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In June 2010, we have laid a heavy bronchitis with his young son to the hospital. The second chamber of our first box empty, and then brought to the baby, such as infants, like mine. Nurses are constantly running to me for the milk mixture, then for his diapers. «What about his mother?»

— I asked. «The child — a foundling,

— You answer me. — Found under the door the front desk … «I was shocked. It is one thing — when you hear such stories. It’s quite another

— when it happens in front of you … I went into the next room and could not hold back tears over the crib defenseless crumbs. Foundling was almost the same age as my son, even the boys were similar in appearance. «What is wrong with him now?» — I thought. There was a feeling that the baby is not a stranger to me … I called her husband: «Carry baby food and diapers for two!»

Medical staff christened the foundling Petrusha. I am very attached to the boy. Discharged from the hospital, I went to visit him. In August happily I learned that Petrusha taken to the family.

This story changed me. I wanted to do something for the children deprived of parental care. Impact and personal growth training passed, after which my concept of happiness has increased. I realized how inextricably linked your «I» and the world around us. Want to be happy — help others find happiness.


While on maternity leave, I have the time. Forums are placed on the collection of aid for orphans finding of address. Together with my husband we started to go on orphanages as a volunteer. Very exciting was the first trip. After her, I could not sleep half the night. In memory surfaced children’s eyes full of hope … Until now, the most difficult moments

— When someone from the children dreaming aloud: «My mother will soon be coming after me!» And you’ve got a lump in my throat. You know that no one is actually not coming.

In Kiev, the children’s home is more or less landscaped, they have permanent sponsors. But the farther from the capital, the situation is pitiable and needs sharper. Therefore, we directed their efforts is to help orphanages in Kiev and its surrounding areas. They brought clothes, food, hygiene products, technique.

A memorable trip to an orphanage in Kopylov on the eve of the New Year. We arrived, congratulated the children. And in the new year 2011, I was part of the wonderful mood. At the heart of it was easy, easy. There was a sense of new purpose, a new road in life.

I thought about creating a charitable foundation. My husband supported me: «Come on! What’s stopping you? «I did not know legal technicalities. But she knew where to turn — to a former colleague of Constantine. He, like me, a lawyer, but in some ways much stronger than me. Kostya eagerly responded to my call and request to consult, as if there was a break in communication in two years … We met, I spoke about volunteer travel and wanting to do more and I heard: «Telepathy! My friend Dennis for a week discussing the idea of ​​charity fund! «


In 2011, the three of us — Konstantin Golubyatnikov, Denis and I -stali Hrulin cofounders BF «Blagomay.»

Some funds have discredited the very idea of ​​disinterested aid, serving as a cover for other purposes. At the stage of registration of BF «Blagomay» we were faced with a grain of salt, and in his address. Sounded question: «Money laundering going?» We answered, «The only thing we were washed, — a child’s hands from dirt.»

Registration Fund has given the nature of our business law and professional. We have a formal account. It has developed a great team. Miraculously attracted people tied acquaintances, were like-minded associates. People call: «I know you are helping children. I also want to. I do not have much money, but there are arms and head. How can I help? «There are a lot of people who are full of good intentions, but the transition from thought to action, because they do not know where to start and how to help someone. And we know it. We are a link in this way. Today we have 17 children under the care of institutions — orphanages, including one family and one home Tina baby, social and psychological rehabilitation centers, boarding schools. On our site charitymay.com we continually publish information about their hottest needs. Each benefactor can decide what he sends money. We paint the events a month in advance — and anyone can join. All financial statements have open. Also we publish photo reports for each trip, the project program.


The program «Know Ukraine» prompted by life itself. Children are abroad, spend a vacation in the family exchange programs. They ask about Ukraine, and they tell really can not do anything, because then your fence is not seen nothing. We are engaged in organizing tours that introduce children to the cultural richness of their native country. Lviv, Odessa, Kamenetz-Podolsk, Crimea. Impressions children so that the phone is broken by enthusiastic calls.

Traditional was the program for the Day of protection of children. This year, we supported the Association of cyclists Kiev. Children saw the show on bikes and received gifts — every orphanage went to 8 bicycles. Year-round program of «full portfolio». School supplies, stationery are always needed! This is especially significant on the eve of September.

«Easter miracle» — a program dedicated to Easter. We found the craftsmen who are engaged pysanka Krashenki. And tell some interesting facts from the history, and clearly show how that is done. This year, the children were taught to paint eggs with wax. I did not even know that there is such a technique. On the children’s classes have a lot to learn and adults!

«Factory miracles» — the winter program. St. Nicholas Day, New Year, Christmas. All the world collect gifts for the holidays. Of course, it must be either identical gifts, not to offend anyone, or a gift at all. As an example, an exercise bike for the gym, the children presented last year. Now fans of pedaling can not deny yourself the pleasure and in the winter. Hurrah were such gifts as the removal of children on a Christmas tree or a visit to an orphanage actors with contests and festive program.


One of our projects — «Blagoboksy.» Transparent piggy bank for donations in any amount to assist with charitable projects BF «Blagomay» can be placed in any office, institution. Among the supporters of this initiative — shops, a hairdressing salon, a solarium, club, travel agency, restaurant, cafe, bar association, the notary, a yoga studio.

Using international experience, we are the first in Ukraine developed blagomarki. The bottom line is that some traders and shops include a charitable contribution in the cost of goods, as evidenced by a stamp pasted on an appropriate rating (one to three hryvnia). And the man making a purchase, automatically becomes a philanthropist. In another development project «Blagorestorany.» In the world it has become a matter of habit. Eating a monthly list of the proceeds or part of the proceeds on a specific day and time, for charity.

Recently in Germany I watched an interesting picture. In the area of ​​Dusseldorf Land Rover pulled up to the construction, similar to a phone booth. The driver went inside, holding hangers with costumes and wheels, and has left without them. I find out what’s what. The chip is a so-called Give box that to bring something unnecessary and instead take what was left of the other. I thought that we should take note and tell your friends and colleagues.

Nikolai Mikhailovich

In our team, there was a person with journalistic experience Elena Mazur, who headed the edition «Blagomay Magazine». Already saw the light of the fifth issue. Writing about news and charitable events in our country, we take an interview with well-known and emerging philanthropists, highlights the practices and experience of foreign countries. Any heading «Difficult children», tells the real story. Recently we wrote about Natasha. Alumna «Lyubystka», she studied at the Music College and at the weekend visited the orphanage home. Girl extraordinarily talented singer. And it noticed! It received an offer to work on the contract in Korea. Natasha blessed to travel, but keep everything under control. A month after his departure she called happy: «I earned the first money!» O «Lyubystke» I want to tell too much. This demonstration orphanage in New Petrovtsy. Director Nikolai Mikhailovich everything was referred to as the father. It is for his players doing everything possible and impossible for them sick soul. For his birthday children are poems written — touched to tears! From «Lyubystka» no child escaped. On the contrary, return those who have outgrown like orphanages. Nikolai Mikhailovich helps with employment, housing. Alas, we met other directors. In one case, the offer of assistance, we heard: «I just Vezite the cash!» The answer is simply killed. It was clear that assistance to the children will not come …

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