Travel to the old car

Travel to the old car

Script writer — director Emil Braginsky — Pyotr Fomenko operator — Simakov Vsevolod artist — IRINA Schroeter composer — Sergey Nikitin verses sound engineer Dmitry Sukharev — Marco Bronstein

Roles performed:

Zoya Pavlovna — Lyudmila Maksakova

Herman S. — ANDREW Boltnev «

Natalia S. — Tatyana Nikitina

Lomov — Sergey Nikitin

Dasha — LENA Karadzhovo club director — Lyudmila Arinin

Lily — LARISSA Udovichenko

Mikhalev — LEO Perfil’ev

«Mosfilm», 1985

Color. 9 parts, in 2355 m. R /

Number 1100386

22.1 8.2

Race cars, buses strive door slam in the face, but no matter what, we must always have time … Oh, how familiar this eternal haste! How often do people become because of her irritable, it appears on their faces sullen, smile fade. But over Zoya Pavlovna, the heroine of the new lyrical comedy, chaos of the city has such overwhelming power. Perhaps this is due to the music, all the while sounding in her soul. The amateur theater, where Zoya Pavlovna works director, put the comic opera of the famous vaudeville Chekhov’s «The Proposal» and touching arias do not leave our heroine and after rehearsals. They are connected in a strange way her life and the life of Chekhov’s characters into one kaleidoscope of something funny, then sad, but always fast-paced events … So where is she now runs along the alley of the park? It turns out on a date with … grandson. Yes, yes, impetuous, a little eccentric and, of course, is not an old Zoe everything else has and grandmother. It was around six years Lesha twists and intrigue of the film.

On the day when the son of the heroine goes on a long expedition to the Antarctic, her former daughter-in-Lila, today announced that the meeting decided to stop Leschi grandmother. Lily remarried and says that the child must have a family, and not two. Thus, passionately loving grandson Zoe is suddenly all alone. However, it is not. Because just at that moment in the life of the CE is not included, but simply breaks Dasha — a girl in love and do not appear on screen, «Antarctic» Zoya Pavlovna son. Relations between the two women do not add up smoothly. Dasha — with its efficiency, «right connections» knowledge of all strokes and outputs — it seems almost the antithesis of the heroine. However, it turns out that the «business facade hiding kindness, empathy.

She developed a cunning plan, which she hopes will allow her grandmother to «break» to the grandson. Under the plan, Zoya Pavlovna must first make contact with the current-law Lily, and only through it to influence the former daughter.

So in the picture appears football referee Herman S., and with it his old «Moskvich», gave its name to the film. All of the company at first seems doomed to about a shaft. What can be contact between the impulsive, some out of this world «servant of the Muses» and silent, closed sports judge? Will Zoya Pavlovna gain grandson? If successful it will premiere the play? How will the relations of the two is not too young and already so disparate character of the hero, who somehow still can not leave? The answers, of course, guessed. Moreover, as rightly say the authors of the film — screenwriter Emil Braginsky and director Petr Fomenko in the picture, where everything is based on mood and humor inherent in the characters, the plot — not the main thing.

Emil Braginsky viewers are well aware of the films for which he, together with Eldar Ryazanov has written: «Beware of the Car», «Zigzag of Luck», «The old robber», «Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia», «The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath «» Office Romance «,» Garage «. The well-known theater director Pyotr Fomenko staged television tape «for life» and «Almost funny story.» In the role of Zoya Pavlovna he starred actress of the Moscow theater Vakhtangov Lyudmila Maksakova. She played in the film «Nepodsuden» (Nadia), «Bad good man» (Nadezhda Fedorovna), «Father Sergius» (Makovkin). ANDREW Boltnev, remembered by viewers for the film «My Friend Ivan Lapshin» plays Herman Sergeyevich. In the role of Dashi — a student GITIS ELENA Karadzhovo is her film debut. The main actor in the film, of course, is the music. It was written by the famous author and performer of songs Sergei Nikitin. He and his wife, Tatyana, playing the role of amateur theater actors.


The mood of this film is the best demonstration of it corresponds to the time on the screen — fly. Gentle humor, musicality, recognition of situations and characters — all this will resonate in the hearts of the audience. Promotional Products of the film should also be addressed in the tones of the picture. Here weighted misplaced, long texts. The texts note that the screenplay written by famous comedians Emil Braginsky. During the demonstrations in cinemas, you can conduct a retrospective show of «Scenarios Emil Braginsky.»

Cinema Club and Video classes will be interesting work of director Peter Fomenko, plays and films which in theaters and on television have earned wide recognition.

It attracts many viewers in the film Lyudmila Maksakova Boltneva and Andrew, as well as well-known singers Tatiana and Sergey Nikitin.

RECOMMENDED USE: for Kinopanorama and television transmission — h. 1.

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