With the VIII Conference of the Moscow Society of Hunters

DELEGATES VIII Conference of the Moscow Society of hunters was to discuss the activities of the Board of the Company for the years 1960- 1962, to hear the report of the Audit Commission, the Council to choose a new society and to give him a mandate.

Here, at the conference, people came to share their thoughts on how to eradicate the shortcomings that still exist, how to improve the work of the society, that needs to be done to ensure that staff of fifty Moscow hunters good land, ensure the protection of these lands and the reproduction of wild game.

It’s no secret that until recently, four years ago, Moscow hunters were not happy their conferences, treated them with indifference, as at meetings dominated by formalism, boredom, time and again violated the basic norms of democracy, and instead of business discussion of urgent problems, instead of sharp criticism defects cultivated praise to the members of the board, smearing the ugly truth.

What this has led — known. A direct result of this «work» of the former leadership of the company was the plundering of the state and public funds gang of criminals settled under the guise of industrial combine of the Moscow Society of hunters and in its stores.

At the time, the criminals were exposed, punished and VII Conference hunters elected new Board, the report of which was to listen to the delegates.

Take their seats in the hall of the old hunter-Muscovites, representatives of inter-regional associations and grassroots groups with interest listened to the report of the chairman of the society Kupriyanov. It is not by accident. Comrade informative presentation. Kupriyanov not look like previous reports of previous boards. Business, imbued with a deep intention to analyze the actual state of affairs in hunting Muscovites, he was nevertheless quite self-critical.

Noting that over the past two years strengthened organizational society that primary work collectives and management of them improved dramatically decreased the number of hunters lone Rapporteur paid special attention to the story of the activities created by the now interdistrict hunting societies.

— The organization of these companies — said the speaker — will firstly involve in active work in the community, to the management of the affairs of society significantly more hunters than previously brought. This has allowed, in turn, provide effective assistance to the primary collectives of Moscow, only the number of bands before, but not to carry out essentially any work.

Rapporteur cited figures on the number of hunters, united primary collectives of Moscow, it was quite convincing. In two years, the number increased by 10 thousand people.

As you know, the creation of inter-regional companies to increase the number and improve the quality of biotechnical actions undertaken by Moscow hunters. This was also stated in the report.

Tov. Kupriyanov spoke in detail about the financial condition of the company, to increase its fixed and current assets, the strengthening of material and technical base, which made it possible to increase the investment on content hunting farms on reproductive activities and the construction of their own bases, homes hunter, on the development of Kennel and Shooting Sports bench.

Noting the increase in mass organizational and cultural and educational work in the community, some of the achievements in strelkovostendovom sport and hunting dog breeding, as well as in the activities of industrial combine, the speaker held the attention of the delegates to the persistence of shortcomings in the miscalculations occurred in the government.

Report comrade. Kupriyanov met the approval of the delegates who conducted Rapporteur applause.

But even more interesting was the debate on the report shows a remarkable growth of the consciousness of our hunters, their deep political maturity and proper understanding of the hunting economy facing problems and a burning desire to make the metropolitan society of hunters exemplary.

Unanimously agree in opinion that the Board of the Company for the reporting period considerable work, the speakers focused on the critical fire omissions and deficiencies raised acute, painful issues of life of the Moscow Society of Hunters.

Without exception, all the delegates who participated in the debate, spoke about the need to join the hunting grounds of the Moscow region at the same ground of the Moscow Society of hunters, that it is time instead of many owners, what are, in particular, the military society of hunters and Society «Dinamo» have for all hunters one society, where there would be «sons» and «stepchildren».

— Is this situation normal, — said, addressing the delegates, representatives of hunters Zagorje comrade. Xining — when we have the best and at Dubna large land occupied by the military society of hunters, which serves here only three hundred people, and the smaller and poorer land left to us, the members of the inter-district community, numbering 3,500 people? I believe that the existence of many specialized companies is not justified. Most often, they are simply a cover for the organization «manor» hunts.

— Sometimes sin here and board members of our society, — said the representative of the Shchelkovo district comrade. SECRETARY — hanging locks on the best facilities and stopping points and justifying such action desire «to have yarozapas» free land. On whose arrival expect our comrades?

Speakers also noted the lack of co-ordination of the apparatus of government with the activities of inter-regional companies, which prevented proper management of hunting farm, talked about the need for renting bases in other areas, the merger of hunters and fishermen in one society, violations of the principle of territoriality in creating inter-societies that reproduction game is still being unevenly over all lands society, the activities of the Kombinat and other agitated questions.

Criticism was leveled some provisions of the existing charter of the company, in particular paragraph of the secret ballot for the election of the governing bodies of the company. Most of the delegates were in favor of the abolition of the secret, and for the introduction of open voting.

Each speaker spoke of the role of the public in the leadership of the society of hunters, an increase in stocks of game.

Delegates then proceeded to the nomination of the Board of the company. Most of the nominations did not meet with objections. Only once disapproving room rustled when someone suggested to elect a former chairman of his comrade. Belyaev, in which society had admitted large embezzlement and squandering of funds hunters. The candidature of Comrade. Belyayev was unanimously rejected.

The Conference elected the new Board of the Moscow Society of hunters as part of 59 people and the Audit Committee consisting of 7 persons.

Two-thirds of the composition of the new Council — active hunters, before the governing bodies of the society are not elected.

It is safe to say that the conference was held a fresh wind blew in the Moscow society of hunters.

Chairman of the Board re-elected MOO IM Kupriyanov.

In Pribaikalskaya PROMHOZE

Melnikov, game manager

Organized fur farm, which already in 1959 gave 32.7 thousand rubles furs. In 1960 promhoz prepared with fur by 82.3 thousand rubles, including the products of hunting — 46.6 thousand rubles. By 1960, fur harvesting compared to 1957 increased by 84 percent, but mostly due to yield cellular fur farming.

WHO IS THE MASTER ascribed please?

TROLSKII Peninsula — an interesting and fertile region for the hunter. In the woods — moose and brown bear, marten and fox and birds — the capercaillie. In clearings in the woodland — zayats- white hair and white ptarmigan. In the tundra — herds of wild reindeer. There noriteya fox.

Trade union organization of the farm gave us on furnishing the necessary funds. In the short term the members of society ostolbili border management, taking the equipment base.

Birds fly to the virgin lands …

Find out what the virgin lands will create new farms that will be raised millions of hectares of unoccupied land, other hunters ruefully said, «Well, gone hunting. Now the whole game out of our seats will go … «

Several years passed. W An expensive to go now into the steppe! The plowing of virgin land is not only not reduced, but rather increased the influx of game birds in the areas of Virgin Territory. In spring and autumn over the fields is incessant chatter. Swans, geese, goose, ducks of all breeds fill steppe lake. At the dawn of the huge herds of them rise from lakes and fly to feed on the field. They fly for hours. No worries skeptics were in vain! Ptiiy fly and fly to the virgin lands!

Our hunters (and them in five areas of the edge is now about 34 000 people), going on a hunt, and enjoy plenty nature, and can shoot and good trophies extracted.

USSR Council of Ministers and the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR attached Hunting Virgin Territory important, take care of its development.

State hunting inspectorate edge transferred, eg forest hunting farm Borovoye, national parks and Kurgaldzhino Naurzum. Now these farms were reorganized, converted into exemplary.

At the same time work on a postscript teams of hunters hunting ground state and collective farms. Already established

74 ascribed economy. But this is only the beginning of a great work.

State hunting inspectorate edge strengthens regional inspection by qualified, experienced people. She intends to work with the boundary society of hunters move in Borovskoe economy and multiply there argali, who once was driven in the area in abundance, spend stocking ponds. In addition, she has been fighting with the wolves, foxes and raptors. Last year, for example, in the province destroyed with the help of pesticides and raids by wolves in 2080, produced 10 thousand foxes and shoot 17 694 raptors.

It would seem that the activities gosohotinspektsii boundary and regional society of hunters had found support from the Main Directorate of the hunting farm and reserves of the Kazakh SSR. But it is not.

Rather than leave the money received from fining poachers account boundary inspection General Administration requires transfer them to your account. This deprives the ranger edge biotech capabilities to carry out activities in the hunting grounds.

In turn, the Republican society of hunters ignore our marginal society of hunters. Obviously, this is also due to the fact that the republican society does not want to transfer money transfers boundary that to rely on the regional.

We also have other urgent matters requiring speedy resolution. In gosin- not ordered inspections of areas, such as wages. Senior ranger gets

75 rubles a month, and the Chief Inspector — 71 rubles 50 kopecks. We do not have vehicles to fight against poachers, though long known that poachers in our area usually hunt from vehicles.

These questions no doubt will be resolved. But I would like that they were resolved quickly.

We want to work in full force, and there is no time to wait: the birds fly and fly us to the virgin lands!

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