To develop ultrashort sport.

Work on the amateur radio ultrashort waves, since the summer of 1955, has become much livelier. In the air there and began work on a regular basis, but with a long delay, the radio station of the Central Radio Club DOSAAF — UAZKBG; during the summer actively conducted communication ukavisty Moscow region: 064,004 (of Babushkin, the operator Korshunov), 064,010 (Reutov, Shish operator). Daily were also broadcast radio UAZAR (Dmitrov village) and 077,516 (village Usovo). Often you could hear the work stations 077 510 (operated by soldiers), 077 509 (operator Gorodetsky) and 064,002 (operator Nekrasov). But the revival that has occurred in the VHF air, yet is far enough. Still lags behind the Moscow City radio club, his radio UAZKAE inactive for all summer and only recently started its work. I can not hear on the air work stations: 064 001 (operator Borzilov) 077 502 (operator Kupriyanovich) 077 503 (operator Moshak) 06400E (operator Elizarov) and a number of other radio stations. Many of them appear only during competitions.

Recently in Moscow held competitions ultrakorotkovolnovnikov. They were the most interesting — have aired more than twenty radio stations. However, most ultrakorotkovolnovikov worked in the city, so «distant» relationships (which are particularly interesting) hams are not installed. Although the number of stations in these competitions was more than all the previous ones, it is not sufficient.

Admittedly, that is not enough work in the field of amateur VHF. Some recovery observed in the recent years, one can not meet. Almost all of the existing VHF radio in Moscow and the radio range does not exceed 10 km.

Radiotdel CC DOSAAF Central Radio and especially not enough attention is paid to work on VHF radio amateurs. It is time, finally, they really take on the establishment of the work on the VHF. It is necessary that the VHF amateurism has evolved not only in Moscow, Leningrad, Gorky, but in other cities of the Soviet Union. To do this, amateurism VHF promote greater involvement of young people in it. In Moscow, a lot of institutions that train specialists in the field of radio. But none of them have no collective VHF radio. Many do not even have a radio circles. If the Central Radio Club and the city showed great interest in the development of the VHF amateur, in the Lenin Hills .MGU long ago could be created. VHF radio with an antenna mounted on the highest building in Moscow. Our radio club is still poorly studied experience ukavistov Czechoslovakia, Poland and other countries of people’s democracy.

It is necessary to establish VHF radio club section, separating them from shortwave. This issue should be solved as soon as possible.

In conclusion, I want to share my little experience on VHF in the past year. My radio station, consisting of a transmitter to a receiver, and a lamp 6N8 1-V-1, was established in the summer in the village Usovo (30 km from Moscow). The antenna has been used as a trail-vibrator suspended at a height of 12 m. The power of the antenna no more than 1 watt. The radio station is located in a dense forest, which rises over the antenna on 15 meters I was able to conduct relations with Moscow, despite a low-power transmitter. So, radio Central Radio Club DOSAAF heard me PCM from 454 to 575. The club radio Veda., Welcome to the super 8-tube; I took on sverhregenerator with rum for UAZKAB from. 565 to 595. In addition, I took the radio 064 004 (transmitter tube 6N5S IA) with an estimate of 474 to 594, the station 077 510 (transmitter 6PZ IA) with an estimate of 464. Working with radio UAZKBG showed that when taking in Moscow needs a super heterodyne receiver .

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