Becoming a hero

The rich resources of the planet and the Rubicon 2159 exist only in the fantasy of Sierra, create a game Captives: Hero for Hire.

But soon the problems of fictional game creators a small colony of earthlings will become available to the entire gaming world. And they believe that the colony was attacked by hordes of aliens (or maybe it was the unseen locals?) And all "our" urgently needs to be rescued.

In order to crank such an operation, you have to identify with the main character of the game, some Daak Ransem, which, frankly, is not going to become a hero, and even more so for someone to save them. But life is made.

Fashion for isometrics can not pass. Sierra On-Line was not kept and not passed (or maybe just using a piece of engine’a by SWAT 2, which delayed all the time?) …

Thus, it is necessary to lead the armed resistance and suppress the superior forces of the enemy power of intelligence (the intricate mazes and lots of puzzles) and good reaction (arcade after all!). And this is the main your task worthy "Red Cross" — To bring civilians, severely affected the head of all these events, in a safe place. It’s nice that saving the stupid natives, we will get from them (probably in gratitude) certain material benefits. "Species population" — Six, and each has its own whims.

Boredom engine (640×480, 256 colors), partly offset by a variety of areas and a plurality of dynamically variable objects. If the game, despite the possibility to pass the level in various ways, yet you get bored, hit in multiplayer (network, modem or the Internet — with up to 8 people).

The game threatened to be published in January 1998.

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