Freedom to be a loser

How realistic you’ll be able to swallow at one time?

Glad at the entrance.

I do not know about you, but I do not like when I play limits. When all of a sudden it becomes clear that it has the edge. My most dislikes gaming space — is the boundary map, the walls and corners. If you come to the house is very close, it is obvious that he has painted windows and doors that for anything in the world is open to your knock. You feel cheated when the character suddenly starts repeating his line like a parrot. At a certain stage of the game is tantamount to transforming your own family of robots.

All these years they have been cyborgs. My mother’s hand and unscrew scattered springs and brother rested his forehead against the wall and shuffles across the floor barefoot — failure of the navigation system.

The best case is when you are in the game of harmonic relationships. You do not ask too many questions, and she does not disappoint you for nothing. The higher level of abstraction, the easier it is to achieve a harmony. But modern games are becoming less abstract. On the contrary, they are struggling to copy reality. Fewer still strategies — they turn to simulators. To those that are simpler, we add pristavochku «arcade». Motocross Madness 2 — is an arcade simulator. Rainbow Six — a tactical simulator. And Black & White — simulator, sorry, Orthodox, God Himself. And so on.

Do not like.

Meanwhile, only a very ingenious and very sick developers really want to create a game in which the players would feel completely free. It is difficult to impossible, unreasonably expensive, and most importantly — the players do not need it. Even if such an idea, and is in the minds of their uncut before signing a contract with a publisher, it quickly disappears after giving way to a much more important issues: how to pass the game on time, how to make the game accessible to the masses, in which country to escape persecution financial bodies. Only damp earth knows how many interesting projects were killed in a battle with the harsh reality. We heard unit — not the best, no. Yet each has to Battlecrniser 3000AD your Daggerfall, which means — the attempts will continue.

A delicious?

Fresh projects offhand — Czech Flash Point 1985 Status Quo and the Russian-American Private Wars name of our compatriot Sergey Titov. «Fresh» games can be called only conditionally — both are in the works to 1997-98. However, for games that level for three years is not the age, they can develop indefinitely.

About Flash Point, the most realistic simulator in the world of the Cold War in the past year lost Publisher — Interactive Magic, but gained a clearer form. The developers of Bohemia Interactive are full of optimism and promise to release the product in the third quarter of 2000.

The authors took the trouble to simulate a huge number of American and Soviet military equipment (about 50 units) from AH1 Cobra and ending with «goat» — Russian off-road king.

Home «trick» is that all of this can be controlled.

«Yes, men can play any role, what you can think of. You can be a foot soldier, miner, field engineer or a doctor. You can sit behind the wheel of a jeep or truck, and the truck will sit the other players, if it multiplayer. You can put yourself in a tank or infantry fighting vehicles, and in any capacity — the driver, the arrow, the commander or placed on board the aircraft. My God, you can even swim in a boat (for this purpose we have a Mark II PBR). We have included in the game, almost all of what we have asked the players. You can leave the technical means at any moment, as you wish. You will be able to conduct it yourself or just sit back, relying on AI. Allowed not all — but a lot … «

Feel like a balm to the heart slowly drains somewhere onto the floor? It was a fragment of an interview given by the developers of the site GA-Strategy. Digging on the internet, I found other scenarios of our behavior: regular infantry running through the woods with a gun in the hands of the (original!); Commander directs detachment of 11 people, determining the formation and way of moving behavior of subordinates; UH60 Blackhawk pilot with eight paratroopers inside looking for a good place to land; Commander leads the attack squad of four Abrams; James Bond steals BMP and pushes the enemy soldiers; Sniper climbed the bell tower and attach optical sight; mushroom picker lost in the woods and went to the village to find out where he is, pointing to the map by hand hidebound Smolensk region …

I hope it is now clear why Flash Point not yet born? However, I would not waste your time getting to know a utopia.

"I can not hear you".

Author Private Wars, the Moscow company TS Group, headed by Sergey Titov, no goals are to simulate all the living. Tankers do not fly in helicopters, and of deminers obtained useless snipers. It is better to do something with one, but do it well. Private Wars — is a tactical simulation a la Rainbow Six with complete freedom and an incredible level of realism. If even half of what the developers promise, will appear in the final version, we will all die with happy smiles on their faces. But there are no miracles, only the commander has some idea of ​​the location of its people. Soldiers are equipped with GPS, their coordinates are transmitted to a handheld computer, communication is carried out by radio. There was no radar in the lower right.

To look at the computer, you need to look at him. At the same time the commander of a completely defenseless, it can kill even a child — if both should razmahnetsya. Ordinary soldiers and commanders of the subgroups of the miracle of computers have therefore forced to trust the words of his Supreme Commander. The latter, in turn, is unable to «look through the eyes of other people», therefore obliged to believe the words of his subordinates. In other words, everything in life. It is only for cable modems that all the players can converse in real time.

It’s hot.

So, let’s try to finish our story, and for the sake of any sum up. Maybe the above games will never appear on the light or, having appeared, immediately will die at the hands of defrauded customers. Perhaps these games last change someone’s face. Unless the gaming industry as a whole, or at least our own. We want developers to succeed, but in the framework of the history of the fate of the Flash Point and Private Wars is not significant. Sooner or later it will be done.

I’m interested in other things. I am wondering how realistic impact on computer games. Until now, they gave us the opportunity to feel like someone else. «We» — a mighty hero, gutta-percha hare, the wise wizard, a clever politician and a successful businessman. Sometimes we fail, but it is only a step on the way to victory. Wherever we are, we are always at the center. Game surrounds us on all sides, supported in difficult times, it inserts the necessary characters and opens his mouth for them. Whatever moron I have been in real life, in a computer game I will succeed.

But the freer will be the virtual world, the less the game will take care of us. At some point, you will cease to be the axis around which everything revolves, and turned into a small piece of machinery, one of the parts can be — an important, but not at home. These things are already happening in online games. Freedom and realism gives us a new side.

The Flash Point you can play the role of one of the ten passengers BMP that five minutes would undermine a mine, skillfully planted porch neighbor Basil.

In Private Wars you commando soldier, who did not have the slightest idea about the situation in general, and only following orders. The fact that the commander may be a computer character does not necessarily know — it does not change anything.

Time Half-Life vice versa. I’m just a pawn, a small guard who is waiting for the main character in the laboratory of the fifth level, helping him to destroy a couple of newcomers and die under fire automatic alarm system.

Time Rambo irretrievably disappearing. I dream about games, which will be free enough to have forgotten all about me. Freedom can not be a superhero. Freedom can not be the first. Freedom of dying from a stray bullet. The freedom to sit in a trench. About such things dreamed of in thirty-degree heat when the air conditioner is broken.

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