Freely floating in the air

The project to build a new entrance pavilion of the Federal Court for International Trade at the courthouse James L. Watson in New York, provided the level difference at the entrance to the building is about 6 feet 6 inches. It is necessary to establish a vertical lift for wheelchairs Mobility Elevator Company & Lift Co. Thus, we were satisfied the requirements for access to the building.

According to the original concept and design requirements to a wheelchair lift, needed a clear glass enclosure with minimal, if possible, the size of the frames, trim other visible components made of stainless steel, hidden carriage and drive mechanism (behind the red glass wall), glass doors with hidden closures doors mounted in the floor. The concept of interested companies Mobility Elevator & Lift, but contained a number of difficulties, including those associated with the standards and manufacturing tolerances.

In this connection, we appealed to the engineers Savaria Concord Lifts. Glass body are designed without frames, with only one metal clips for fastening of glass between them. Considerable time was spent on the development of the glass elements. The architect wanted the glass looked like a single panel, and therefore large, heavy and long, narrow windows had to meet the requirements of the load and the working air gap.

The carriage and the mechanism hidden behind custom-made glass wall. The new slide is designed to order to provide additional clearance for installation of glass. Red glass decorated with two open channel for slings platform. Complicating the problem and the fact that the glass panels shall be removable to provide access to equipment for maintenance.

Another problem — the door lock. After considering several options, we stopped on the device lock company GAL Manufacturing Corp. Designed to order guards allowed to conceal the locking device and integrate it into the elevator. Mounted in the floor door closing device designed for heavy loads.

The result is a lift, is entirely consistent with the environment and serving the architectural element of the building. When the elevator showed, all viewers were curious to know what keeps the platform — because design gives the impression that it floats freely in the air.

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