Hands schoolchildren.

The main directions of the reform of general education and vocational school said: «The connection of training with productive work involves the incorporation of students from the lowest classes in a systematic, organized, feasible for their health and age of the socially useful work — the real work necessary to society.»

Questions of perfection of labor training and education, organization of socially useful productive work in schools was dedicated to rail transport took place in January this year, the scientific and practical conference. It was organized by the Main Department of the Ministry of Railways educational institutions.

About his experience told teachers and principals, heads of departments of education railways. They discussed various aspects of labor education of students, the organization of their work in the classroom and after school, as well as summer camps of work and rest.

Out of the participants of the conference there was a complete picture of the labor training school. It is organized on the basis of production of railway transport, training and production plants, vocational schools, school educational workshops and enterprises handicrafts.

From the hands of schoolchildren out different things — big and small, simple and complicated. As underlined by the participants, the greatest educational effect is achieved when students know that their work is really necessary, that made them objects will serve the people.

You can imagine the joy Tyndinsky students when they learned that the first passenger train passed by Baikal-Amur Mainline, were equipped with bedding, sew them by hand. Maybe it is in such moments children are most acutely aware of belonging to the great affairs of the country to work.

For scientific and practical conference was the first network dedicated exhibition of products of secondary school students of rail transport, which gave an opportunity to see things made by children’s hands.

Here are a variety of products — nuts, screws, bolts, washers, rivets, hammer and scissors, pliers and screwdrivers, air cylinder and diffuser for diesel locomotive, shuttles for weaving carpet machines, pads for the heater, filter turbocharger section of the refrigerator and water pipes . There is a nice children’s hosiery. But is all listed! However, all products have one thing in common property — they are a necessity. Each piece is made by the order of any company or organization. Among the customers — locomotive and wagon depots, electrical plants, nurseries, construction organizations. Some products are commercially available.

75 ninth-graders Ruzaevsky school Kuibyshev road summer worked at the knitting factory. They sewed 42 thousand. Sliders, underpants, T-shirts for the amount of 29,400 rubles. Looking at these things, it is difficult to believe that they are not made by professional seamstresses. For his work, the students received a salary of 23 thousand. Rub. With this money, organized trips and excursions in the country, bought musical instruments.

One of the main tasks of educational work — preparation of children for use in transport, the development of interest in rail professions. Good thing put in a boarding school № 8 them. Popov station Elec Southeast road. Here for the past 10 years, prepared a radio operator operator 144 and 118 radio mechanic. Graduates work in Yelets signaling and communication Electrician, electricians and telegraph; at the Radio Engineering Plant — engineers, adjuster, adjusters; and work in the city teleatele. The young men drafted into the Soviet Army who served in the Army Signal Corps. Girls are taught a trade on telegraph equipment ST-2M at the telegraph station Elec.

Now, students in grades 9-10 are engaged in productive labor in the signaling and communication. They have repaired the amplifier 2, a station 14 transformers turntable 2 and 4 of the TV.

For a quarter century, the school operates short-wave radio. Over the years, established radio contact with the 30 th. Subscribers in 121 countries on six continents. Young hams awarded diplomas of the USSR federation of radio and other sports awards.

Whatever was the fate of graduates of schools — they need to work hardening in any field.

Many interesting things on display. About all not to tell. And I want to finish one of the many reviews of visitors: «In due time, it is useful, it is necessary!».

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