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A few years ago JEWELLERY COMPANY ROBINSON PELHAM was known only to a narrow circle of wealthy people. BRAND national fame brought the royal wedding of the crown prince of the UK William and Catherine Middleton. ON THIS DAY BRIDE AND ALL UPCOMING members of her family, put DECORATIONS ROBINSON PELHAM. QUESTIONS FOR WEDDING answers one of the founders COMPANY Zoe BENON.

Zoe, tell me what jewelry is accepted to give brides in England?

Bracelets, pendants and cepi.ru — the most common gifts. We are often asked to perform engraving on jewelry, because this detail makes the gift more personal and touching. In my opinion, earrings — it’s the best wedding gift for the bride to the groom, but in fact the tradition of the future husband did not need to see the dress before the wedding favorite, and therefore can not know his style and the fact whether the appropriate necklace. But the earrings she will always be able to wear whatever outfit!

What subtleties you advise brides look for when buying jewelry? If the bride chooses a cream or white dress, I recommend it to diamond jewelry. Cut dresses in the neck does not always wear the necklace. In the. Case-scrap is perfectly complement the wedding dress earrings: for the daily ceremony -Miniature pusetami sparkling and elegant earrings lyuetrami — for the evening.

Are there any rules in respect of jewelry for a celebration in honor of the engagement?

I think it does not matter. By tradition, the main decoration will be the one that the future bride would wear that evening.

Do the today’s customers prefer any particular type or combination of stone cut?

Today is a very popular elegant combination of white and gray diamonds. The wedding jewelery we often use faceting diamonds «rose», it looks impressive and at the same time very gently.

What advice would you give to men in choosing engagement rings?

I’ve noticed an interesting trend — more and more men are choosing n favor of unique, exclusive jewelery and prefer to ring.

made to order. You can also alter vintage jewelry, such as family ring, this is, the continuity of traditions, and, of course, such a gift will be very symbolic. I am inspired by family treasures: antique brooches, necklaces — we try to give them a more modern look, so they can be worn every day. For me the greatest pleasure — to see the face of a man who falls in love again old thing.

Also, I think it is important to take into account the practical aspect: in fact with this ring bride will spend many years. Therefore, we must take into account whether it is interested in extreme sports, it is engaged in home or working at the office — a way of life is important.

In your opinion, what is the main difference between the wedding and engagement rings?

I Typically, when these rings are combined because often women pa over the years wear both rings at the same time the PA one finger. However, night grinding rings are often characterized by unusual design, because their main task — to impress a woman. Wedding is a little easier, for example, ring-rims with multiple diamonds or diamond tracks that are always relevant.

And what is paid to men’s jewelry during the wedding? We get a lot of orders for cufflinks and tie pins. By the way, women often give future husbands jewelry as a wedding gift. It can also be pendants or bracelets made of gold and diamonds. In recent years, these materials add a fashionable skin. Many men today prefer to wear wedding rings, diamond-encrusted and not from the outside, the inside of the l.

Is it important to ring the bride and groom were combined with each other? I think it is not so important, because in any case they symbolize the union of hearts.

Robinson Pelham was founded 16 years ago Popes Bern.

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