Middle Volga: Saratov HPP.

Two energy giant in the same city.

On this occasion, there is even an urban legend. Mol. in the 1950s .. at the time of the great shock of construction projects and socialist competition, when laying the largest industrial enterprises of the region, in particular the Balakovo NPP, some party functionary from the regional center stood in a pose and demanded «their share». Once you «own» nuclear, hydroelectric something I will not give up, and it will be called "Saratov". While it was essential. Like and Saratov on the overall pace is not far behind. So now we live. For spinnings segment of the Volgograd reservoir below the Saratov HPP is of great interest. Crisscrossed by numerous canals, beautiful sandbars, green islands of this region of the Volga attracts many tourists and holidaymakers in the warmer months. Number of special fishing bases are small, and the pond is experiencing only a local, relatively modest fishing pressure. Near Volsk Balakovo and boats on the water course a lot, but there is at least a little bit away from the obvious routes and points like fishing begins to rejoice. Grieve only brazen poachers, but now in Russia, everywhere is full. Apparently, in our life in order in this sphere never will induce. Corruption has reached alarming proportions. But still want the good.


Just a few kilometers from the dam hydro Volga divides into two branches Desert Island (formerly known as «» Damsel «). Very large (comparable in size to the city), but completely uninhabitable because of annual spring flooding. In summer, it became the center of beach tourism, the good beaches on the island just gorgeous. In one of the most picturesque bays of the island is the only one in these parts floating hotel, floating jetty fishing Volga-Fish, and rangers have carried out a boat rental. All other tourist centers focus exclusively on tourists who are interested in fishing less than kebabs. And in vain — the place is very interesting.

Priverhi paved stone island from erosion. These ridges and groins attract any predator. But especially a lot here asp. There ide. and chub, but they rarely come across, and require a special approach. A chub out almost every night. Last year, my friend caught in these places and catfish at 56 kg; I get your heart good. A little closer to the shore and a tuft of grass is always spinning large perch. Pound instances little but «whales» in the 400-500 g are caught forever. You can develop voblerno-poppernuyu topic, and it is possible, without further use bypass leash on shelly piled deep. At night on the stones out hunting perch. Very little large, but closer to the fall have a chance to catch «fanged» weight up to 3-4 kg. Catch can easily jig in box-water, but interesting — on the floating wobblers with a depth of immersion up to 1m.

Nearby is a promising point called «pipe». Tube — the most natural, metal, with a diameter of 60-70 cm — sticking out of the water and is visible from afar. This is part of a drowned quarter of a century ago, the dredger, which produces the sand here. Now on top of this huge barge reclaimed sand spit, and the construction itself is only slightly sticking out of the sand on the reverse side of the spit. This is where the water flow is divided into two branches. In one part of the spit out for the left, and the other — the boat shall have the right of the island. Close this division always turns many predators and boats spinnings. Volozhka right island (the right channel of the Volga) is named Damsel, but the name is already forgotten. I met him only on very old maps. Downstream, at the foot of the picturesque cliff, it is the village of Maiden Hills. All of these «girls» — also part of the almost forgotten ancient traditions about some local princess, who died in these parts. A cliff, probably, the one in which Stepan Razin its barrel of gold buried. Maybe the princess just the one Stenka threw overboard?

Between Maiden slides and dam section of the right bank is called the Vineyard. Grapes are planted exactly no one, but the place-name settled. On this site for anglers interested in zakoryazhenny steep bank and living near a pike perch and pike. In these places, in the summer a lot of sabrefish and Volga herring, too, represents a separate spinning sports interest. SEXUALLY this strong and rapid fish light tackle very nice. My biggest herring caught had a mass of about 1 kg, frequent and «wrinkles» by 1.5-2 kg. It is in this area several times over the past ten years have seen whitefish anglers — Volga vanishing white salmon. In general, the site at least worthy of attention.

Below Maiden Gorki start tip of the island. For spinnings interesting sand spit island wilderness, since the left sleeve of Volga. The direction of flow such that the flow washes them as a little cross; for braids formed zatishki and backwater populated by large Volga pike. The most interesting thing is the main Spit Island, which can be found on the sounder, if you go across the river from the mouth of the Volga Revyaky. At the top of the spit depth of 4-6 meters and immediately after her -dovolno a steep drop-off to 15-16 m. In the summer oblique is a herring and a large number of different «white» fish that accompany group pike. Catch big pike can be local and Jerk and jigs. Even trollingist manage to catch something, although this method does not allow fishing for fishing on local topography correctly and optimally. Fusion in a plumb here walleye catch: some trolling, some prefer to jig with the inserted Volga sprat. I was immediately interested in the pike. Across «Nurse» to 6 kg. Most of the catch is dominated by individuals of up to 3 kg. Maximum weight of pike, which have seen was 14.6 kg! A very decent "crocodile". I caught my friend on his foam. There were several 10-kg.

On the island there is a network of bays and backwaters, which may be of interest to fans of herbal fishing. Smaller pike there is a lot, and the grass is very different. There are reeds and water lilies, and favorite pikes «withered» grass. Baits fit any: wobblers, Walker, spinnerbaits. Even classic spinners nice to show themselves. For desert there is a sharp narrowing of the riverbed of the Volga, in fact it represents a huge roll deep with strong currents. Opposite the village Ters is a site famous for its asp and popular with fans of fishing catfish Kwok left bank of the Volga all cut up small canals flowing streams and emerging. The largest moreover — Large Irgiz and Bitelyak. The next major channel separation occurs already below Wolska island Rybinsk. Priverhi this large island and interesting topography, and surface outputs of any predator. The bottom is a solid bumps and peschanoglinistye alluvium; There are many snags. Sleeve shallow left the island, with quieter over. There comes the autumn to winter perch. The entire coast is very precipitous and zakoryazhen. The bottom leaves deep clay clear steps and completely filled up by snag (before there was a raid rafts) and fallen trees during the flood. All of the left bank of the site to the town of Marx and below — a former settlement of the Autonomous Republic of the Volga Germans, established in 1924. Under Stalin, all Germans were taken, the names of towns renamed, and especially without straining: alone «Red YAROVIT» in these parts more . But until the 1940s. here all the names were only German. Russian settlements almost was not. Even during the reign of Catherine II, these lands were wild and nobody wanted to settle here. They offered to colonize the shores of the Germans. They have not given up, and bad lived here 200 years; preserved culture and language. Now reminiscent of the past, only a few Gothic Lutheran Cathedral located in desolation and ruin. Nobody remembers that once there were his Zurich, Basel and Glaus.


This river-flow sufficiently well known outside Balakovo. Places on it is very beautiful, sandy shore. the water is clean and fresh — from the Volga. Ravyaka has a length of about 15 km, it connects the Volga River and the Great Irgiz. It is always noticeable for. In many river chub, ide and perch. Previously, when fishermen were smaller in Ravyaka I came across a lot of catfish. Who is good shallows noisy due to the large number of tourists, and catfish here wander frequently. Deep holes in Ravyaka little more fast rapids. Due to the rapid flow of the river does not freeze until mid-winter. Throughout much of its bottom zakoryazheno. For jig these places quite interesting and promising. In autumn Ravyaka particularly large predator. Apparently, the main migration routes of fish irgizovskoy just lie on this route. With a good point in October, you can at once "take off" Five or six pike weighing up to 2-3 kg. There were in catches and perches up to 5 kg. Any bait jig must be mounted in the uncoupled form. Otherwise, and a pair of casting they do not survive.

For catching asp interesting two estuarine area — access to the Volga and the junction with Irgiz. Both listed and sand shoals are small with narrow sleeves passes to a depth of 2-3 m. Early in the morning is always fed asp. Sometimes rapids out and pike that are caught on bait zherehovye, heavy and compact rotating and oscillating spinners.

Big Irgiz.

About this large inflow of the Volga I wrote earlier. River quite deepest, deepest, was once navigable. It is very twisty, and there are lots of fish. Ten or fifteen years ago, the situation was generally fantastic: just a couple of casts with the famous driftwood managed to catch a pike of 4-5 kg. Then boom hobbies jig fishing done his job. Pike considerably thinned, all snags have learned all the wells tested every day. Now schuka- «five» has become rare, but irgi-zovskogo «standard» in the 1-1.2 kg are always a lot. At almost any time of year, especially without straining, you can catch five or six pickerels this size. The main way of fishing — the classic Russian jigging with lures the average size of bright colors (the water is always very muddy). Weight jig heads — from 22 to ’32 When the water decreases strongly, and have to turn to head to the ’40 E Lower Big IrGIZs for change on the board sometimes up to several times during the day. At night, kogdg HPS does not work and sink into the Volga River decreases Irgis cheerfully flows down. Fish at this time active in the morning, before the start of the dam, not bad caught. When the water level rises in the Volga Irgiz bit podpruzhivaetsya and during stops. Biting is, but mediocre. Worst of all, when the water comes in Irgiz. This happens when a river shoal over the weekend, and on Monday it starts to fill the Volga water. Then we can not see and bite.

A lot of predators comes Irgiz in the winter. Ha plots in the 60-70 km from the mouth of a large flock of walleye rise and stand on deaf driftwood middle of the river. Before freeze-up can be uncoupled catch a snap.

A feature of the lower reaches of Irgiz is a very strong spring flood, when the water disappears, all lowland floodplain with all the numerous canals, streams and oxbow lakes. In the meadows is just a huge mass of water. And when the flood is over, all this wealth with billions of fresh fry drained back into the mainstream. In such places, there are very real fish «bazaars» where large fish eat small: sabrefish — fry, perch and pike -chehon, pike — perch and pike-perch careless with sabrefish. Such «distribution» come to the end of the spinning of the ban, and fishing can turn out just fabulous.

The popularity of recreational tourism is increasing every year. Lower Volga has many pretty fed up and leaving in the Saratov region could give new emotions. There is an incentive to at least try.

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