that at least two and a half meters. It is enough for meaningful jig — and, perhaps, enough for a predator? Broads! Undercuts, double-clutch squeal in response to a double-leap at the far end of the cord, and an instant gathering!

This is the game seriously. Very nice long-range light-jig of the jet, and an immediate response worthy of a predator. Pike? Perhaps. Clear, shot her an evil spirit — and nothing that is past. I think that in this «return pipe» should fit not one rybeha — such tihovody near powerful jet on this stretch of the river is very low, there must be a full house. I fantasize? Nothing of the sort, because the next throw a couple of meters left again rewarded with an excellent bite, and there could we «Yamaga» is not blundered. Fish on the hook, it is clearly larger than anything that has been so far. Now you have to drag it through the powerful jet output threshold. Ultralight.

So what? «Yamaga» — not a sissy, not at all. In any case, I just loosen the clutch, pull off abutting the fish in the stream and just keep it on a leash, allowing the flow to make me the most difficult part of the job. Contact «pendulum» Strezhneva crosses part of the river, now you can start to pump. Fish kept in the depths, but goes on about — I begin to doubt creeps into her «trophy» … still there. Show finally, from the depths of pike will delay to a maximum of half a kilogram — force and how many are angry at this establishment spotty, barely emerged from childhood! HUB Zone, well, of course, practicing on the course … I appreciated after undercuts its mass at least a kilogram, but did you go, you have to let go of the teenager. Well, okay, swim. Thank you for your bite. And there you have it someone else? And how. The next 15 minutes, allow three more sweeping, clear butting — but sweeps goes into the void. It is time to adapt — maybe you need a lure bigger and brighter? Acid soft plastic bait does not cause proper reaction, nobody cares and versatile «chervetvister» «Saturn 2.8". This «party meeting», definitely — from my relaxation was gone, have to work fast, without getting stuck in the enumeration — the sun had disappeared behind a rock, is about twenty minutes. Aktivnichal not only predator — finally Edik marked worthy silver bream, under four grams, perhaps. On the tails of something he is not behind me, but the pecking «sandwich» of mussels and gobies maggots desyatigrammovye suitable except on live bait.

Well, back to the catching capacity installation with Curly Grub-ohm, it is necessary, finally, to drag from the other side something worthy. Suvod subsided, but I scan it with an interval of one and a half or two meters. Sighted, put the jig just below the edge on its border a floating grass, I have three or four steps. Drag impossible — still rocky bottom, begin immediately hooked. Undermining drop again explosion. Strike! Hooking fell into someone’s jaw is rigid, and I once again enjoy a long vyvazhivanii through a powerful jet. I understand: it is again a trophy, but the fish resting-etsya otherwise not in pike. Not the slightest movement of the whole to the surface, if it is crawling on tsnu. Really? ..

Yes! It sudachok!

In it, four hundred grams, not more-Pee. But the beauty and rarity of the complexity of the hunt this fish is angering me far above the usual ekuney and pike. Especially — here ^ MiG. I not only had not Povile here walleye himself — not even; lyshal about the successful hunt for this lt; ischnika from local counterparts spin ningistov. That is great! It is-viper second day I finally satis-; get along to hear what I whispered to the river. Initially, plugged ears, a zero line — but, thank God, friend of mind to wake up. It is a lesson taught me a lesson in the Southern Bug and the learned. ^ Tomorrow I Ride — but in the evening and the morning fishing at the Castle will be a well-deserved success for exa Myung-handed. Small predators securities floated by race, giving me joy! bite and its elastic jerks n; perfectly springing form -; crucian carp, bream and perch-ukrasya our table, having passed through the crucible of the oil lamp). Good, right! It was the day.

A morning morning … well, it’s not about Manuli and did not disappoint. However, a ‘nocturnal rains in the upper reaches of the water has risen and turbid, but s is already gripped the success of fish ki in their own hands. H «had nothing more SPEECH sort are, look, straining izvi Lina second right … gee, I noticed govuyu suvod 50 IU fuck downstream yesterday. Three morning hours were so, however, and were to be relaxed, to merge with the soul of the river. She let me in your world is, everything was easy. Pecking fish — perch, schuryat, pike-perch and second grammes under 500-60S I took as a well-deserved prize. Joyfully, but not surprised

We marvelous «Yamaga» was! / Happy — because it could all. they wanted, and wanted to correct: like the possible. Overcast weekday morning provided us privacy — no one was swimming, not amused, not the battery was setting «Dalnik» on the beaches. Calm and enjoyed the local animals — if you’ve never seen a squirrel, hopping on the cane stalk, then we lost a lot in life, trying to keep her balance, hanging out on these thin «fishing rods» in all planes — it shaped the circus). As a tribute to fish cooking, my friends have already given — Today everyone who came into my hands, sailed away.

And then low over the river took a flock of swans — and it was a sign, it’s time to go home. Just three incomplete days, and how much has been captured in time … Nothing, yes. Not according to plan. But how cool. From a complete misunderstanding of the situation from their own walk among the old cliches and stereotypes — to understand the river. In her slender thread of hints and tips …

Do not ask for what I am. Migeyu love. I love — and all.

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