The program teaches us SNAPCAB install interior cabin

Free DVD-ROM with instructions

Glenn Bostock, who designed the interiors of the elevator SnapCab Bostoka, has released a new DVD-disk with instructions, which, along with other subjects, trains installers special art cladding. Cladding is to cover the front panel of the elevator, usually stainless steel. The video talks about the obstacles, sometimes holding service companies from upgrading cabins.

Bostock is convinced that the program that teaches installing interior cabins will benefit the entire industry. This new video will help fill the gap, Bostock found when he first developed his patented system. Simplified, easy-to-install set of interlocking panels originally intended to carry out the assembly could staff with no special training. A new training video is dedicated to cladding, which can cause particular difficulties for people involved in installing the first time.

In the movie there is a section where specific recommendations are described the possible pitfalls and detailed process of cladding. Separate video dedicated to the measurement of the size of the cabin and system installation SnapCab. In addition, some elevators are used ceilings with rounded corners and a border, it is used in some unusual frame and other curved surfaces are provided in unexpected places. For information on how to overcome these difficulties, Bostock said in the movie about the modernization.

DVD-ROM can be obtained free of charge at the customer service department of the company SnapCab, he handed out at an industry fair the National Association of Elevator Contractors AEC) in September 2008.

Company SnapCab: elevator interiors simplified

Basing his company Bostock proceeded from the fact that the mechanics of serving elevators must be able to set a new cabin interior. With this in mind, it comes ready factory kits made by size, with horizontal interlocking panels, which are already installed handrails are provided hooks with a soft covering, soffit and skid plates underneath, as well as ceilings and, if it is a special order and lamps. The entire interior, including hardware and video instructions, arrives at the place of installation in containers that are made under the order.

Company SnapCab creates a new website and a new catalog releases

The new website provides design SnapCab cockpit interactively, conference facilities and filling the order form. Those who use the Internet, can get individual clips with instructions from the corporate DVD-ROM.

SnapCab Company offers a choice of 8 basic models. The new catalog includes 16 models with a choice of finishing materials: laminates, stainless steel with different finishes, flat wooden floor (including bamboo), embossed wooden floor, stone and mirrors. In one of the new interior Cagemetal used material — architectural finishing material of aluminum, bronze or stainless steel in a wide range of different variants of the coating. Bostock noted that several new models have the form of vertical rather than horizontal panels.

Information can be obtained from SnapCab Bostoka toll-free: (888) 766-7834 or visit:

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