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Here are collected the experience of using dryers brands Izidri (Ezidri) production Hydraflow Industries Ltd., interesting stories, as well as valuable information for the benefit of yourself and your family — every day.

We all know the impact on health and good humor are the foods we eat. That is why it is very important to know what these products which treatment they were subjected to, and if you plan a long storage, then how to do that was eventually benefit you, your children and grandchildren.

Now you get to know people who have figured in the conservation of vegetables, fruit, berries and other foods, and are willing to share living experience. After reading these pages to the end, you will learn how to keep the gifts of nature, how to make it as easy and fast, how to get the best price / quality of the result, and even how to bring to life more fun and joy.

Sure — what we have prepared for you, help you, and in any case you will find a lot of useful. Enjoy APME … that is, reading!

Subtleties of preserving food.

Prose life that tasty — perishable. A long time is able to be stored often what is not delicious. And you know why? Also we are interested in a tasty other life forms — insects, microscopic fungi and bacteria. Therefore, since ancient times delicious foods are boiled, fried, kvass, salt, frost and dried — in fact, just trying to make a delicious unfit for consumption «small forms of life.» Let’s talk about how to safely and reliably on their own to maintain grown, produced and acquired. The most common today: salting, pickling and jam. Each family here the tricks and secrets. But there is a problem. The process of preservation is very time consuming and requires a lot of work, not to mention the need to be in the days of «hot shop». And most importantly — products lose up to 70% of mineral properties. Much easier to freeze. Many people use the freezer. However, if you freeze them wrong — especially unfreeze, then lost most of the nutrients and minerals, foods are transformed into tasteless ballast for digestion. Also work the freezer depends on electricity. Drying is not popular nowadays because the citizens fruits and berries sushitto particularly nowhere. And wasps, flies, dust …

Difficult drying, yes. At one time I used «gas dryer» — mesh pallets on racks that are installed on the stove in the kitchen. Just not follow that a fall — a house full of smoke. It is believed that the products of combustion of methane is safe and does not accumulate in sushёnostyah. But from the high temperature burn mushrooms, apples caramelizing sugar, and talk about vitamins and enzymes and all meaningless. Fortunately, in recent years, electric dryer, which allows not only to dry the mushrooms and apples, but also much more, with a comparatively fast, convenient and inexpensive. Of course, there are some subtleties, but progress is being made.

As you can see, each method has its advantages and disadvantages. The main thing — there is a choice, and everyone is free to decide, based on their preferences and situation.

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