ALEXEI Filippychev: Used the beginning of the spring season, when we were talking to you on the subject of preparation for it, you mentioned that at this time you drain the water will be used more sparing scheme to use herbal diuretics. He said that you have some idea in the regimens, and you oprobuesh them to himself and to his disciples, who are also preparing for this season. And now, after the season, it would be very interesting to hear what happened, and what conclusions did you do this.

But first I’d like to go back to the history of such a decision. Rewind time for the season back and remember what prompted you to such experiments.

I remember the championship of Ryazan in 2012, where you once again took absolyutku. But also remember, and the unpleasant situation when you had to call an ambulance.

Tell me, what happened then? ALEXEI Shaev After bronze in America I grew up like wings and I decided to continue the competitive season. The plans were performances in the championship of his native city and to «Europe.» «Arnold Classic» was given very hard. All the while in America, I was sleeping a maximum of two hours a day. On arrival home acclimatization period lasted for two weeks, and at the beginning of April, I realized that to «Europe» nedotyanu. The body does not react to any load, or on a diet, had a terrible cough, and virtually every workout received microtrauma. Therefore, I decided to act in the championship of the Moscow region, and the next day — in the championship of Ryazan. The form was far from the best of conditions, and in order to improve it, I made the wrong decision massive reception of diuretic drugs. Already in the Moscow region «I felt bad, but the result is a second place did not satisfy my ambitions, and in the evening before the» Ryazan «I took another diuretic. The result is known: I again became the champion of Ryazan, but was in the hospital. Well, that assistance has been timely, nothing happened.

A. F .: This year you started the championship with Ryazan, who won. Then there was the "Moscow «and absolyutka in the» classics. » Then he became vice-champion in the «Russian» and a finalist in the «Europe». Can we say that these problems are behind us, and you fully recovered? A. W .: After those events, I took a break from competitive sports, training in sports mode, I do not bother about the diet.

Times and thought no longer speak at all, focus only on coaching. At the end of six months after the event data analyzes, which showed that I was completely healthy, and my hormonal system was restored. I decided to prepare for the spring season of 2013. AF .: Would not it be a blessing in disguise! I know that after the unfortunate event you approached the issue in-depth study of diuretic techniques. Tell us about them in detail. W .: A lot of people say that bodybuilding is harmful to health, but in reality it is not. If there is damage, the only competing athletes, and that in the last week before the tournament, when the so-called draining water. How many athletes say, the worse you feel, the better form. But looking at the many pros live, that they literally before the tournament work at exhibitions, smiling and talking quietly at the press conferences, I have concluded that there are more forgiving manual Connection requirements for the tournament. I began to gather information. It is known that people with 80% of water and that it plays an important role in the living organism. In the last week before the scene is typically used distilled, children or protium water.


The mere use of it gives a good diuretic effect, but it has many drawbacks. Water is dead, ie. A. Does not contain trace elements, because of this muscle may look flat, swing before going on stage would be problematic.


This is probably the best option to use. Water comprises at least trace elements, there is no sodium, which is known to hold the water under the skin. Plus health and muscle tone will be much better. For myself opted for manufacturers «Nutrilak», «Hipp», «FrugoNyanya.»

protium water

It is also called melt water. Merely just what her drink centenarians.

living in the mountains, it says it is also used by the pros in the last week. The only negative — too long preparation. If you do not mind the time, you can zamorochitsya. The recipe of its preparation is easy to find on the Internet.


They help get rid of excess water, and is widely used not only in bodybuilding, but also in other sports, where there are weight categories. In preparation can be used loop and potassium-sparing diuretics, diuretic charges as well as sports supplements, has a diuretic effect.

Loop diuretics

Furosemide is a very potent drug using it is better to give, t. To. There are a number of very strong side effects.

Diuver — a milder drug than furosemide, to a lesser extent cause hypokalemia.

Veroshpiron potassium-sparing diuretics — rather soft drug with a good diuretic effect. The disadvantage is that it suppresses androgen receptor, and it is necessary to apply a longer period. Triamterene — as mild diuretic, a much better choice. It is a drug «Triampur compositum», where it is combined with dihlotiazidom. Diuretics collect their advantage — there are no significant side effects. Sold in pharmacies, are composed of bearberry leaves, peppermint, fennel fruit, the fruit of juniper, licorice root, and so on. D. However, their effect is not as strong as by pharmacological agents. In sports nutrition drugs, diuretic, I can say that in my ranking they last, t. To. The effect is not very strong, and the price is very overpriced. Noteworthy is quite effective scheme sodium loading and unloading, which was used by me in one of the tournaments. Also in the last week it is the appropriate use of laxatives, which help to make a flat stomach and reduce the severity of carbohydrate loading. Of the more powerful — it is magnesium, much weaker drug «Regulaks» BAA «Fitolaks» and the collection of senna.

A. F .: In sports medicine relative dehydration have the following data: the loss of water, equal to 4-5% of body weight, reduces the efficiency of the organism 20-30 96. Loss of 9-12% is incompatible with life! Returning to the phrase you mentioned about the draining of water, that the worse you feel, the better okorma, would like to understand how much water do you think it necessary to merge? Do all competitions this season, this value is the same? A. W .: It is impossible to determine exactly how much water is drained, it all depends on the willingness of the athlete and the amount of water under the skin of his weight class. The «classics» is enough to drain 2-3 kg, the strands are fused so much more. Only need to merge as much as possible to one the most significant tournament, if it is preceded by others before them, will be enough to give up salt and limit fluid intake. A. F .: You mentioned more benign schemes draining. If you sum up all the above, what general advice would you give? And maybe, as an example, offer some sort of «safe» circuit drain? A. W .: I would like to advise to focus on your own well-being. None of the events are not to cause serious harm to health. General recommendations: use child or protium water, try to do a diuretic charges or weak type diuretics veroshpirona triampur or in a small dosage. Use a laxative, in extreme cases, such as when the miss in the weight category.

My scheme


Monday 5 liters; Tuesday — A liter; Wednesday 3 liters; Thursday 2 liters; Friday — 1 liter; On Saturday, the day of competition, do not drink.

As a diuretic USE triampur.

Wednesday — 0,5 tablets at night; Thursday — one pill at night; Friday — one in the morning and ONE NIGHT. ON FRIDAY NIGHT CAN take two tablets FITOLAKSA that there is no heaviness in the stomach.

GENERAL ADVICE: USE WATER childhood or protium, try to avoid ANY diuretic fee or weak diuretics TYPE OR veroshpiron triampur in low dosages

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