Prescription for Happiness

Red hair, sparkles in her eyes and, of course, branded radiant smile — for more than 20 years of career, Julia Roberts is not changed. On the secrets of youth, vitality and creative plans actress and beauty LANCOME messenger told ELLE

ELLE you represent the fragrance La Vie Est Belle, Lancome, whose name translates as «life is beautiful». How often do you yourself utter this phrase?

Julia Roberts almost each morning. I wake up first, prepare breakfast for the whole family and waiting for the kids come running to the kitchen. I love the pre-dawn gloom — at this particular time, you can immerse yourself in your thoughts and feel the harmony with the surrounding world. Such moments I needed, because the work of the actress can pamper and spoil the character. It’s hard not to break down — all the compliments you fall asleep, care and cherish. Therefore, it is important to keep the inner batten, remember loved ones of the house and of his true place in the world. ELLE In your opinion, happiness requires effort and sacrifice?

DR I think yes. I constantly remind about themselves and their children. Life consists of little things that can make you better and happier. It is necessary to say nice things to people I love, there is healthy food, care for their skin. Recently, I became interested in the theories and books about the possibilities of our mind. It turns out that happiness can be cultivated. ELLE A buying perfume can make you happier? DR Perhaps, yes. This is just one of the pleasant things of which I spoke. My favorite flavor helps women feel more confident and attractive.

ELLE true that his success perfume La Vie Est Belle obliged to smile your trademark, which became a symbol of their (its outline transferred to the bottle design)?

DR Of course, you can split me in his arms, a leg and a smile. But actually I one piece — an ordinary woman with their feelings and emotions. I do not think that my image can be reduced only to a happy smile. But the advertising campaign get really memorable. Even I like it, although I used to critically assess their work. Previously, I had no idea how high competition in the field of perfumery. And if I was able to assist the success of such a wonderful flavor, it can be proud of.

ELLE You become a person of means anti-age line Absolue. Why do you think you have chosen? DR It’s funny, but I am often asked this question. Perhaps I was ideal, because in his 45 years never resorted to plastic surgery. I appreciate naturalness. But beauty trends — is another matter. To ignore them would be unwise, because they are based on the latest scientific discoveries. When the girlfriend mom compliments my skin, I must confess that I use Lancome. However, I try to say it in a whisper: I do not want to look as if they try to sell something. ELLE What other tools do you use Lancome?

DR Makeup for many years rented only stripper Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover. Even before the contract with Lancome regularly bought her. Well, now that I send this facility in unlimited quantities. The second love — the base for the eyelashes with a vibrating brush Oscillation Powerbooster Primer. It makes eyelashes thicker, longer and bulkier. Gift this gadget to all her friends, and they too are crazy about him.

ELLE You travel a lot. What usually take in a trip?

DR The plane — a lip balm and cream Absolue Hand, Lancome. Nanoshu it not only on the arm, but also on the foot. Leather during the flight awful dry! Yet I have always in my purse hair oil. I sprinkle it ends, so that even after a long journey hair looks neat. In addition to cosmetics, from home we catch something to eat. Airplane food is hardly tasty and useful. The ELLE usually snack?

DR At home I have a small garden where I grow vegetables. Last year was a good crop of cabbage kata. It received the «plant» on it, even children. I just put on the table a huge bowl with cabbage, and instead of coming up to me a hundred times before supper, saying, «Mom, can I get something to eat?» They just pulled the leaves, running past. For dinner salad bowl was empty. I also cooked crispy snacks with cheese from the same cabbage. Of course, they are quite high in calories, but still useful chips. ELLE So you love to cook? DR Yes, as long as it does not become a routine. Generally difficult to get pleasure from the fact that we have to do every day. Usually I come up with something special, but when the whole family gathers at the table. And recently the husband is constantly on the road and the kids say, «Let’s eat breakfast for dinner.» Then we treat cereals and scrambled eggs.

ELLE In what movies we’ll see you soon?

DR At the end of the year will be released on screens picture «August» based on the play by Tracy Letts’ August: Osage County. «

I watched the play in New York. He walked more than three hours with two intermissions. It is the strongest statement I’ve ever seen. The actors got used to excellent images and were able to convey all the nuances of family drama. So when I was contacted and offered a major role, I could not believe my luck. «What’s that, my mom would play Municipality Strip? Pinch me! «It’s like an athlete to receive an invitation to the Olympic team. The more that the producers of George Clooney and Grant Heslov, my great friends. ELLE Will the story of the film differ from the play?

DR Author drama, brilliant writer Tracy Letts, directed by John Wells helped tailor the script for the big screen. In the original, the action takes place in the house, but in the film were added to street scenes. The processing took a long time. Well, my shooting schedule was quite free.

ELLE Gy, ie the shooting took place? DR In Oklahoma. This is an amazing place. But it is very difficult to work there. Weather extremes. I myself from the south, but in the state’s hot, like in the oven. Yes, tornadoes, dust and wind! But the people there heart. They keep their roots and do not try to move anywhere. Although the capital of Oklahoma has repeatedly rebuilt from the ruins. ELLE These difficulties united team?

DR Yes. It turned out that the site met my good friends and people that I have long admired. It was great to work again with Dermot Mulroney. We became friends on the set of «Best Friend’s Wedding.» And the actress Julianne Nicholson (she plays one of my sisters) we are very close. Now often we spend time together. Just yesterday with her breakfast. It is amazing clever and beautiful. And Ewan McGregor, the film he is my husband, was a very nice person.

ELLE role was difficult emotionally?

DR Yes, sometimes I’m so exhausting that night could not speak. And not just because it lost the voice (at the site had to shout for hours). All these insults and other horrible things I had to say on the script, I was psychologically devastated. Thanks Meryl Streep. She took patronage over us. In the evening he called and said: «I made a soup, called Giuliani Ewen. They are already on the way. Join us, we will be able to rehearse. » I ran into the shower and then went to her. We worked on the replica, taught endless dialogue. There have been episodes where participation took just eleven. We all gathered around the table and brought the scene to perfection. We had so much fun together. And the next day on the court, I choked Meryl. This is the double life of the actor. ELLE A contingency situation occurred? DR In relations with colleagues there. But I’m the first time in 20 years was left without a make-up artist. My permanent makeup artist Richard Dean retired. I panicked a bit as I will appear on the screen. Thank God nothing happened. I was able to come to Jean Ann Black, who is constantly working with Brad Pitt. For him, she did the most difficult thing — tattoos, wounds, scars. I call it «the genie makeup.» According to the script, my character is going through a midlife crisis — marital problems, discord in the relationship with her teenage daughter and her own mother. I had to look like a woman who does not care about himself. But it did not want to get quite so unattractive. Few wrinkles, sedans … Jean has done an incredibly fine job!

ELLE Is there a question that you want to answer, but you’ll never asked? DR My dream is to explain to people that in me there is nothing special. After all, often look at me as nebozhitelnitsu. I hate feeling like standing on a pedestal and broadcasts from there. Yes, I have a unique job, I travel a lot, try on different images, but always remain myself. Like everyone, I want to be understood, loved and recognized. ELLE But you will also like the work of an actress?

DR Highly! Otherwise, I would have dropped everything. Fortunately, my job allows for some time to devote themselves entirely to home and family, and then for a short period, to transform into another person. Therefore, neither one nor the other does not get boring. My husband and I are planning their schedules so as not to leave the house at once. We have an opportunity to do things you love and do not leave children unattended. This is very important!

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