Thread Rolling Equipment of the Italian company «Smart»

The Italian company "Smart" S.r.l. thread rolling machines has developed a new generation of video segments and flat dies, which claim to become the standard thread rolling machines in the production of fasteners. The design of the machines used by some know-how protected by patents of industrialized countries.

Thread rolling machine with a roller-segment model RNG

High thread-rolling machine with a roller-segment series RNG threading tools for thread rolling on Fasteners diameter of 6-20 mm.

The machine is equipped with an electronic system with a graphical interface of the new generation, which can produce the machine setting to specify the parameters. The memory unit of the electronic system saves the previous setting the machine, and if necessary serviceman can use this information.

The thread rolling machine model RNG management tool setting and workpiece use high precision linear motors.

In addition to the linear supply system in the area of ​​rolling billets using a rotary head that can accurately place the product in the area of ​​capture. The rotor head is also controlled by an electronic system that enables improved performance thread rolling machine. The design of the rotary boot assembly is protected by patent and is now installed only on equipment company «Smart» Srl

Thread rolling machines with flat dies NG series

Thread rolling machines NG series manufactured by «Smart» four models with a spectrum of products ranging from 2.5 mm to 12 mm. Machines allow to roll threads on articles up to 160 mm.

The design of the machines used in the development of the company, which is unique to the thread rolling machines from other manufacturers.

Thread Rolling Machines company «Smart» work in the factories of the leading European manufacturers of fasteners for a long time. Using this experience, the construction of thread rolling machines are constantly improving.

Particular attention is given to setting up thread rolling dies — the most complex operations in the technology of production of fasteners, where the experience of the adjuster depends very much. ND series models this human factor is minimized.

The main feature of rolling machines ND Series is the latest electronic tool setting and control of the parameters of the thread. All adjustment operations are carried out from the monitor. The system allows you to configure in semi-automatic mode, minimizing the error adjuster. All of your settings can be made in memory of a computer and the next time the manufacture of this product may be used as reference parameters with the possibility of making a correction.

The system configuration tool is equipped with linear motors, which provide precise positioning of both linear and angular themselves dies and workpiece. This greatly accelerates the process of adjustment of thread rolling machine.

The movement of the slide is carried out with an electronic servo motor controller that allows you to adjust the area of ​​the capture products on the working machine. This allows you to make ultra-precise threaded products with a tolerance of ± 0,02 mm.

On machines NG series as well as in the RNG machine model, may be used a rotary load assembly workpiece. The quality of the rolled thread is significantly increased due to lack of billet in the area slip grip.

The company «Smart» has prepared to launch into production thread-rolling machine model NG Direct Drive, in the design of which embodies the idea of ​​engineering. Automatic NG Direct Drive can handle four dimensions of flat plates, thereby providing a thread rolling on an expanded range of products. This new model will be presented at this year’s upcoming exhibition IFE Chicago.

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