The first field

The first field

GO agreed to after dinner.

Dmitry Ilyich ran up to the window at every creak of the sled, fussed, poking in a backpack and his wife prepared convolution. Every now and then returned to him the idea that he forgets something, something blundered and spoil crowfoot hunt. Especially as confused him that would go to the crowfoot his son Kolya, a man he had heard that hunting has experienced; in relation to him, Dmitry Ilyich felt a sense of jealousy and a novice in his eyes not to look like.

All have been collected, but the woman was imported with lunch, and Dmitry Ilyich nervous.

Sitting at the table, he heard close behind the wall of the house horse steps, I saw the box sailed high arc.

— Well, Luba, — he said with irritation, burning soup — that’s always so clod!

— Eat, do not hurry, — said Lyuba.- I go and invite them — sit down, anything with them did not.

Hunters came in and sat down on the threshold, removing the broken soft caps. Lac buffet reflect their calloused, zakrovavlennye on the side coats with stubborn rabbit fur.

— Ivan Nefedych, do you … sit down, drink a glass of tea — invited Dmitry Ilyich, embarrassed by the fact that he had not come before the arrival of hunters.

— No thank you — refused Vorotkov.- We Leksevna naharchila so much girth that Nicholas wanted to go.

Kohl complained slipped thawed nose, continuing to inspect the living room and noting new, not rustic furniture, many books in the closet, on the far wall piano.

— Do not davis — Luba noticed in teachers’ judiciously — you wait comrades, not davis.

All the while, until Dmitri Ilyich hastily finished lunch and drinking tea, sitting crowfoot, without changing his position, crushed Malachai and rustic pomargivali maintaining a conversation with the hostess. Finally, Dmitry Ilyich ate and dressed silently envying hunting attire crowfoot. Luba came to spend the hunters on the porch. At the gate dozing fat mare harnessed to a sled mounted with baskets on baskets. From baskets on peeping, they whined impatiently vorotkovskie hounds.

Gasping from the childish delight, Dmitry Ilich tumbled over the edge of the basket in the hay, the dogs at his feet. Knob removed from the back of a horse coat, U Mosta in the front end, to understand the reins, he said, not without significance: — Well, ohotnichki, good luck! No pen, no hairs … And, oh, Malyutochka, touch!

Tiny trembled in two sprawling croup, crossed, stronula podmerzshie sled. The dogs jumped up again, stamping of feet, hands and pulling svorki. Wrapped in a married coat Lyuba stood on the porch, looking at the strange crew and smiled, condescending to men good for nothing.

On the outskirts of the village hunters turned into a knurled glass to shine the way. Baby, rippling belly zarysila seriously and prudently, just to avoid the stick.

On peals sled swing, they hit the edge coming off runners and did not immediately get up to the place, shaking in baskets on people. Ugrevshayasya Zateyka jumped to his feet each time, unceremoniously, almost tychas nose in the face, climbed by Dmitry Ilyich. Stepping back, he nearly saw her yellow eyes and impudent excited.

— Do the damn mermaid — mown knob. — You do not really not abandon her, Dmitry Ilyich, it shall not otvyazheshsya then a Hamlet!

Road rocked and then awoke to the peals. On a detour to counter sledge be lopsided, faced razduzhinami. Lying on the hay, Dmitry Ilyich opened his eyes, looked at the gray winter sky to guess the clouds the sun, listening to snatches of another dialect, singing roadside poles. Between the bars with baskets tech steppe breeze carried the scent of willows and snow. Zagadyvaya successful hunt, Dmitry Ilyich smiled, trying to imagine a distant forest cordon Buzuluk, which finally, after a lot of charges, got to go, I thought about the strange name it.

— Korshunov went to the fields, — said Kohl — smell the evening!

Dmitry Ilyich saw how hard, paying no attention to the people at the bottom, flew to the forest dark, with white ends of the wings of a bird.

— Travel creature! — What they said Vorotkov.- day izvedut Bat — the mind boggles!

Baby suddenly went pitch, sleighs poked and passes through the side of the road, they began to dive to Sastrugi poluzanesennogo winter road. Fidgeted, bars creaked basket. Dmitry Ilyich realized that turned off the highway, headed for the woods. Zasumatoshilas again trampled in a sleigh Zateyka. Old pendulous male leaders, as skipper at sea, watching, squinting into the steppe. He was a broad-chested and gnarled, with grizzled, in overgrown scars on fox teeth, muzzle. Another male, Nightingale was not the year. He was the first field. Capstan preparing him to replace the leader. Prigrevshis, Nightingale was lying about Koli, pomargival yellow eyebrows.

«Something strange they look like — thought Dmitri Ilyich, looking at the leader and crowfoot — slowly, perhaps, a sense of whether the advantages? In a word, «gustopsovostyu» any … And, of course, the favorite, and the hunt must understand each other perfectly … «

They drove into the woods, as if entered the quiet porch. The dull silence cotton stood silently pine. Only at the top of their poshumlival, reaching him at times with the wind fields, sown with Makuch snow. It was hot in the sheepskin coat. Dmitry Ilyich got up and looked in the basket. Along the road and cross it often gets fox and hare tracks. Knob, looking around, silently poked at them mitt. Dogs climbed out of the sleigh, whining and nostrils.

— Yes tsyts you balamutka, itching to do it! — I pulled the knob svorku so that Zateyka collapsed in the hay.

— And you, what, an old brylun not seen the hare track, or what? A Vozhachok?

The leader was confused and dropped ears guilty nuzzled crowfoot palm.

It happened on the hills with sleds slipped winter road, hit razduzhinoy in the trunks of pine trees — trees then quivered dreamily, dropped in baskets on loose snow.

— And in the peat some still ride — said Kohl, when the winter road forked.

— Vaska Yakimenok in Antonov carries firewood garden — without turning round replied Vorotkov.- conceived barred.

And Dmitry Ilyich — once again — again, astonished knowledge crowfoot forest and all connected with it: and the man who set a new pole on the corner of the block, and who planted Rocker planting pine trees, and what needed firewood to some Yakimenko, the watchman Antonova garden.

Sani suddenly stopped.

— Fresh, like, smetok something to maturation, — he explained the knob. He slowly took off his gloves and blew his nose. Dmitry Ilyich looked over the edge of the basket — the road down into the aspen, leaving rabbit trail. The same as the other: two wells near the front from the hind legs, the back two holes, one after another — from the front, hare Malik in the book. Dmitry Ilyich looked questioningly at crowfoot — one lit, wondering something crushing knee reins.

Stop the usual rustle sled runners; quiet, very quiet in the forest was only whimpering, languishing, beagles, but shook her head, as if waving away a gadfly, a ring tinkled Baby arc.

Dmitry Ilyich knew that the slave was crowfoot: tonight hare out in the field and fatten, probably in the bushes Krasnotal that on the edge, and in dry corn bastylyah. At the end of the night he returned to the pine, I went on the road, sat and listened to the wind and horse pobrehi Lesnikova dogs on Buzuluk. The forest was quiet, not far darkened familiar aspen, brown hare and decided to go for maturation. But once just so he did not do: hare was expensive and it should be returned to its back, making «two». Then suddenly, as if sideways strelnuvshaya spring, he jumped to the side of the road as far as he could, has failed all four paws and waved again — on the treacherous snow and imprinted the nous, about which there were currently sled. The aspen grove like a hare, popetlyat, tried several times to dig the snow and finally lay down because it was too late in the forest was advancing from the misty dawn, and the hare was not the time to go.

Knob was almost certain that the hare lies somewhere here in aspen because on the side of the hill to the lowlands was felling were the stumps, in which the hare love to go to the thaw; Today it was very frosty and snowy, and long walk through the snow hare was no good. Wondered the same Ivan Nefedovich because he feared — not led to hare hounds deep into the forest, Zhuravlinku will crawl there between high marsh tussocks, showering in the next snow sedges, sinking the dogs, and the case is already the evening, not to spoil tomorrow hunt …

— Warm smetok something — repeated knob — start up, eh?

— Empty, of course, let them! — Nick was delighted. But aloud he said immediately, paternal degree: — And why?

In an extreme case, since bogged down, lure shot. And then they come to the cordon themselves, they know it.

Cleft nous was, of course, do not have such a «warm,» as drivers, — hare was there at dawn, and now the sun was setting behind the forest, and the forest grew sad Orphaned by early winter twilight. So when Nick poked his hand trail and said excitedly: «in, in!» Zateyka approached, put his nose in the hole, noisy raznyuhivaya, «developing» it, and turned to adhering to the nose with snow, I looked at the hunters, just wanted to say «Yes, he’s just … when was it? Is it worth it? «

— Come on, come on, Zateinitsa, come on — he confirmed Vorotkov.- Here, beast, no place to him more.

Zateyka reluctantly went on the trail, tychas in each print, sat down in the snow left yellow, and again looked back.

— Look at me! Go go! — Ratchet and he shouted, grinning, his head spun: all one gets, she still Volokha!

Noticing that Zateyka on the trail, it basements Leader and Nightingale. Hot and jealous of each other, all three dogs have fallen in parts of aspen. Hunters on the road waiting for. Mysteriously silent aspen, which absorbed the traces of animals and dogs. Somewhere in the middle of his zastrekotala, he began to curse forty hounds. Once another barked out to the weakest voice Zateyka — as a matter screamed silence forest.

— Gets …- said knob. And then he roared, blew silent cries of dogs.

— Here it is on! Pauwels-oh! — Kolya sang happily smiling and looking in the face Dmitry Ilyich — I say ?!

— Ran, seen at most — said Vorotnikov.- Look, they hot!

Dmitry Ilich wondered — do the same, do something right! But Ivan Nefedovich, waking tobacco, calmly turned the cigarette — listening. Ghosn was established and became smooth. Shrill, often hurt, crying Zateyka she echoed muffled drums leaders, wailed hoarsely Nightingale,

— Well, well — thought Vorotkov.- led, I believe, to alder, so — expect soon, said. Stand on, Nick, on the track in the valley, and you — on crossing the quarters at the post. Well, I’ll sit in the sleigh, hare is now climbing on the road, deep snow, you see, and Strelna with a basket.

— And will drive?

Capstan winced, said in hunting as usual, without prejudging the outcome of the case:

— But how can I say? We must used, and there — anything can happen … Hunting, chat.

Dmitry Ilich from his seat could be seen both crowfoot: down in the undergrowth darkened Kohl, Ivan Nefedovich sat, littered with baskets on the corner. The old hunter knew that the hare would come to his horse, and could not get out without going through Kohl and Dmitry Ilyich. Listening Gon knob adjusted hay, folded coats are now unnecessary and bandaged Whip. Only when Gon turned back, waved his hand knob Dmitry Ilyich, that he stood up to the pine, not sticking out mop in sight. Dmitry Ilyich knew the sign in its own way, to make and took his gun at the ready. Capstan grinned, took up again a Whip.

Rusak apparently circled: the voices of the hounds broke through Osinki and seemed quite close, it buries in the bushes and sounded hollow as in the basement.

«Look at those pines, — Dmitry Ilyich conceived a place where he could get out zayats.- Or over there, near a fallen birch tree.»

Now it is clearly heard: rut approaching. He stood up in the sleigh and the knob and watched from there as from the box. Dmitry Ilich returned involuntarily to glance chosen by pine and birch tree felled. But the hare went away on a track where he stood Kohl. Dmitry Ilyich noticed the movement angle of the eye, turned his head and saw a hare. Rabbit sitting on the clearing and listened to the dogs.

Ah, like Dmitry Ilyich, that hare turned to go at it!

But the hare went down the path toward Koli, funny limping, raising his ass, and Dmitry Ilyich gasped in anticipation of the shot — now, here now …

Rusak suddenly took off rapidly clearing, but then shot sounded — weak as cotton whip muffled lowlands and nadvinuvshimisya dusk. And immediately — Colin jubilant cry: «Eliminated!» Came the hounds in a narrow clearing was crowded with dark dogs surrounded Kohl hare.

— There is one, — stressed he said calmly and threw for hay production.

— Pozdnyshok — said Vorotkov.- a little something. Since autumn are caught.

«Listopadnik» — recalled Dmitry Ilyich.

Knob was pleased that in passing this hunt was over so quickly, was in his heart proud of Kohl and therefore, perhaps, overly strict shouted at him that he should not rassuponivalsya and threw in a basket dogs — the night here, or what ?! Kohl did so, unceremoniously left the hounds into the sleigh, and they are milled for a long time the hunters are not cooled by the rut, podtalogo wet snow, wind and smelling of dog with reckless greedy eyes.

As found in the grass mushroom cordon opened Dmitry Ilyich suddenly and immediately. Dark window drew faint light: in the hut inflated lamp. Backing up to the porch, with his wolf-like face, zabrehala Lesnikova dog. From a high ridge slid silently flew on the wings of the soft alder in a bird. Cordon in the late dusk was deaf and croton, as water in the forest Botschagow.

The young forester Kostya met hunters on the doorstep — raspoyaskoy stood scratching his tousled head.

— And I hear — shot from felling thought Uglovsky gone this far, and here — who won! We have not looked …

Hunters unharnessed the horse, made a dog for the night and went into the house. It was hot, smelled protoplennoy oven and drying diapers. «Take care of the forest fire», «cut a tree — planted two!», «The money saved up — bought a ticket!» — Rozovolitsye merry foresters, donors and dosaafovtsy smiled and encouraged to consult with the walls plastered with posters.

Lesnikova wife Olga, lightweight scarf and barefoot, gathered usual dinner and left, knocking his heels, to the cradle. Start a conversation about how today hare was killed, as has happened in past hunting. Dmitry Ilyich listened, smiled at his reflection in the black window glass — a forest outside the window seemed full of hares, foxes, dashing hunting adventures.

— But, Nefedych — Kostya again began highlighting his respect crowfoot — did not hear what the story with me before last year occurred? Oh, brother — the whole movie! Remember, while Bat tulyarmiya harassed? Ponazhralis of Bat fox like crazy were themselves at his feet climbed. So. It went wrong for me to go wolf — the patient is not sick, but also some kind of crazy. Once or twice I ran at her, then again I vstrel, firewood driving. Then she moved away from the road and sat down. Ears pressed, scruff Dybok worth scheritsya that he knew that without a gun. Here you go. Just wake up one night — a dog howling and pounding on the door. I jumped up, with a nail gun — and courtyard. And it is on the porch, a wolf! BOOM I darkness, veryknula it, if it succumbed to the stomach — well, I think it was! However, he is gone leak. I hear my Naida caught up with her in the pines, the struggle they went. As has been in the bottom, I ran up to them — where there’s fire: a tangle! I’m running around, trunks tychu — except in the darkness make out who is where? Scat they pit — back in the dug dugout war, you know where Nefedych — I bent down with a gun, yes, and showered down on them. Are you kidding? The night after, if the eye! And it — skinny, some bones, coarse wool. I do not remember how I jumped out of the pit of. But, nevertheless, I remember, I christened her fist hump. Gone, of course. And I began then the disease in the nervous system: the whole body itches badly as, and then ached skin, do not touch anywhere. Especially — the head.

Believe it — it is impossible to comb your hair, how painful. Even a pair of scissors to cut — and then live exactly rezhesh. Like I was at the doctor! And though one would have helped. In Sochi, even went, forestry gave me a ticket. Medical treatment, though. Or, maybe, the past itself. That case something Nefedych!

Fearful of losing addressed to the attention of Kostya told it all in one gulp. From vodka he ran his eyes, he blinked, the effort brought them back into place. Olga from a dark corner staring at him accusingly.

— Well, the wound! — He broke ona.- Until now the cocks. Give guests a relaxing …

The child began to cry, Olga took him from pitching, do not hesitate to hunters, disengaging and gave him the chest.

— And that’s what you tell me — did not let Kostya, referring now to Dmitry Ilichu.- you, scientists need to know: the earth, each country with its air turns or rotates in it, just the same as in a large shirt? What I mean is that the weather has become very much an informal: the cold, as many oaks crackle, then thaw. They say the weather spoiled the atom. So: we find ourselves in the air, where explosions do or do not get? Old people say srodu this was not to flow in the winter open, like this year …

— Now all — I said Dmitry Ilyich agreed to our: long ago I do not blow up any more bombs over land or under water. Under the ground is only possible again.

— Well, huch so — Kostya said with satisfaction — one I do not understand: how did it under the ground doing something, such neuzh hole to dig deep?

He took down a poster with a mushroom cloud, laid it on the table, and looking in the face Dmitry Ilyich kosivshimi anxiously gleamed in the lamplight eyes, questioned and tried to understand what the penetrating radiation and how the cloud can leave a trace on the ground.

Before going to bed, Dmitry Ilyich went into the yard. From end to end on a high sky, dotted with prickly stars, the Milky Way stretches. After the overheated hut frost took immediately. Dmitry Ilyich long stood on the porch, listening to the quiet oasis of the cordon around the forest. From the window at the snow falling light. Kostya standing on a poster, as a staff officer on the card, silently saying something crowfoot.

Hunters went to sleep on the floor. Olga wiped the corner under the bed damp cloth on the floor smelled damp crevices. Secure blinked anxiously wick lamp: rarely, rarely — and went out.

Dmitry Ilyich lay with his eyes open in the dark on a fraternal lodge. He was happy and moved by a sense of intimacy unfamiliar ordinary people, with a related hospitality accepted hunters attention crowfoot carefully as a little child, ukryvshego his sheepskin coat, healthy and easy breathing Koli trustingly clung to him in a dream. He looked frosty, moon light window and thinking excitedly about how to repay him all these people that have been linked to them experienced new, unusual happiness. For a long time he could not sleep, thinking clicks dogs in twilight forest glade Kolya hobbled by a hare, the road to the cordon. Then everything is gone, collapsed and closed the forgotten, and Dmitry Ilyich heard sleepily vzbormatyval Kostya, drunk and rejoiced the arrival of fresh people like going out at night, nasunuv barefoot boots, home to the yard to see, not a hotel if a cow is grumbling when he returned, Olga, persuading her husband not to go hunting in the morning and go, as promised, to the test in the forestry,

In the morning before anyone got up hostess, I lit the stove, stirring until the kitchen for cotton curtain, rumble intermittently covers. Sleepy, disheveled hunters drank tea together quickly and intently.

The morning was misty and frosty. Cordon standing in a cloud of a Human heat.

Olya saw from the window, as well as hunters and concentrated busily went down the meadow, past the canal with live black — white shores — not had time to freeze the water and entered into a loose lace frost.

All morning they went asleep under pine trees, drop dry frost — converged at the quarterly columns for breath and smoke. Canes climbed in the undergrowth, not prihvatyvaya track.

— Dry — spoke knowledgeably Kolya Dogs difficult.

— Give as the sun podnimetsya.- drivers, knocking his hat with perspiring forehead, squinting from tsigarki.- However, it is necessary to help the doggies. Just to pick up.

And the hunters once again climbed into pine plantations, packed in the snow, dead animals to keep secrets. Shouting, sweaty and deaf from the blows of blood in her ears, Dmitry Ilyich wade through the pine forest. Several times he saw the dogs. That one, then another, they appeared from under the pine paws suddenly showered with snow on their backs, quizzically looked at Hunter.

A shot rang out, dry and short, like a pistol. And then — a dog screaming, which Dmitry Ilyich heart sank, «Is — in the dog?» But choking cry soon moved to the normal rut, and Dmitry Ilyich realized that raised the animal. When he got out, finally, from planting furrow across the clearing was punched feet of hounds, and Ghosn was far away and everything was removed. Along the furrow ran Kohl, poked in her hand and called Nightingale, behind the dog: «In! In! Box! .. «Nightingale absurdly Owl in the old and new tracks, fussed, then grabbed and right, straining his back in the deep snow, rushed along the furrow — catch.

— Just do not come! — He shouted Kolya out of me- and right on Zateyku. I thought knock down! In oteha!

A place that on the advice of a fancy crowfoot Dmitry Ilyich to seize on Gon hare seemed to him really comfortable. He stood with his back to a bush euonymus pine. Same euonymus bushes and juniper grow in the meadow in front of him, leaving a shot review. Right stretched one after the other hills, overgrown with weeds and krasnotalom, bluish from frost — a lot of mounds, the whole hilly sea, on the opposite bank of which could be seen from the white frost tall pines. To the left and behind Dmitry Ilyich has grown planting pines Having closed canopy and bare bottom. From this landing he was waiting for a hare. Why there, Dmitry Ilyich knew him from afar just guessing hare seen flitting between the trunks, and he was — closer, closer — at him.

Waiting for Dmitry Ilich long had trodden in the snow dense tochok, and now he is thoughtlessly rambling recalls inappropriate jambalaya: graduation institute evening (one hundred years since it was!), A school chum (where is he now?), The first Every day of our acquaintance with the (still wondering how there is everything in life!) and much more, not having any relation to what surrounds it now.

The shrub Krasnotal sank flock talkative birds, just threw a network with bells, and they went to work, flew to light snow flakes; cheerfully shouting, please shuttle landing woodpecker, sat on the pine tree near and not paying attention to Dmitry Ilyich examined her businesslike; jay flew disheveled, long fussed over his head hunter, scattering snow, until she got bored.

The sun rose, kinder air. Sharper steel approached like long pine. In the eyes of the born and hung over the forest light clouds. Then arose the day, poured out streams of light to the ground.

Offended, just crying all the hounds drove as far circling in place. Capstan listened dogs and knew that the hare, stepping down from the maturation, leads them Marusin swamps that popetlyat in the reeds, he will go through Krasnotal and is there to stumble upon Dmitri Ilyich; so he was surprised when Gonchakov held somewhere in the party, but was not shot. Gon withdrew and again began to approach, in the second round. And when, as expected drivers, was shot rang out, he saw suddenly Dmitry Ilyich. Sweaty, huddling with the cap, Dmitry Ilyich bursting through the pine forest.

— Well, what do you roam? — I shouted at him wrenches, going on «you» .- After the set! Three hours of chase! Spend the night that you will? Wow, ohotnichki three fool hare can not take!

«Well, that — thought Dmitri Ilyich, undismayed-all the same, I did something wrong …»

He stopped in confusion, his eyes found the crowfoot and would explain why the left from the place that has bothered him for the waiting time. But knob has said soothingly:

— Okay, Dmitry Ilyich, what really is now — our leaves. Run a minute, since have time to planting that have ducts — can vstrenetsya it, but then again drove off in Marusihu …

And Dmitry Ilyich ran through the bushes and wasteland, as shown by the capstan, knocking knees in the snow black seeds from the pods of weeds. Every now and then he stopped, breathless, listening — Gon was here, near! — And again, driven by the fear of being late and excitement, hastily broke into a run.

Perhaps this was the landing, which spoke wrenches: at the end of a narrow clearing, cut it could be seen growing on alder and willow duct. Red, sweating from heavy running, Dmitry Ilyich stood at the corner of the landing. Not having time to look around and how to catch his breath, he heard a slight rustle, turned around and saw a fox. Dmitry Ilyich picked up, raised his gun, but the fox smetnulas in pine — as it was not in a narrow clearing. «Really — a fox?

And where is the rabbit? «The dogs were approaching from the other side, and Dmitry Ilyich realized that they were on another track.

This time is measured in a special account, while waiting for the shot when every beat of my heart closer and closer hounds, and somewhere in between them and the hunter gray tangle rolls hare, and there is nothing in life or what lived, nor what put forth — only this ball to hot mouths hounds …

Rusak rolled out of the aspens and went past the landing and past Dmitry Ilyich. Not aiming — he saw a hare, Dmitry Ilyich shot, but the hare, his ears accelerated pace. Without hope, the hunter shot again — and choked with emotion: hare donkey in the snow and went, taking the side, swinging a broken hind leg. Forgetting to reload the gun Dmitry Ilyich rushed after him, but to intercept him of aspens vymahnul somewhere grafted Nightingale — and caught, shot down, buried in the snow, grabbing liquid, warm hare belly. Rusak cried so pitifully thin and that Dmitry Ilyich once sober. A step he went up to the Nightingale and took the prey.

— Eliminated! — He cried and repeated, already rejoicing, playing voice, as cavalry truba.- Up-to-go!

Came hounds raspalennye long rut, with burning eyes and icy Withers, poked their noses into a hare, and departed. Dmitry Ilyich divided them bread, but did not have the hounds — pohvatali snow and lay down, gnawing icicles of blood paws. Bread took Nightingale, a hare, this was his first prey. Although Nightingale at the time of the shot turned out close to chance, because for a long time behind the dogs in the woods confused and tried to cut corners in order to knock out to the Gon — he thought he was only his. Nightingale sat beside the hare, and grumbled jealously looked askance at the leader and Zateyku.

Both came crowfoot.

— Well, — said Ivan Nefodych satisfaction — that’s you and prey, Dmitry Ilyich. On the field you!

He was glad, as the owner, to give pleasure to the guest. Hunters snack «on blood» chilled bacon and bread podmerzshie. And then animatedly talking again and again about how he came to the hare, Dmitry Ilyich remembered the fox.

— Where to go? — Noise alert Vorotkov.- lisonka something not gonnaya. Oh, Dmitry Ilyich, would immediately have to …

And again it was so, as it was: put the dogs, and they are slowly, as if reluctantly, without looking at the trail went, giving voice to the landing. Only became serious, hurried drivers, it was exactly as the owner, not to the guests.

Dmitry Ilyich felt abandoned. He did not understand the gesture crowfoot, did not try to find out and walked down the clearing. Hunting is not that bothered — in his ears was still screaming rabbit and hare itself is hung on the side, and today it was enough. Nightingale went was for the old dog, but then came back and caught up with Dmitry Ilyich sniffed hare, stood up on its hind legs — his production and «his» hunter were here, and Nightingale left. Soon Dmitry Ilyich went on the road, river luchivsheysya the woods. He sat on the high bank of the river, in the snow, brushed carts with firewood, leaning on a warm still hare. Tired legs sweetly aching from walking boots parkas. Somewhere far away, and rhythmically driven hounds. Sinking in the snow, listening and guessing the course of the beast howled in the rut hunters. And here it was quiet, ringing in the ears blood lazily spreading languor. Nightingale slowly gnaw icicles, squinting Dmitry Ilyich — his eyes were lazy, sleep …

Sky land flooded with light. Just like in the summer, cumulus, Blanker, standing high above the clouds. Creaking wings, carefully turning away from sitting at the bottom of a man flew a crow. Two magpies, showering diamond flashed in the sun frost sumatoshilis and cracked, swaying on thin birch branches.

Dmitry Ilyich looked at the high, blind bottomless blue sky. He remembered last night: the silence of the forest at night, surrounded cordon, bone window, standing at a table under a lamp on his face — and the unexpected, poignant clarity feel the unnatural threat hanging over the ground. Not only the existence of a threat, but also talk about it, and themselves thought of it seemed Dmitry Ilyich incompatible with the surrounding world in a simple and wise friends and incomprehensible to the end, suzivshimsya and have now become snow-covered pine trees, birch, which all revolved, tails shook off frost magpies, deserted road with tufts of hay hard willow …

The abundance of light overthrows the ground Dmitry Ilich was seen as a hope, close spring. The proximity of the spring and felt in the attention with which the earth seemed to be addressed to myself, listening and delving into the essence of the processes taking place in it. Spring inevitably mature, and the land was waiting for it, languishing and full of warmth and light. This suspense ought to have been some shift, and Dmitry Ilyich imagined neusledimo for people burst snow clearing from end to end run on it brittle crack, and in the end it will flow out calls and icy stream.

Nightingale growled and sharpened. Voices from the bend of the road out of three women in the low to the eyebrows with a kerchief round.

— Dogs out where your bark, and you sitting here?

— One caught yet, look-ka you …

And they went on the road, looking back and smiling.

Dmitry Ilyich stood, stretching his stiff legs — in the snow traces of the stitches of cotton trousers and cleft droplets of blood — and went to the cordon. In the house, he did not go. On the roof is rarely frustrated drops, somewhere in spring tit beat loudly. On a mound sleepily kvohtali chickens; sheep, hay dust sprinkled finely chewed gum.

Dmitry Ilyich climbed into the basket, nestled in the hay and fell asleep. He was awakened by the barking of dogs Lesnikova. On the way back to the cordon crowfoot wearily trotted perepalo sides, indifferent and is now despise everything hounds.

In the evening we came home. Chilled Baby willingly took place with trot. The low sun melted pine and red flashed in the window cordon. It was frosty, sang loudly under the runners snow drifts through the long blue shadows spread.

Hunters were silent. Dmitry Ilyich lay on his back. Closed eyes saw him motionless pines, clogged with snow boarding and sky — the late, deep sky with cumulus clouds summer.

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