Bold, nontrivial solutions, unusual design and of course the quality of the wines recognized by wine critics all over the world, quickly entered Tvelftri Michael (Michael Twelftree) and Richard Mintz (Richard Mintz) in the highest circles of the Australian winemaking. Published recently rated Wine Spectator Top-100 2007 once again confirmed this: in seven years, «two hands» have gone from obscure to the novice authors Bella’s Garden 2005, the fifth in the list of the hundred best wines of the year.

General plan

Slow Australian Two Hands owners it is able to confound many. For it is not immediately clear is guessed and researched action plan, which in 1999 began the history of the new winery. Their way is not too typical, and winemakers at first they could only be called a stretch. Father Michael Tvelftri engaged in construction, and Michael himself acquainted with wine only 26 years old — the age at which offspring wine names already hard at work in the company of their parents. However, to meet you, he almost immediately, in 1998, opened his own company to export products of several Australian wineries. And quickly realized that the world of wine, despite its complexity, is still comprehensible. Richard Mintz, a certified economist and holder of an MBA from the University of Adelaide, became interested in wine, when he was appointed executive director of one of the leading cooperage manufactures Australia.

In 1999, the event for them began to develop a cinematic pace. Somehow Richard and Michael were at a party on the occasion of the graduation one of mutual friends. It’s the idea of ​​a joint project. «What does the world? — Asked themselves the future winemakers. — The world wants a great Shiraz! «Three weeks later, was ready business plan for the future of the winery and all grown rougher.

Nmbitsii neophytes

From the start bar was set very high — to create the best-shek times in the world. Not an easy task, given the level of many modern Australian wineries. As recognized by the owners Two Hands, the idea of ​​buying grapes from third parties, and wine-growers has been dictated by financial motives and considerations of time. Of course, at first they considered the possibility of purchasing its own vineyards, but after a careful analysis to understand that in this case, will be able to release the required quality of the wine through the years commercials 10. It was therefore decided to buy grapes from small farmers, and the first wines were made from it in 2000 . For a start, Michael and Richard bought 17 tons of grapes from McLaren Vale and Pedevey and made wine, which immediately caught the attention of critics. Inspired by first success, they continued in the same vein, increasing the number of products in its portfolio, and in 2004 awarded the rare praise from Robert Parker, who called them «the best merchants south of the equator.»

Arriving by train

Two Hands Wines produces about 20 depending on the year, and most of them — a shiraz or a blend based on it from six different regions of Australia: Barossa, Clare McLaren Lenhorn, Pedevey and Heathcote. The Two Hands believe that they selected regions — the principal to Shiraz in their country, and want to show a different style to the iconic variety of different terroirs. At the same time, Michael has his ideal Tvelftri Australian Shiraz as a whole, which it describes quite poetically: «In my understanding, great wine like a train that enters the station. Acidity — this track: it is necessary to have a solid foundation to build a wine. Fruitiness — the locomotive that pulls the train forward, it must be thick enough and have a multilayer structure. Brakes — tannins, polished and bright. Great wines, not only have all these components, but also know how to work together to create a coherent whole. «

But the «model» trains, so to speak, different, and sometimes — very much. The line is called Two Hands Shiraz Gardens, because it is «gardens» in the Barossa affectionately known vineyards. All the wines are named after the families of the founders of the winery: prince Bella’s Garden was named after the daughter of Richard, Max’s Garden and Lily’s Garden — the names of the son and daughter of Michael. Sophie (Sophie’s Garden) — is the first wife of Richard and Samantha (Samantha’s Garden) — second. There are Harry & Edward’s Garden in honor of born to Richard and Samantha in 2003, the year the twins.

And all the members of the «family» with the obvious family resemblances, due to an overall grade, have their own personality. Max’s Garden Heathcote Shiraz, created from grapes grown in the region Heathcote (Victoria) is different characteristic density and concentration, which are generated by the cool climate Hit Ivoire. Violet-red Bella’s Garden Barossa Valley Shiraz smells sweet chocolate and spice that is so typical for the Barossa. Samantha’s Garden exudes aromas of anise and prunes, clearly indicating its origin from Clare Valley, a Sophie’s Garden expresses a «sharp» character Pedeveya vineyards.

By the way, at a wine tasting in this series is to pay attention to the color of the label. Red letters in the name of Bella’s Garden symbolize the red clay Barossa, blue Lily’s Garden recalls the proximity of the ocean, the gold letters on the label Samantha’s Garden similar to the leaves of vines during the harvest, green Sophie’s Garden — this is typical for Pedeveya forests and orange Max’s Garden It refers to the color of Wales rare clay.

Quality without compromise

All operations are carried out with grapes in the «Headquarters» Two Hands — a modern winery, raspolozhivsheyse Mecca Australian Shiraz — Ba-Russia, in the town of Marananga. Officially it opened in November 2004 and was designed specifically for the treatment of small lots of grapes. Since 2002, he stood at the head of the winery Matthew Wenk, who previously worked in Adelaide on Nepenthe Vineyards.

Almost immediately after his accession to the team Two Hands Matthew developed a system of classification as grapes and wines. Wines are evaluated during the timing barrique on a scale from «A +» to «D». The samples were rated «A» and «A +» go to manufacturing or Flagship Garden, with a grade of «B» — used to create the line Picture. All other samples déclassé segment and sold to third-party producers. This system is part of the philosophy of Two Hands, which the owners have expressed the phrase «Quality without compromise». Tablet with this inscription can be found in the laboratory Two Hands, and in the advertising of their wines.

Flagships and Images

Two Hands Wines are grouped into three product lines — Flagships («flagship»), Gardens («Gardens») and Pictures («Pictures»). «Flagman» Ares, Aphrodite Aegore and named after Greek gods, these wines are made only if the vintage is really outstanding for their manufacture are the best shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, and Gre-ours. And it is estimated that these wines have earned the gods really crazy.

Aegore made exclusively from the best Grenache, which is obtained from 80-year-old vines in the Barossa, and was named in honor of the beauty of Europe, Zeus kidnapped. The name alludes to the «old world» style of Grenache, as a sample of which were taken the best examples of Chateauneuf-du-Pape with their characteristic aromas of Garrigue, violets and strawberries. Almost black Ares is named after the Greek god of war, as distinguished in the same energetic and indomitable temper, and violent that the inhabitants of Mount Olympus. It is made from selected barosskogo Shiraz, is not filtered and aged in French barriques. Cabernet Sauvignon for Aphrodite completely assembled with a single vineyard with old vines. Ageing potential flagship wine is 20 years.

Parodies and odes

But the most fun series — Pictures. Names of wines bizarre reflect their essence. Yesterdays’ Him («Yesterday’s Hero») — is our dedication Gre-that has always been in Australia «a citizen of the number two.» Gnarly Dudes («thickset men») represents the oldest Shiraz vines growing in the Barossa, which nevegetativny period reminiscent of marching to the place of battle soldiers. Particularly interesting is the history of wine names Bad Impersonator («failed parody of») — another Shiraz from Barossa, absolutely not similar to the others. «When we talked with Matt about his future work in our winery, we gave it a try this wine, and then he said in surprise:» I did not know what you guys are doing Pinot! «It was very strange. After all, this is a real shiraz! But shiraz with sandy soils, uncharacteristic for the Barossa, where he grew up. We do not want people in the store looked at the bottle and thought it was inside a typical barossky shiraz. So we decided to jokingly call him «inept parody.» Photo on the label — it is actually I, parodying the famous American comedian and actor Groucho Marx «, — says Michael.

Wine with the intriguing title For Love or Money («For Love or Money») and no less intriguing label has been done to meet the love of family and winemakers themselves to dessert wines — it is 100% Semily-on late harvest. Another wine, which is to say, — Brave Faces («Brave Face»), dedicated to that handful of winemakers who are hard times for the Australian winegrowers have gone on about the government and did not root out the old vines.

The first part of the name assemblage of Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon: The Bull and The Bear («Bull and Bear») — has been taken from the standard description of Australian Shiraz, who often write about «strong as an ox.» And the word «bear» appeared in the tasting sheets Makyla and Richard after they tried the old vintages of Penfolds Bin, where the proportion of Cabernet Sauvignon is very significant. In addition, Bull and Bear — the nickname of the old friends of his father Richard Mintz, who really helped him early in his career.

From the very beginning of wine Two Hands got several excellent marks, and in 2004 Robert Parker called Two Hands «best negociant south of the equator.»

Well, the most romantic and unusual name is Shiraz from McLaren Vale Angel’s Share. The name it received for two reasons. First, when shooting a label for this wine Richard thought-silver reflector umbrella against the blue sky and vineyards is the angelic form (do not look for this composition on the label, it only inspired winemakers). Second, the «angels’ share», more familiar to cognac, to wine aging also takes place: the wine during the long maturation in new barrels evaporate quite active, and about 1% of the volume is lost. To avoid this, Angels Share matured in large barrels hogshead (about 500 liters), where the wine evaporates more slowly. So the angels do not get their «share», and it goes to those who drink it a strong rich spicy wine with a slightly sweet taste of ripe black currant and delicate hints of tar.

The price of land

Despite the dizzying success, literally struck the Two Hands, winery owners are confident that they have work to do. Their main task — to make sure that the importance of terroir and origin of the wine was more important for consumers vintage. Richard Mintz formulates his dream: «We want people to come to the restaurant and ordered our wine, without paying attention to the year of harvest, because he knows that the quality of Two Hands will be issued in any event.» In general, the climate allows Australia to pay less attention to the conditions of specific vintages, so most likely, Richard and Michael will achieve this goal. It is difficult to imagine it, but that ten years ago, no one could assume that the builder and economist for seven years from nothing will create one of the greatest wines of Australia. But they could.

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