The path straight

We agreed we Zorin go fishing on one big forest lake in the Tver province. Last time we caught it about five years ago. On the lake you can fish from the shore and from a boat, but if the boat, the catch was much more significant.

By subjective reasons had to go apart from each other, each in his car, with a slight time difference. The venue was appointed shore of the lake, and the first to arrive was Zorin.

Zorin did not get to the beach about three kilometers. After the last rain the day before, he did not dare to climb on his «puzoterke» in a rut. Parked the car on the roadside, Zorin, afraid to miss a morning bite, decided to walk to the lake on foot.

I must say that the road map for some reason made a wide detour to the lake. But Zorin decided to cut off the path, and the path next to the benefit has been conducted and it seemed Zorin, straight to the lake. He thought that there is very close — a bit field, a little wood, and then the beach. He tried to contact me on the mobile phone, but the connection there nebylo. Determined to madness Zorin laid them on the boat, backpack with a fishing boat and cargo accessories, fishing rods, paddles and tank and hit the road.

After half a kilometer on the field, Zorin decided that boat loads that beat him all the way backpack in the ass and delayed shoulders here somewhere leave. For this purpose, suitable, and the stones that are lying on the beach. On the edge of the forest, he thou shalt surely help, pulled out of the backpack loads and put them under a birch tree that grew beside the footpath, she showered leaf litter and went on.

The path between output instead of directly to the lake, began to take the right. After about five minutes of this vpravohozhdeniya Zorin decided to cut back and turned off the path to the left. Two hundred meters, he ran into a low place, which was the bed of a dried-up creek. Moving on, he thought, dried creek Zorin with all the dope cherpanul right boot swamp muck. Climb to the opposite shore lowlands, he unloaded again, took off his shoes and pressed a wet sock. The mood is somewhat decreased, but remained at the height determination.

Sweaty Zorin lane further, straight to the lake now for a windbreak. Lumen did not come. Passing over another fallen tree, he suddenly found that there is no oars. From the heart swore, Zorin decisively turned back and climbed over fallen trees already familiar to the valley. Wesel on the spot squeezing his sock he never found, but thought as taught in school that all the streams eventually flow into the rivers and lakes.

Hiding under a tree with signs at the edge of the lowlands now useless without a paddle boat, Zorin with perseverance worthy of a better, I walked to the lake along the creek. He was the top, the bottom, choosing the path of more free from fallen trees. Several times he crossed the creek, swamp muck scooped two boots now and not paying attention to it, moved on, fell, rose, clinging to branches and walking, walking, walking … It is a hundred times already regretted that shortcut. Finally it dawned on him that he was all wet and dirty, he had torn udochny cover, from which protrudes a broken rod, which he had long been bears a backpack in hand, because of the detached webbing that no fishing, especially morning, already is not that he does not know where to come, that he had left under the tree 10 thousand rubles in the form of a boat, he is one in the whole world in this impenetrable wilderness ….

Zorin sat on the ground, looked up and saw him gathering over the trees, suddenly find themselves howled: «People! Where are you? Wolves! Where are you?»…

Yes, all streams flow into the reservoirs, but not all along the shortest path. Zorin did not know what was going along the stream bed of the lake only some two hundred meters. A creek right fifty meters was a path from which he had once turned. And there went out the two

«Highway» to the small bay five kilometers from the point of our meeting.

And at this time I’m standing on the shore, yapping softly into the distance light «Zorin! Zorin! «. Quietly, so as not to scare the fish, which has successfully caught the people sitting on the beach. No fat, bearded, bespectacled man, they are not seen, and even in the early morning, they saw no one here but me and a few boys, Boy Scouts camped not far from where they were held for three days survival course.

In his «Niva», traveled Zorinsk empty car and correctly understood that Zorin went to the beach on foot, maybe even straight, I’m not afraid to get stuck in a rut and came to the shore to the point of collection, and is now in extreme confusion. The mobile phone was useless.

Then behind me there was a child’s voice:

— Uncle! You lost comrade?

I turned around. Beside me were six boys 10-12 years old, dressed in camouflage, they were all in blue Boy Scout ties.

— Yeah, you know … — I said absently.

— Excellent! — Enthusiastically said the elder of them — what a stroke of luck! It would be great if he broke his leg. We would have imposed his bus. We were taught to impose the tire. Do not worry, we’ll find your friend. Squad! In one line gets!

The boys on his team lined up in a broken line.

— So, so, — she said a senior scout — in the forest lost man named Zorin. Our task is to find him dead or alive. In the case of the missing body abrasions and injuries it is necessary to provide first aid. All take with bandages, tourniquets and analgin. We meet and camp in two hours. Forward!

The boys disappeared as suddenly as they appeared. And after a few minutes the coastal forest filled with joyful shouts of children:

— Zorin! Zorin!

I waited all the possible timing of its appearance at the meeting, went to his car and putting a janitor note that this idiot waiting on the shore, and then returned to its original place. Having nothing to do went to a nearby angler. He quite often dragged plotvits. I was tormented by uncertainty, seeking vyho let out. «I lost my friend,» ‘I said extinct voice. «Zorin, or what? — He said, without turning around — probably to a woman of any local went. Here, incidentally, near the barn. » Hunting to continue the conversation with this sharp-witted fisherman I have gone.

And suddenly I saw a boy who came out of the woods on his shoulder and dragged something heavy. «My God! — I thought — though it was not a piece of Zorin. «

It was a boat Zorina. Scout laid it at my feet and said, «Here» — and again disappeared into the woods. Ten minutes later came out of the woods yet another boy and put my feet paddles and loads Zorina. My legs gave way. I sat on the boat and Zorinsk his head in his hands. I thought the other one black bored brain. So could not continue. I jumped to my feet, and with all the strength that was in my lungs, shouted:

— Zorin, a reptile, answer me! I’ll kill you, Zorin!

A man fell from this surprise with Seats. He jumped to his feet, looked at me and saw my frantic eyes turned to the woods, put his hands to his mouth and mouthpiece also shouted:

— Zorin! Paddle! Where are you ?! paskuda

The men, who were sitting further along the coast, as a living wave in the stadium began to turn to get up and yell in the woods:

— Zorin! Zorin! Zorin!

This effect lasts for about five minutes. And suddenly we saw … Zorina.

And he was half an hour before, and popechalivshis thoroughly rested, walked along the stream in the opposite direction. He dragged himself perceptible to the tree under which, it seemed to him, hid the boat, and did not find her. Zorin fell into a stupor. Suddenly she becomes afraid of the surrounding forest. He began to haunt hell.

He stood in a daze and did not dare to go further.

And suddenly, almost next door, literally a stone’s throw of the lowlands of the windbreak, singing the chorus of male voices:

— Zorin! Zorin ..! ..

Among them, he recognized the voice of his best friend …

Zorin rushed to vote. He once again overcame the creek bed, stuck in it almost to the waist. He scrambled up the slope, tore his hands on the branches of trees, for which clung. He overcame a windbreak, mostly crawling under fallen trees. He saw the light. He literally crawled out on the coveted and long-awaited coast, paradoxically, from the land. Dirty, wet, torn and ripped it through fogged glasses saw men with fishing poles.

«Anglers!» — Thought Zorin.

«Zorin!» — Thought fishermen.


Instead of an epilogue

«It seems that you can think of curves and winding country road Great? Similarly, the snake crawled. And try to go straight: just wander and go out the same tortuous path. «

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