Charge into the void.

Company ThrushWave Technologies announced the start of work on a new space project — a game The Rift («break»). Genre — RTS, character — a fugitive swindler.

Fifteen years ago, son of a gun smuggler and Jacob whisker snuck on board, flying to a new, just and open Listings declared habitable planet called Proxima. The moment of his arrival, and is the beginning of the game: The planet was not so suitable for life, as promised, besides some cosmic neighbors were there with us, and the goal is the same: to find and destroy.

The result — a huge space war in 3D and «real physics» that covered 30 planetary systems (moving between them is via a special «hole» in space — they are called ‘rifts’), thousands of active sites and hundreds of ships, and all that — in 30 separate missions (at least until the developers promise it is). Our Jacob (meaning you) will be able to command a fleet of more than 200 spaceships, giving orders directly to the crew, masters and departments at all levels.

According to the lead programmer James Thrush project, the company intends to adhere strictly to the principles of management of habitual gamers, imperceptibly expanding their opportunities — to easily drawn into a novice and experienced player managed to find a lot of new and useful things. For example, the movement will be carried out as standard: select a unit, then clicked on the destination, and the exact position in three-dimensional space will be given by moving the mouse up and down while holding the right button.

The publisher the game yet, and likely will not: ThrushWave hopes to cope with the publication of The Rift own.

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