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Law enforcement agencies in Thailand have threatened to Internet users for criminal responsibility under the huskies posts of political upheaval in the country.

Thailand living tourists. Tourists, in turn, greatly concerned about the safety of their long-awaited vacation. Any, even the most absurd rumors about a possible political upheaval may prompt them to abandon their vacation in Thailand. For the country is losing money, stability and prosperity

Political rumors in Thailand excite the masses with unprecedented force. This country can not be called very much relaxed. Some seven years ago, Thailand suffered a large-scale military coup in which former prime minister Thaksin

Shinawatra was forced back by the authorities, and, moreover, was sentenced to six years for corruption cases. Of course, this situation did not suit completely, and he went to the United Kingdom, the country that gave him political asylum.

Returning to Like and coups. The Thai government to think seriously about the fate of political prisoners who were jailed for their loyalty to the former regime. Submitted for the consideration of the bill, which aims — to return freedom to all opponents of the regime. This event acted as a catalyst of political rumors and intrigue.

Not the last people in Thailand have begun to panic. For example — Sermsuk Kasitipradit, political editor of public television TBPS. He was already vyznat for questioning on charges of provocation on the Internet. The police said that this prosecution is waiting for every Thai, to spread rumors about the coming dark days for the authorities in Thailand.

Worth noting that Thailand’s position of authority with respect to cyber crimes is very tough.

According to the authorities — cyber crime can be measured huskies. Do not envy the Thais … On the other hand and power is not so difficult to understand. Thailand tourism lives, is a stronghold of the economy. Therefore, rumors of instability, coups and other unpleasant things for holidaymakers may cause actual harm to the economy.

We can only wish the Internet community in Thailand attached, hold and restrain their emotions. The easiest way to do this using the following algorithm: Get out of your account to Facebook — close the tab with the social network — Get work.

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