MERCURY VAUGHN from Saransk!

This conclusion follows from the statements of the new director of the holding «Lisma» the impossibility of transferring the mercury plant the company out of the city. «It will take about $ 40 million», — he said the money in his pocket. The capital of Mordovia is doomed to slow extinction. The life of each of its resident director estimated at 118 dollars (40 million divided by the number of inhabitants — 340 thousand). The authorities have expressed the need to transfer management to hell. «I do not want to be a suicide,» — said the first deputy to me. Prime Minister Viktor Akishev Mordovia. It remains to say so the rest of the townspeople. Only in this way we will win …

History of the mercury plant began in 1949, when there was a decision in the light of the Council of Ministers of the USSR signed by Joseph Stalin on the construction of Saransk Lamp Factory, which was supposed to produce okolo10 million. 50 million and fluorescent. Incandescent lamps total per year. The body of the 8th workshop was built in 1961. Then on environmental safety have not yet thought of. Mercury emissions exceeded all conceivable norms. Demercurization first workshop (event aimed at neutralizing toxic substances) conducted in 1980, after 20 years (!) After its construction. Then scrape the walls, began to scrub the floors with special solutions and pay great attention to the production of waste. But … baiting Saransk mercury continued. During this time, the city expanded and residential areas come close to vacuum tube factory. Land, houses, shops, kindergartens, schools began to absorb the poison neyrotrop-tion, and residents — to inhale noxious fumes. Since then, it took another 20 years …

Such patients NOT FOR RECOVERY

— Victor Stolpovskikh can say that the transfer of the 8th workshop will not, but by law it is obliged to do it! — Says Head.

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