Hands hurt not only by the work

Along with waist gardener most vulnerable spot — the elbow. So says Professor Nikolay Soroka, who advises not to overload the work of his hands.

Summer resident and tennis elbow

If an effort to put pressure on the elbow of the patient, the sharp pain will testify epicondylitis. The disease usually provokes unusual work, and abroad it is called «tennis elbow.»

With this diagnosis shows physiotherapy and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory creams and gels that are used externally. But even if nothing is done, the pain will disappear after 3-6 months because this is a superficial inflammation, explains the expert.

Generally, the human hand hurt for many reasons. After all, the upper limbs are made up of bones, muscles, joints and nerves. And in violation of any of these structures can deliver suffering.

How to untie knots?

However, most often hands hurt because of osteoarthritis, better known popularly as the salt deposits in the joints.

Seeing so unsympathetic education, making the fingers gnarled, women, of course, hasten to the doctor with a request to get rid of them.

— However, to prevent the emergence of Heberden’s nodes can not be, because it is genetically conditioned process, — explains Professor Soroka. — This option is most often osteoarthritis is inherited from the mother, grandmother or father — daughter, son or grandchild. And each new generation, this process will begin for a year or two earlier than the previous. If the nodules become unpleasant decoration fingers grandmother at the age of 55 years, the daughter of this can happen in 52-53 years. This disease will gradually get younger, because over the years a genetic load increases. While it is recognized that Heberden’s nodes may occur without genetics, due to mutations.

What usually offers such patients, modern medicine? Treatment is mainly aimed at to remove inflammation and pain. But there were bony growths has no way you gather, so every effort should be focused on physiotherapy. For example, laser therapy, ultrasound sometimes with hydrocortisone, pure ultrasound. And if there is a change interphalangeal joints, but there is no swelling, then you can resort to the help of thermal treatments — ozocerite, paraffin, used NSAIDs.

The professor stressed that such well-known joint diseases such as rheumatoid, psoriatic and reactive arthritis that affects the joints of hands, occur in osteoarthritis compared to much less.

Not rheumatism, but …

There is another attack in the elderly — polymyalgia rheumatica, which has no relation to rheumatic fever, explains Nicholas Soroka. People aged appear severe pain in the muscles of the shoulder girdle and the shoulder joint itself. And especially they are amplified in the morning. Sometimes it rises to a body temperature of 37.2 degrees, and the blood of such patients shows very high ESR — 50-60 mm / h and more.

Patients may be a few years to go from doctor to doctor in search of the causes of pain, because the disease is not like other common diseases. Meanwhile, polymyalgia rheumatica treated very well. However, the need to apply glyukokor-tikoidnye hormones.

Another cause of pain in his hands: muscle inflammation — myositis. It can be idiopathic myositis associated with a serious illness, as well as those that occur due to infections or physical overload.

Neck or shoulder?

Many will have seen first hand that occurred because of the shoulder pain can not sleep until morning. But it turns out, this joint is rarely affected with osteoarthritis, as is typical for such a disease of the joints that bear the greatest functional load (knee, hip, ankle).

Still, interest among specialists, why older people often hurts precisely the shoulder joint.

— This is because no change in the joint and periarticular tissues in most — explains the experienced clinician. — Pain may indicate cuff tear, and calcium deposition along the tendon, degenerative changes in periarticular tissues may tear the muscle or ligament, where the course of time started deposited calcium, which causes pain. In such cases, help physiotherapy and physical therapy resistant.

Still, the pain usually occurs in the shoulder joint due to cervical degenerative disc disease, believes the professor. In this case, the patient may be treated for months the shoulder joint, doing physiotherapy and massages, and he could prevail nothing, because the problem is «sitting» in the cervical spine, and where you need to direct all our efforts. Why here? Of the cervical spine out nerves and blood vessels that nourish the entire limb. In addition to the night of the shoulder joint may hurt hands felt numb, stiffness in your hands. These pains occur not because of the fact that the brushes are sick, but because a person has problems with the spine — have low back pain, thinned and sealed the intervertebral disc, the output of nerves and blood vessels are narrowed intervertebral holes. When a person is in a horizontal position, venous edema increases, so in the morning there is stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulder, numbness in the hands. But the man gets up, starts pacing, moving hands and 10-15 min forgets his sufferings night.

Pulseless disease

The problems are not only the elderly but also in younger women. Their hands may be ill because of vascular lesions. It — nonspecific aortoar-teriit. Most young women exposed to it. The ratio of cases of women and men is 8: 1, and the disease usually appear between 15 and 30 years. Pathology is also called pulseless disease because it is extremely difficult to determine, besides marked quite a big difference in the readings of blood pressure on the right and left hand, for example, one — 120/80, on the other — 80/40. Throughout his hand intensified the pain because you need more blood supply, and it is impossible. This is especially noticeable during exertion. Five-kilogram bag to carry a woman can not.

As you can see, the causes of pain in his hands a lot. But deal with them should be an experienced therapist who will direct the patient to a neurologist, a rheumatologist or traumatologist.

— And yet, how long you can endure the pain in his hands? — I ask a specialist.

— The pain in his hand during the day may change — is responsible professor. — Today, stronger, and tomorrow will weaken, so the patient is not always on time refers to a doctor. But the earlier the disease is detected, the easier it is to treat.


With cervical osteochondrosis can not do without physical therapy. Welcomes the various exercises with a stick no load, massage, heat treatments, rubbing neck burning warming ointments (such as «Finalgon» or «Kapsikam») and taking pain medications that relieve inflammation and more.

On a note

Women are more likely than men in the past (distal) interphalangeal joints II-V of fingers begin to appear thickened, Heberden’s nodes. It occurs in about 50 years of age, especially during menopause, when estrogen levels (female sex hormones) starts to decrease.

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