Boldly introduces multihull hives

In our farm multihull hives for 40 years. Now beekeeping farm has 500 bee colonies. Every year, we get high honey yield.

This year, I served one of 125 bee colonies in the multihull hives and received from them 60 kilograms of honey GDP, while the average for the last three guide family apiary gave more than 50 kg.

Tc. Dmytrenko said that, they say, they have the Ukraine steppe, poor food supply and apply hives multihull can not. Tambov is also not Primor and Bashkiria. And 50 kilograms of honey per hive — it’s pretty respectable figure. By the way, in our farm we have hives all systems, including the Ukrainian sun loungers. But multihull apiary not worse, but better than others. Of course, ssli just put the hive and watch when it is filled with honey, good results will not wait. It should be pretty to work. However, the advantage of multi-hives that one beekeeper without an assistant can cater for large apiary.

One of the main conditions of successful work with the multihull hives is abundant forage reserves for the winter. This year I left behind 33 kilograms of honey per family. My opinion is that if we do not leave in the multihull hives heavy feed stocks, we will only debase the system of beekeeping. The abundance of food has great meaning. Firstly, it is a guarantee of successful wintering; Secondly, in this case, it would seem, at first glance, frills guarantee of good families in the spring of development, thirdly, abundant feed allows the beekeeper to save a lot of labor and time, as it does not have to deal with any dressing or dismantling jacks. Beekeeper can be calm for the family. If we rob the bees, their productivity in the future, of course, fall

I have a family winter in two buildings: the upper consists entirely of first-class flower combs with honey. After the exhibition of zimovnika I just replace in hives Doña to clean it. Leaving the family of more than 30 kilograms of honey, I’m sure that it will provide for the winter and all spring bezvzyatochny period. With families in the loungers can not do that: they need to cut the nest, move the box, put the insulation and so on. D.

When the uterus takes the whole upper body brood, I change the body places: the bottom put up, and the top with rasplodom- down. Once the body standing above, will again be busy brood, I’m me again and put the body in some places against the third slot chassis with honeycomb. This usually happens in mid-June.

As such, I bring to the migratory beekeeping apiary. On the main bribe that we have with sunflower, put even fourth and fifth corps.

The new hive that I have just received, has wall thickness of 30 mm; it is very convenient and easy. Along with all the scope he weighs 35 kilograms.

Large brake work — it is the absence of any mechanization. But one can not go far enthusiasm. We must give serious attention to the mechanization of labor-intensive processes in beekeeping. This applies to all kinds of hives. As for the multihull, then I urge beekeepers increasingly introduce them to the apiary. Double-hulled hives and beds outlived their usefulness. We must boldly go to new. Only then will we be able to raise productivity and reduce production costs.

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