There is a growing network of radio school.

On the practice of one or another amateur radio organization is judged primarily by how a wide range of amateur radio community it brings, which focuses on the growth and development of amateur radio traffic. That’s why the main work of the Tallinn Radio Club is an organization of radio clubs in enterprises all-round improvement of the initiative and activity of the primary organizations DOSAAF in the development of amateur radio.

…At a meeting of the board of the club discussed the issue of who to entrust the organization of radio school in the largest city of the team — in the management of the Baltic Shipping Company. All in one voice called Kallasmaa name.

— Kallasmaa — amateur radio enthusiast movement, he is well aware of radio equipment, — said council members.

Tov. Kallasmaa vigorously took up the matter entrusted to him. On the radio center of the shipping company where he works, has collected fans, he organized a circle. Immediately I began to regular classes.

Seeing how interested workers studying the shipping company radiodelo, t. Kallasmaa willingly gave them their knowledge, patiently explained the laws of radio and electrical engineering, taught to read and plot scheme, disassemble and assemble the receivers.

Classes are held in the circle of success. And then, finally, circle members have collected their first simple vacuum tube receiver. Time passed, and they began the installation of television sets and other equipment.

Amateur Radio in Tallinn are now engaged in a number of enterprises and institutions in the city. Radio school set up at radio factory in the municipal building college, in many secondary schools, Krenholm and so on. D.

One of the best radio school of the city is deservedly considered the circle, working in the school disabled World War II. It involved people who have passed the hard school of war, and knew perfectly well how great the role of radio. They aggressively master the basics of radio engineering.

Employment is led by an experienced radio amateur tons. Jacobi. He created a lot of interesting designs. For example, its apparatus for measuring inductance and capacitance, battery portable receiver tube voltmeter, demonstrated at the club, and the amplifier to the antenna shared was awarded at the 10th All-Union Funkausstellung. Tov. Jacobi was able to instill a love of radiodelu members of the group. In a small workshop circle is always crowded. There hams collect their design, to exchange views, debate.

There are sometimes difficulties: sometimes lack of knowledge, it is difficult to obtain. details. Help comes radio club. He arranges for radio lectures, demonstrations radiokonstruktsy, experience sharing conference, and when possible, provides them with radio components.

Recently it organized a new radiocircle shale plant in Kohtla-Jarve. Radio club took an experienced manager — Heino Eymre working at the plant communication technology, helped him to establish his studies hams. For classes mug isolated at the House of Culture is good room of four rooms, the forces of activists equipped workshops, laboratories. It was not easy, since there were no measuring equipment, electronic components, and so certain. N. Came to the aid of the Leningrad radio club. Thus, the joint efforts of hams Kohtla-Jarve, conditions were created for regular classes. Now the circle members are mounting a relay amateur television station. Soon the houses of the miners will their televisions on which you can watch the transfer of Leningrad and Tallinn, and hams will be engaged in new business. Plans were great and interesting.

More recently, in Tallinn there were only eight circles DOSAAF radio, and now there are twelve. The sections deal with the Radio Club 120 hams. Most amateur organization and efficiency has grown in Tartu. In research institutions, universities and institutes, enterprises of the city organized by radio clubs. To guide them in Tartu established a branch of the Republican radio club.

Vigorously develop amateur radio, to expand the network of radio clubs in enterprises — is the main task that confronts the team of Tallinn a radio club DOSAAF. This explains why the number of amateur radio constructors constantly growing, and their design is becoming more interesting. For example, printing zincographer «Communist» t. Kaun has developed 15 tube-radiogram. Also noteworthy is the high quality tape prefix constructed m. Kanygin. Radio amateur tons. Jacobi designed a simple receiver for receiving FM broadcasting, and a member of the club t. Zavorotkov — miniature oscilloscope. Ham radio but Calmy-Hay designed TV Mytte — radiogram top class Savomyagi — LED-indicator for radioremontnyh workshops Thomson HF Shortwave transmitter for the third category, Tomusk- 50-watt amplifier for broadcasting centers, and so on. D.

Varied and original design, created by the hands of Estonian amateur radio activist DOSAAF more evidence of how much can make hams. The duty of the national radio club, the primary organizations

DOSAAF — wider involvement in Amateur Radio Society members, they create all the conditions for productive creative work.

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