It’s only the beginning..

Future explain forecasters. It concerns us all, because we want to spend it part of their lives.

The book covers a wide range of issues — from demography to space. One of the demands of the future — to design a city of the sea. The problem is acute for Japan now; 20 25 acutely she will face Great Britain; interested in this issue and the United States. The first city built by the sea, becomes obviously, a city in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii Construction: Concrete «floats» in height of 70 m and a diameter of 27 m, within their power, tanks for fresh water, devices for recycling. The construction is scheduled for the coming years; adopted a project to build a city and 25 km from the coast of England.

Predicts the appearance of cities in tens of millions of people. On the conditions of life in them: «The air is so polluted that the taxi driver has to include not only the lights but also a radar installation in the hotels there are no windows in the room and the installation does not work for air conditioning and for the supply of oxygen.» In the United States we investigated how among today’s big city is worse than it was in the ancient Greek cities. American consumes only lead with air, water and food in 100r. more!

Whether the vehicle will survive? While he is one of the most inefficient means of transport. If lanes capable of an hour to miss 4.5 thousand. People traveling by car, an empty bus, you will travel for 40 thousand. Man, and if a train 70 thousand. In England in the near future is expected to start up at a rate of dozens of trains 320-340 km / h, the speed of trains potential of this system can be increased to 480 km / h. In 1980, the Japanese designers are going to put into operation a magnetic levitation train — the speed of 500 km / h. In Canada, a project created by the tunnel between New York and London, laid on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean; vehicle-passenger capsule with a jet engine, the capacity of 200 people, the speed of 5000 km / h. This apparently outside the XX century.

And the planes? Tupolev thought that by 2000 the aircraft will fly at a speed of 10 000 km / h and carry on board

1 000 persons. But this is not necessary: ​​long-haul passenger expedient missiles. Their drawings and calculations are already in the construction department.

Future gives his specific orders to inventors and designers. Maybe a lot has already been done for him, but we do not notice until these inventions? 100 years of unnoticed opening photos, 50 years old — typewriters, in October 1926, no one had noticed the discovery of semiconductors.

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