Router Tenda W309R

Stuffing the keyboard tips cheap routers owner last week, and I think did not think that the example for this article arrives so quickly. The name of this instance Tenda W309R, it costs 1014 rubles. True, easily found a shop where he asked for more than three thousand of wood, but I’m at a price calculations such enthusiasts do not consider and advise you not to. Well, do not make friends with fellow harsh realities, what can you do. Even Yandex market agreed with me, announcing the highest bidder to this devaysu family network 1230 rubles.

So, Tenda W309R, a simple router with one RJ45 connector on the input (that is WAN) and four output. All of the «weave» Gigabit Ethernet for such money is not much to be worth it, because I really do not know how crooked it will be implemented. On either side of the network adapter connector jack under the button reset (press with your finger instead of awl), and two RF connectors for antenna.

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