Is the new 911 Turbo too easy to drive?

HOW EASY SHOULD a car be to drive? It sounds a daft question, of course, but when you apply it to supercars and their ilk, it becomes a little more interesting. Such cars have never been faster, more agile or more driveable, across a broader range of circumstances from city street to race track, than they are right now.

But is this how we want it to be? To a large degree, yes.

The simpler these cars are to drive, the more they can be enjoyed and exploited by a wide range of talents. The car makers love it, because they have a wider pool of customers to sell to; the buyers love it, because the cars can flatter their driving talent (or lack of it).

But, as Greg Kable ponders in his first drive of the new Porsche 911 Turbo S this week (p28-35), the risk can be that all this comes at the expense of some drama. A hugely capable and quick car is all very well, but the manner in which it conveys its abilities is also crucial. If driving such a car isn’t a momentous occasion that tests you as well as thrills you every time you turn the key, then something is surely missing.

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