Reckless person who will travel from New Crobuzon to the north and overcome the mountain is on the shore of a freshwater sea in the Cold Claw lands grindylow — Dzhengrise. There’s almost no outsiders, except that a few visiting traders — people and water. Nobody wants to settle in Dzhengrise and the surrounding area because of the terrible rumors. Allegedly, the fate of those. kosh grindylow seized more than unenviable, and slavery -eschё favorable outcome. Outsiders strictly limited access to settlements; for they are the harsh rules that are better not to disturb. Grindylow this situation is more than enough, because they control the whole northern part of the Cold Claw Sea. And they will go to great lengths to maintain the status quo.

Fortunately for grindylow, they, at least, does not threaten carpet bombing. New Crobuzon refused to use color bomb, following an attack on Surosh in 1545 local chronology. It is believed that the bombing ended the Pirate War. Nearly a hundred years went to the ruins of a team of scientists and researchers, reinforced police and staff geliotipistom (photographer) Sakramundi. There airship brought twenty-six people, and returned only ten. Three more died from mutations or committed suicide at home. Sakramundi was so shocked by what he saw in the ruins that at his own expense printed copies of albums with photographs and distributed it to bookstores. An incredible scandal broke out, and experiments with vortex flow stopped. A Surosha ruins on the coast of the ocean swollen deservedly bad reputation to this day.

For wasteland Dragon Eye and Sea Ice Claw has a rich mine Shutter-Jax and Grand Cromlech — a country where the living,

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