How to start a women?

In the famous poem pipsqueak son comes to the father with the question of how to distinguish good from bad. And what questions to expect from maturing girls? Unfortunately, philosophical questions about good and evil are sidelined, and on first come issues of women’s diseases that are «younger» every year. And if some ten years ago, the profession «pediatric gynecologist» as such did not exist, but now every medical center in the state of holding such a specialty doctor. Why is this necessary? At what age should think about gynecological examination of the child? Is there a magical recommendations, following which you can avoid all the problems? All these questions will be answered mammolog-gynecologist, mother of two charming girls Olga Eremenko.

This part of the article, you can easily show your teenage daughter that it was his own opinion about gynecology and adult life.

The first time you go to the gynecologist? Norma is considered the age of 13-15 years. But every woman is unique in nature and the body she develops for different time cycles: someone first period starts th in years, someone at 15. Therefore, it is necessary to focus on yourself. Oseltamivir should go to the doctor after the first month. If you have a concern, you can make an appointment with a gynecologist at any age. In the future, a routine inspection is required once a year.

AS was examined GIRLS? The gynecologist in any case will be inspected on a chair (that is, you need to mentally prepare for what will have to lie down on an examination table uncomfortable without underwear). For girls who do not have sexual intercourse, inspection delivers greater psychological distress than physical — the doctor only examines the surface of intimate places for inflammation and rashes. Also, a gynecologist can insert a finger into the anus to check the elasticity of the vaginal walls. Sometimes the doctor presses on the abdomen is easy to test the sex organs — the uterus and ovaries. When viewed from a normal variant is taking analysis — smear. To this end, the gynecologist takes a tool similar to the ear stick on a long stalk and gently holds on the mucous of the vagina, the material is then sent to a lab. In addition to the inspection of the chair to be prepared to answer some questions. For example, «When I started menstruating?» «When was the last period?», «What kind of vaginal discharge are observed during the month?». Questions are simple, but it is better to prepare in advance the answers you feel comfortable.

If the sexual life is the beginning … When a girl becomes a woman — it’s certainly an important event. Adult life obliges us to be responsible. You should always visit your gynecologist and put her aware of the fact of sexual debut. This is not to control or read notations of morality (believe me, today, when 12-year-old girl can have a baby, are nothing new rupture of the hymen), and the purpose of health monitoring. In this case, the inspection on the chair doctor will carry out with the help of a small device — the mirror. Its carefully introduced into the vaginal cavity by 2-3 cm, and examining the wall cervix. The procedure is painless, but unpleasant. The rest of the survey follows the previous description, the only difference is that more will be asked questions about the number of sexual partners and use contraception means.

Is it really necessary? Even an adult woman when changing sexual partner prescribe delivery of the analysis, to ensure sexual health. A common reaction in this case is: «My partner, I — the only one and it’s all right.» Unfortunately, there is a possibility of latent infection, which can not know the young man himself. For example, many men are carriers of fungi genus Candida. They have the presence of alien organisms is not shown in any way, but the women’s yeast begins. Therefore it is necessary to think several times before you give up analyzes.

As you know, to hide from the fact gynecologist defloration impossible rupture of the hymen can be seen with the naked eye when viewed. By law, the gynecologist can tell the parents that their daughter is not a virgin, if a child less than 15 years. If the girl more than 15, at the request of the patient’s state of her sexuality is kept secret from the parents (based on the 54th article of the law «On the basis of the health of citizens in the Russian Federation» dated 2i.ii.20ii year). But if the doctor had doubts about the violent act of a child (in such situations, children are often closed in themselves and feel free to discuss even the fact of rape), the gynecologist is obliged to communicate to parents and report their suspicions to the police.

On the visit, inspection, consultation with a gynecologist parental permission is needed. The only exception is the termination of pregnancy, with the proviso that less than 18 years old girl. In such cases necessarily require permission from both parents, otherwise abortion is considered a criminal, and such actions are prosecuted.

QUESTIONS moms who

The next section — for you who doubt my mother. The main question that overcomes every thoughtful parent: so you need to carry a child to the gynecologist? Due to the huge amount of paid medical centers it has become fashionable to run to the doctor for any reason. This is — an extreme measure, and for the child it is useless. We all forget that the doctors there and preventive task, that is, sometimes they just have to make sure that everything goes well.

Unfortunately, sometimes the preventive inspection is not limited. Today, girls often suffer from vulvovaginitis (inflammation that often occurs due to contact with feces in the area of ​​the vagina). Symptoms of the disease — white vaginal discharge. Sometimes the disease may develop because of the fact that very little girl introduced her vagina foreign object (a button, a small detail of toys). On the second place ranking childhood diseases — cystitis (instruction «Do not sit on the cold, cold everything!» — That’s about it). This is followed by the thrush, amenorrhea (absence of menstruation), painful periods, hormonal disruptions and failures cycles. And this is not the entire list.

Agree, better than prophylactically to reduce the child once a year to inspect than fight these diseases.

Proper preventive maintenance

About prevention of women’s diseases says Catherine STREMETSKAYA, female yoga instructor

• Many women’s diseases associated with infections, fungi and other animals. It develops when our own microflora can not cope. You should not believe the advertising — not all yogurts are created equal. Or rather, all the shops are equally useless for yoghurt microflora. What is needed is to eat homemade leaven (sourdough recipe, for example, on the basis of homeopathic drug «Narine» can be found online). Also, that will suit homemade yogurt. Try to eat a few spoonfuls a day, and you will forget about thrush forever.

• It is important to correct behavior during menstruation — for example, banned in yoga poses that strain the lower abdomen, and inversions (when the feet above the head). This is dictated by the fact that the uterine tissue can spread to unwanted areas and cause endometriosis.

• Also during menstruation should refrain from sexual activity, which can also lead to this unpleasant disease.

• Avoid frequently pay attention to breathing. Women, because of their «experiential» nature begin to breathe surface — feeding. While proper breathing is performed belly. A few minutes a day, pay deep breathing, which allows you to inflate the abdomen, like a ball. It normalizes blood circulation in the pelvis, thus relieving pain and fills with oxygen reproductive organs.

One of the major problems which need to be given to the parents — it’s a matter of choice of contraceptives for teens who become sexually active. I believe that the best means of contraception for teenagers are hormonal contraceptives and condoms. The main advantage of hormonal drugs to women is the high contraceptive efficacy. In addition, while taking hormonal contraceptives menstruation becomes painless and the slim, significantly improves the quality of the skin of women suffering from acne.

Today on the market a large selection of hormonal contraception: pills, rings, patches, implantation-sults. Modern drugs are composed of substantially lower dozyestro-component gene, which significantly improves the tolerability. In addition, new contraceptives, which include estrogen, identical to natural estradiol, which is synthesized in the ovaries of women. Therefore, all of the metabolic conversion of this hormone are exactly the same as the own hormones. This type of contraception is very suitable for women who have a regular sexual partner. But for the correct choice of contraceptive formulation is better to address to the gynecologist. For teenagers, do not regularly have sex, as well as sexually active and frequently changing partners, the most appropriate means of contraception is the condom, use of which also helps to reduce the risk of infection with sexually transmitted diseases.

Whether to go with her daughter to the gynecologist

If it is a baby or a teenager, the joint campaign is required. Moreover, it is necessary to show by example that going to the doctor — it is not always the fear, discomfort, painful surgery and so on. Female doctor should be a good counselor for the little princess. So first make an appointment with yourself to the doctor to make sure his responsibility and professionalism. Instill daughter love to your body. Let her learn to care for him, to protect your health. If the relationship with the gynecologist initially will develop a trust, you will no longer be problems for the girls to share their experiences and concerns, and the topic is a delicate first comer will not tell. If my daughter has grown up, do not insist on its presence in the office (especially mothers-hens, which strive to control all life processes of the child). Girl, albeit small — is a person and has the right to a respectful attitude. You can call to accompany the child to the medical center, but wait in the corridor, do not bother with questions and not to insist on a detailed report. By the way, in this case, doctors are guided by the desire of the child — whether he wants to see his mother beside him in the office. If you really started to torment doubts about sexuality daughter or she does not behave quite adequately, it is possible the next day to talk with the doctor alone. But your daughter must understand that the doctor can trust. Therefore manifest wisdom, and not to dwell on his conversations with the gynecologist.

Today is a widespread disease of women, as endometriosis. When it happens the following: the cell lining of the uterus spread beyond the uterus itself, attached to the organs (such as the ovaries) and begin to bleed during menstruation. But if from the uterus every month rejects mucosa, provided flasks of blood, the blood accumulates in tumors and further forms a bale. It is still not entirely clear what is the trigger for the development of endometriosis, but the disease can begin as early as adolescence. There is a theory that sex can trigger the disease, and endometriosis leads not only to a sharp pain, and infertility. That is why the doctor should observe sexual health, to prevent disease.

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