Labour productivity growth is reflected in a decrease in the amount of labor per unit of production, or what is the same, an increase in production at the expenditure of the same amount of labor. «Improving productivity — the fundamental question of policy and practice of communist construction, an indispensable condition for raising the people’s welfare, creating an abundance of material and cultural benefits for the workers,» — emphasized in the resolution XXII Congress of the CPSU on the report of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

The problem of raising the productivity of labor faced by all sectors of agriculture. At the end of September in Moscow at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements of the All-Union Scientific and Technical Conference on the most important, the most important question of beekeeping.

The conference was convened by decision of the State Committee of the Council of Ministers to coordinate research projects. In view of the importance of the issues discussed at its Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR appointed an organizing committee for its conduct, which included representatives from the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR, the Scientific Research Institute of beekeeping, the Russian office of beekeeping, the magazine, the pavilion «Beekeeping». The organizing committee determined the composition of participants and topics of major reports. The conference was attended by nearly 700 people, including 215 beekeepers, 18 directors of state and collective farm chairmen, 174 livestock specialist on beekeeping, 107 researchers and others.

The Bureau of the Conference were elected known beekeepers foremost PA Baranov, PA Bugovets, K. Y. Vorobiev, Igor Danilenko, I. Pushnenkov, Q. I Chernyshov, A., Shustov, who successfully solve the problem of increasing labor productivity, the problem number 1.

For the first time issues of improving the productivity and profitability of our industry and we understood so deeply set so acute as in this time.

Reports and conference participants said that the main reason for the backlog in the industry is low productivity. The average yield of honey per employee apiary is very low. Many beekeeping farms unprofitable, and often unprofitable. Even .1cheloopylenie, resulting in significantly increased productivity of crops, it can not justify these losses. Opylencheskie farms are a burden on other sectors of the economy. Only direct products pasek- honey and wax — can make beekeeping profitable.

What to take to all beekeeping farm, no matter what direction they are and where — in Primorye or Belarus, Bashkortostan or Pribaltike- were high-value? On this question the participants were given a comprehensive answer.

It is necessary to increase the productivity of bee colonies. It is unacceptable that in a country such as ours, with such a variety of vegetation and an abundance of honey plants, the average productivity of bee families was 10 kilograms. Highly productive may be only the strong family. The experience of building a large force families to bribe and obtain their high honey yield there of thousands of beekeepers foremost in all regions and republics of our country.

Important reserve for increasing the productivity of bee colonies — migrations apiaries to honey and pollination of crops. Keeping bees in one place, it is impossible to obtain from them a lot of honey beekeepers apiary foremost transported several times during the season using a food base in neighboring areas and provinces.

However, no matter what methods of beekeeping is employed beekeeper, apiary will not bring income if it is small. Dwarf apiary have no right to exist. They do not justify the cost of maintaining the beekeeper, and even more so with the guard and assistant. For small apiary is not burdened collective and state farms, it is necessary to concentrate them in a large beekeeping farms and move to self-sufficiency. But this is not enough to dramatically increase productivity. Increase the number of families served by the employee — is the answer beekeepers foremost, which in practice proved that the existing rate of load-100-150 families beekeeper with an assistant — unacceptably low.

Some farms is spreading to group and team leader apiaries maintenance methods, implementation of which leads to a reduction in the number of workers on farms and beekeeping more rational organization of their work.

Home role in increasing the productivity of labor belongs to the hive multihull, testing hundreds of apiaries which our country has shown its great advantages over other systems hives. Multihull hives on the one hand, enhance the productivity of bee colonies, as they create the most favorable conditions for their development, on the other — they are much easier to work to care for their families. There is no doubt that the more productive labor of the beekeeper who works whole buildings instead of individual frames. By equipping the apiary hives multihull can be four or five or more times to increase the number of families served by the beekeeper. And this is the most important thing they dostoinstvo-

Creating a large beekeeping farms and increase in the rate of load per worker is a need to equip a variety of modern beekeeping equipment and mechanisms, such as machines for printing combs and elektronavaschivaniya framework radial extractor, ulepogruzchik tons more. The mechanization of labor-intensive processes to do the work of beekeepers more productive.

A major role in raising the economy of beekeeping should play honey resource development northern and eastern regions of the country. You must specialize southern bee queens on output and production batch of bees, and the North — on their use. A huge number of fetal ewes required on large industrial beekeeping farm. The use of hybrids of the first generation of Georgian gray mountain bees with local can significantly increase the output of marketable honey. Getting queens from nurseries, beekeepers will be exempt from laborious work on their conclusion and organizations cores. The event will also improve the performance of the pile.

Of great importance for improvement of apiaries and bee raising interest in obtaining high honey yield and serve more families have the right pay.

Central to all the participants of the conference held the hive multihull, which is increasingly being implemented in the beekeeping farm country, displacing Dadant double-hulled and sun loungers. All those who have experienced it say about how likely it is important to go to the content of multi-bees. This, however, does not mean you have to throw out all the other types of hives. No, the «oldies» still have to serve. But do they no longer should the conference just to show that the time for this has come.

Qualifications beekeepers really grown in recent years. Not long ago it was impossible to hold such a conference. The seminar lighthouses in 1962 about the experience of working with the multihull hives the beekeeper told Voronezh PA Baranov. His speech was very strong, and many made a huge impression, but then she was lonely. PA Barracks and this year came with new labor victories. But the most important victory of his supporters and all the multiple effect of the hive that they now have thousands of followers. Speeches of the participants of the conference about the experience of multiple effect of beekeeping were based on a large practical material. A wonderful experience with these has hives from beekeepers Far East, Bashkiria, Kazakhstan and other republics and regions of our country.

Conference summed up the achievements of advanced beekeepers and specialists working on the issues of increasing productivity and of course, that it will play an important role in the further economic recovery in our industry.


In this issue we publish the reports and speeches of participants with significant reductions.

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