The vanguard ready for anything.

Perhaps the main specificity of service of military engineers that they according to their combat designation to constantly be ahead. Clearance area, breaching minefields in areas of destruction and barriers, pointing crossings — everywhere they go first, engineers. This imposes special, with nothing comparable imprint on this type of activity. Engineers, like anyone, need to be professionally trained and be «on the crest» of modern technological advances in the development of mine-explosive means. Not for nothing has long been known for saying «the sapper errs only once.» It is, unfortunately, true.

In addition, military engineers and in time of peace must constantly keep themselves, so to speak, in a combat tone, to at any time be able to perform tasks in an emergency. Thus, the personnel of the separate Guards Engineer Brigade, stationed near the village of Nakhabino Moscow region and included in the national system for disaster relief, has repeatedly had to participate in the performance of governmental tasks. Wherever neither had visited the officers, sergeants and soldiers of the brigade! On account of the combat brigades — more than 90 kilometers of paving the path column in the highlands in the North Caucasus, to assist in the construction of bridges and demining area in the Republic of Lebanon, the elimination of the consequences of man-made accidents in various places, fighting a fire in the center of Russia …

Successfully solve tasks allows engineers first of all a high level of training of personnel to carry out any tasks as a destination in combat and in the aftermath of emergencies. In particular, in these pictures you can see fragments of developing practical actions for the vanguard of engineering reconnaissance in the presence of explosive objects. Here is fulfilled breaching in the rubble, searches for victims, including with the help of specially trained dogs, training is to extinguish the fire and to repel the attacks of the enemy in the process. From the vanguard of action is always the most direct way the success of the entire military operation or equally action in the aftermath of disaster, so people need to be prepared for anything.

And begins the education of future professionals in the dislocated not far from the 66th Brigade Training Centre (interdepartmental, methodical) engineering troops Armed Forces. The learning process goes on a wide range of engineering specialties. In this widely used combat experience (primarily in the so-called trail sapper) and uses modern technical equipment, and specially trained dogs. By the way, here they are trained for future work in combat units.

We had a chance to see one of the most interesting episodes of training center specialists. Before our eyes, very pretty assistant sappers — trained Rottweiler — a very «competently» spent exploring the house in which the terms of the training was an explosive device. Here there were technological advances and indispensable dog’s instinct to «one person.» A dog with a video camera mounted on it came into the house and began to examine him. In addition to the camera she had put on headphones, through which the owner, watching the screen all the «picture» in real time, gave her team: «Left», «Go!» «Right!» And so on. During the inspection of the premises the dog has found an explosive device, and what was its task. Behind her in the house he has gone a specialist in full riot gear, who was able to remove the explosive device, after which it was neutralized by explosion at a safe distance.

This is just one of the episodes of specialist training at the training center of engineering troops. It has accumulated vast experience in training «experts» of high class, which is appreciated even abroad. So, this year for the first time came to exchange experience group of foreign military experts for the disposal of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) from NATO. The visit lasted several days. Foreign experts shared their experiences neutralization of IEDs Lee during a military operation in Afghanistan, as well as on the work of the NATO Situation Centre IEDs. In turn, the Russian experts, the training center of engineering troops shared with the guests practice IED detection and neutralization used by terrorists and foreign colleagues have shown elements of the process of preparing Russian sappers. Such exchange of experience proved to be very valuable and instructive for both parties, and is expected to practice on.

In conclusion, our engineers going ahead in peacetime and in combat conditions, are indispensable in the literal sense of the word as well.

Replace the experts can not really anybody. They can only be prepared in such a training center, after training in which they are able to perform any task as intended — and not to be mistaken … We wish them good luck!

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