THE DILEMMA You love sushi, but you’ve always wondered if there’s a traditional Japanese way to eat it. What are the guidelines for proper sushi etiquette?

WHAT TO DO Here are some things to keep in mind when eating sushi: First, don’t rub your chopsticks together to remove the splinters—this is considered disrespectful because a good restaurant would never provide low-quality chopsticks. If you’re not too skilled at using chopsticks, it’s okay to use your fingers to pick up the sushi. Place it in your mouth so the fish touches your tongue. Avoid biting the piece in half as sushi is meant to be consumed in one bite. Also, don’t add too much wasabi to the soy sauce—it dulls the senses and you’ll be less able to appreciate the fish this way. When sharing a plate with friends, use the blunt ends of your chopsticks to serve yourself. When you’re not using your chopsticks, rest the tapered ends on the small ceramic holder. Finally, when you’re done with your meal, place the chopsticks over the soy sauce dish parallel to you.

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