What’s in store

Packed haphazardly like a treasure-filled junk store, the 1,400sqf Imhomm (pronounced «I’m home») houses a charismatic assortment of industrial-style furniture, sophisticated table lamps, and contemporary paintings. «There really isn’t one single concept,» says owner Maena Ong. The first batch of items is made up of shelves, side tables, and consoles imported from India, and incorporates materials such as recycled teak {which comes in either a raw or sanded and lacquered finish) and weathered steel. An interesting contrast is also created when elegant table lamps, and graceful glass and porcelain tableware are placed on the raw, rough surfaces. On the walls, vibrant oil paintings by artists from China, Thailand and Vietnam serve as a colourful backdrop to the shop’s unique assortment of items. Keep an eye out for subsequent collections as «surprise» is the only concept Imhomm will adhere to.

Who’s behind it

Imhomm was built upon Maena’s boredom with what the stores here have to offer. As the art director of interior design firm Mong Design Studio, she found it difficult to get offbeat accent furniture pieces to work into her projects. «It started with sourcing for wall lamps and artwork overseas for my clients’ homes. As my orders increased, we just decided to start a store,» she explains. With 15 years of industry experience, Maena has an eye for piece with an edge — in terms of prices and aesthetics -over the usual products in town.

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