Russian lift association — a tool for development of elevator market.

Non-commercial partnership «Russian lift association» created to promote the development of the Russian market of elevators and protect domestic manufacturers of elevator equipment, to create a system of cooperation between all the elevator companies, the creation of a new regulatory framework, prepare proposals for the development and promotion of Russian federal and regional government programs.

Reducing the list of types of work, which affect the security of capital construction, and the withdrawal from the list of works related to installation and commissioning work on the elevators, will bring together business entities based on the unity of the elevator industry, based on the federal law «On self-regulatory organizations» № 315-FZ

01.12.2007 year.

This principle of combining liftovikov on the basis of voluntary self-regulation of the leaders of the largest non-profit associations secured elevator, signed on 6 November 2009 in the office of the Russian lift association agreement on cooperation and mutual actions to integrate the elevator market in Russia. His document was signed by MA Waxman, FA Lyachin, VA Silence, BF Violin, VS Kotelnikov, EA Nikolayev.

And the entry into force in October 2010 Technical Regulations «On the safety of lifts» generally abolish function RTN to participate in the committee on putting elevators in operation and permits the use of elevators. At the same activities on the elevators to the social sphere are directly related to the safety of citizens living conditions and livelihoods of people.

In a situation of reducing state control safe operation of elevators, establishment of a reformed utilities significantly increases the responsibility of manufacturers of elevators and elevator specialized organizations. To ensure high-quality, trouble-free operation, protect the interests of the elevator companies develop voluntary self-regulation right now is the most relevant and appropriate.

The first Russian self-regulatory organization in the field of housing management 315- FZ registered for the summer of 2009 in Udmurtia. After that, the CPO, property managers, who are the main customers of equipment, works and services of the elevator industry, appeared in the Perm region, Arkhangelsk, Novosibirsk and Ryazan regions. In total, the project for the implementation of self-regulation in management of real estate includes 52 regions of the country. At the same rules and standards of self-regulating organizations in the sphere of property management already includes requirements to involve members of the contract works only industry SROs.

Currently documents of NP «Russian lift association» filed with the Federal Service for State Registration of Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr) for registration as a self-regulatory organization (SRO NP «RLS»), combining business entities industries of lifting equipment, works and services.

Membership in NP SRO «SART» provides an opportunity to use the capacity and authority of the association for a business, to represent and protect the interests of members on all public, professional and political levels, and provides the following benefits SRO interaction with users (customers) produced of goods, works and services:

— the liability of members of NP SRO «SART» to consumers (customers) produced their goods and services is guaranteed by the formation of a compensation fund (1 million rubles), and the system of collective security (insurance sum of 10 million rubles, the insurer of «Military Insurance Company» — included the five leaders of the insurance market in Russia);

— clear standards and rules of business and professional activities of NP SRO «SART» relevant federal laws and regulatory legal acts, and binding on all members;

— system of monitoring compliance with professional activity of members of SRO NP «SART» standards and rules for handling complaints against members, the application of disciplinary measures;

— information openness of NP SRO «SART» access to information about professional and productive potential members through publication in the media and accommodation information and telecommunications networks.

In October 2008, the NP «SART» and State Corporation — Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services (Housing Fund) signed a cooperation agreement, which aims — holding in accordance with the Federal Law № 185-FZ of 21.07.2008 year, replacement and elevator modernization Russian fleet, spent a normative term. Cooperation within the framework of this agreement allowed for the participation of domestic manufacturers of elevators in targeted program of capital repairs of apartment buildings and modernization of outdated equipment and implemented in 2008-2009, more than 10 thousand elevators and upgrade kits.

Thus the effect of the activities of the Russian lift association under an agreement with the Housing Fund experienced domestic manufacturers of elevator equipment, manufacturers of lift components and elevators specialized organizations that are members of the NP «SART».

Membership in NP «SART» organizations can get involved in entrepreneurial activities in the industry for the production of lift equipment, services and recognizing the Charter of the Russian lift association.

In accordance with the Protocol number 7 of the General Meeting of NP «SART» of 22 October 2009, approved the fees in the amount of:

— entrance — 50 000.0 rubles,

— Quarterly — 15 000.0 rubles,

— contribution to the compensation fund (one-time) — 5 000.0 rubles.

The decision on the admission of new members of the Board of the Partnership receives. Application for membership in NP «SART» and the necessary documents can be obtained from Oleg Abramovich Zamuraeva — Assistant Director General of NP «SART». Phone: 8-495-780-8943, mobile: 8-916879-2526 or sending an e-mail

In 2010, to protect the interests of the members of SRO NP «Russian lift association» will organize the interaction with regulatory authorities. The legislator provided for the interaction of regulatory authorities and self-regulatory organizations. Federal Law «On protection of rights of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the exercise of state control (supervision) and municipal control» № 294-FZ, art. 9 provides that:

— scheduled inspection of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs — members of the self-regulatory organization is carried out in respect of not more than ten percent of the total number of members of the self-regulatory organization and at least two members of the self-regulatory organization in accordance with the annual plan of scheduled inspections, unless otherwise provided by federal law;

Finally, once again, I note that the reduction in the List of types of work, which affect the security of capital construction, and the withdrawal from the list of works related to installation and commissioning works on the elevator, the elevator will bring together industry organizations on the basis of voluntary self-regulation; The National Union to establish an elevator SRO; interact effectively with the government building complex and system utilities.

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