Comparative «sadovedenie»


— Do you think of the program, which operate kindergartens in Poland and Russia look like?

— Yes, they are similar to their approach to work with young children and philosophical justification of this approach.

— Does the Polish general government program, which should work for kindergarten? Or each kindergarten working on its program?

— No single government program for all kindergarten we have. Programs lot. Each kindergarten can choose the one he likes. It is possible to modify the selected program. You can even write your own. But there are certain requirements of the Ministry of Education, which must be reflected in any program — the so-called «program-based». Nevertheless, the document leaves teachers a lot of opportunities for developing their own initiatives. It all depends on the desire, knowledge and abilities of educators (we call them «teachers»). Our kindergarten, for example, runs the program «Merry kindergarten and Friends» (the younger guys) and «At the kindergarten» (older children).

In addition, the kindergarten has a project multilateral international cooperation under the slogan «Small European — that’s me and you.» This project meets the requirements of the Ministry in terms of implementation of the program framework and at the same time provides the greatest opportunity for the development of cognitive abilities of children and children’s creativity.

— How hard is the mode of the day in the Polish kindergartens?

— Software based on a predetermined general framework of the regime. It provides time for games, activities, sleep (rest), food, games on the street, as well as for individual work with the child according to his needs. It can be work aimed at correcting deficiencies (stimulation of development) or development of skills.

— And what is the attitude to food intake? You get kids to eat all mandatory?

— No, we do not force their students will certainly eat everything. Power in kindergarten — this is also education. As well as learning to make their own decisions and choices. But we are constantly watching the children to understand their preferences and improving the menu.

— In Poland, parents have the right to choose a kindergarten?

— Yes.

— What is the basis of their choice?

— The level of family income. As in Russia, we think.

— As far as access to the private kindergarten kindergarten expensive state visit?

— To the child went to a private kindergarten, the parents have to pay from 500 to 2,000 zlotys. During a visit to the state of the garden — from 250 to 500 zlotys a month.

— That is, in some private and public kindergartens fee per visit is approximately the same.

A salary of teachers in private kindergartens is different from wages of teachers of public institutions?

— In public kindergartens teachers receive from 2,600 to 4,800 zlotys per month — depending on the education and training stage. In private kindergartens salary of employees depends on who is the owner of the garden. Higher limit it does not.

— Thank you very much.

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