Happy days Moomin

In fairy tales Tove Jansson script authors — MARY Kossovskii, Dembinski director Lucian — Lucian Dembinski artist — BOGDAN HUDZYNSKY animator — the OVA Bankovskaya, Wieslaw bachek Barbara DYHDALEVICH, EVA PSHIEMSKA operator — VACLAV Fedak Composer — ANDRZEJ Rokitsky


The film is dubbed in the Gorky Film Studio

Dubbing director — G. ZARGARYAN

Color. 6 units, 1719 m. R /

Number 1802186


This feature-length puppet film will no doubt please our young moviegoers. It is made for fun and amusing tales Swedish writer Tove Jansson about the adventures of fabulous creatures — Moomin. These books were published in our mass editions with illustrations made itself a writer. By the way, her drawings have served as models of dolls created for the film by Polish animator.

How I was born the film? For many years in the Lodz small studio making short form «cartoons» tales T. Jansson, who enjoyed great popularity not only among children but also adults. Thus, it formed a kind of series of Moomin. On this basis, and it was decided to create a full-length film in which the authors have included the most important and exciting adventures of their heroes. This, incidentally, is determined and the construction of the film — he has three, united in a single whole novels. In each yoke are one family member Moomin (father, mother and son) recall any interesting episode of his life.

For example, the Pope recalled the childhood years, when he lived in an orphanage. I control this brutal and uncomfortable home Pashchaka evil aunt, because of which one night Dad escaped. Thanks to escape, he met and became friends with Fredrickson — mad inventor and designer gear: a naughty Fidget — collector buttons, as well as the giant Edward. Restless inventor built a boat in the forest glade, and friends went on a trip to the open sea …

Mom remembered an extraordinary visit to aliens from outer space who arrived in flying saucers. Well done, and then the noise of a small Martian. With the black box, possessed magical powers, he made sure that everything first Moomin disappeared, then reappeared and began to fly. Blows air all the inhabitants of a beautiful valley, flew into the sky and called for help a special police department. Of course, all ended well …

Little Moomin, despite his age, too, was something to remember. One day he and his friend decided to get into Sniff located deep in the mountains observatory to identify «abnormal, a planet that was said all around, spinning, anywhere and can collide with the Earth. Friends went to the raft, but he brought them to a small waterfall in the gorge fragile craft. I saved them Pashchak collector of butterflies, a nephew of the most harmful and evil aunt of my father’s orphanage. Moomin and Sniff reached yet to the observatory, where a strange astronomer confirmed the possibility of danger — a comet approaches the Earth. Friends rushed back to warn her …


The picture comes in during the summer school holidays. In the preparation of promotional materials, please note that the film is primarily a children’s audience. The picture is recommended to roll in specialized children’s cinemas, in special sessions in conventional movie theaters, as well as in the halls of the animated film.

For information on tape is recommended to give children both in publications, radio and television, and in normal, under the headings «for young audiences.»

Advertising on the picture should be bright and cheerful.

The documents said that the new full-length animated film is based on a famous children’s story by Tove Jansson.

The tape may be included in the demonstrations «Animated films», as well as in festivals «on the screen — a fairy tale.»

RECOMMENDED USE: for Kinopanorama and television transmission — h. 3.

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