HOW OLD tire building material

It proposed and already put into practice a new way to use waste tires. About five kilometers from the coast of New Jersey (USA), group of enthusiasts builds divers at the bottom of the ocean reef out of old tires, which are randomly fastened together. Reef will be the construction of a length of about 5 km and a width of 800 m. Its construction will 70 million. Work tires divers funded by «Uni Royal Tire», which produces tires, and therefore have a vested interest in finding new ways to destroy the old tires.

It is believed that this reef would be a convenient haven for small fish, which in turn serve as food for larger fish and attract it to the coast Such calculations are based on the consideration that the tires are completely insoluble in saltwater ocean in de. However, some scientists doubt it and act to protest against the flooding of many millions of tires in the ocean, considering what their use may lead to pollution of decomposition products possible.

Tents installs in half a minute

Tourists sometimes organize competitions at the speed of installation of tents. With the well-known skill and ability, you can set up a tent mid-size four in a minute or two. But more often it is done in pairs or even alone and without special skills, while more time is spent, and the result is sometimes abysmal. «Wincing the roof or» beveled wall — and the rain is already inside the tent.

American designers have developed a tent, which will be able to establish just, and he will take on this operation no more than half a minute. Instead stakes used sewn into the fabric of the tent loop of spring steel strip. To install a tent, it is removed from the case (and in the folded tent is a disc diameter of 28 cm and a thickness of 13 cm) and just thrown on the ground. Under the action of the spring tent opens itself and takes its shape. Then fix pegs at the corners of the earth — and the tent stands Assembly takes a little longer, about fifteen minutes. Tents, pulling out of the ground stakes, rolled into a multi-turn spring ring and put their case. Single tent with a spring tape weighs only 2.5 kg

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