UNDER canopy

UNDER canopy

More than 900 parachute jumps made Colonel Alexei Dmitriev. There will be more, because the stop, he did not intend to. What motivates officer persistently endearing heaven?

Alex was born and raised in a military town Novonezhino. Father flew by helicopter, but he was so strict that did not allow his son to come to the airport. But the father’s colleagues willingly showed the boy rotorcraft. In addition, of course, it captures the spirit of happiness. Alyosha dreamed air flights. They seemed unattainable.

He would wait for that time when he could join the parachute section. High sky overhead became closer, and dreams can come true. Alex Albertovich recalls that at one point the fascination so absorbed him that the road to school has become less trodden than the parachute section. Whether the awareness of the importance of education back, or urgent requests of parents, especially his father, played a role, but the fascination was no longer interfere with learning.

After high school he entered the Alexei Dmitriev TOVVMU behalf of SO Makarova. After graduation officer chose the Marines, not aviation, as expected by his coach, an outstanding athlete, world champion Michael Ulitin accurate landing.

But the strong-willed Lieutenant Alexey Dmitriev clearly for themselves shared service and hobbies.

Two years later misunderstanding coach and pupil has passed. The air assault battalion officer had to jump with a parachute, and go and see the section he found time.

.Withstand the overload occurring at the time of opening the parachute, it can only be the owner of good health. It maintains its Albertovich Alex, a skiing, playing soccer and hockey. By the way, last season in the navy team in ice hockey, he became the champion of the city.

Hockey and football — also drag childhood. «My father was always at the service, but if you get lost weekends in the winter we were with him at the rink, and in summer — on the football field» — says Colonel Alexei Dmitriev.

Skiing in his life came later. «During the rapid descent there is a feeling as in skydiving: breathtaking» — recognized the officer.

But he gives preference still skydiving. Why it was irresistibly drawn to the sky? Albertovich Alex says: «We are accustomed to walk, run, swim and fly. This new sense of absolute freedom. But I have no interest to land, I want to stay longer in the sky. «

Step by step Alex Albertovich mastered precision landing, jumping in tandem, individual parachute acrobatics in free fall, wingsuit — jumping in a special suit, which the parachute is used to repay the horizontal velocity; piloting high-speed domes. Their knowledge and skills to everyone he passes, becoming an instructor ten years ago.

The sky is still beckons him and gives birth to new dreams. He’s going to practice acrobatics and freeflying dome — one of the areas of skydiving, freefall when carried out at higher speeds poses different from the classical, mostly head down. And you can not even doubt that his character is also a purposeful will become a reality.

He will go down in a plane vzrevut motors. The plane takes off and dial the desired height. Colonel Alexei Dmitriev will step to the open hatch, and a counter-flow of air will try to stop him. But he will leave the board to once again experience the feeling of flying.

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