Russian lift division should be at a height

Max Waxman,

President of the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations,

President of the Russian association of elevator, CEO Scherbinsky Elevator Plant.

It is no accident the tradition of joint celebration continues for many years. Lift division as one of the sub-sectors of heavy industry is very closely connected with mechanical engineering. Elevator — this is also the machine; rather complicated, modern facility that is constantly transporting people. It’s a product that is always in demand, without it is impossible to live in high-rise modern city. Lift — the most popular type of transport. According to statistics, ordinary elevators carry passengers per year than all forms of transport combined. In the service of man and other lifting mechanisms — vertical and inclined platform lifts for wheelchair lifts for vehicles used on multi-storey car parks, freight elevators and sidewalk. And Travelators, escalators, cable cars … And, of course, to us, lift manufacturer, has a great responsibility, we understand that the preservation and development of elevator industry is vital for millions of people.

The financial crisis has shattered many sectors of the economy, and it was very difficult to survive. However, the lift division adequately preserved against the backdrop of a general decline in mechanical engineering in Russia. Compared with other industries, that there are not very many of these companies that have survived and successfully operate, develop their production. Of course, you could go a different way — to buy elevators abroad. At the current market handling equipment sufficiently stiff competition — there are a lot of offers from foreign manufacturers, wait — will not wait for us to make the room, lost ground. Here China and Italy, and Belarus — a lot of wishing, very much. If we slow down the production of elevators, this niche will be immediately filled with competitors’ products. It must be clearly understood, including as a stimulus for further development of the domestic lift business.

Already, we have a clear advantage over the western products in the category of lifts economy class. Our best lifts in terms of quality, reliability and safety are not inferior to global standards, and most importantly, adapted to Russian conditions and safety requirements. A Russian safety standards are much more stringent than European, in a certain sense for us as a competitive advantage.

Of course, regarding elevators business class compete harder. But, nevertheless, we have tightened, use components of advanced foreign companies. And the level of quality of our lifts is increasing every year, they are more competitive. Now Scherbinsky Lift makes innovative and comfortable elevators brand «Wellmaks». We believe that thanks to the production of modern machines we will be able to carve a niche business class lifts — to market a high-quality elevators at a good price.

In the elevator industry in Russia are highly qualified specialists and talented engineering staff. They improved and updated design and technology of materials handling equipment, taking into account the major trends of the global lift business. In addition, the design of modern Russian elevators laid and advanced power-saving technology. Recently, the serial production of passenger lifts «Scherbinsky Lift Plant» were deemed relevant to VDI 4707 for energy efficiency and received the European quality certificate TUV SUD. This is a high assessment to guarantee the safety and efficient operation of Sherbinskaya elevators.

Russian lift manufacturer has always firmly held its position in the elevator market, and today our production capacity is not even used at full strength. However, in the second half of the year, thanks to the action of the Federal Law № 185-FZ «About the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services» and a surge in construction activity, we had a lot of work. For liftovikov replacing old elevators — even a huge reserve. But, unfortunately, due to lack of funding for this program, we always feel that the demand for elevators behind production capabilities. This paradox — on the one hand, lift the country park sorely outdated and needs urgent replacement exhaust mass-of-life vehicles, on the other — orders for elevators do not come because they do not have enough funds. Yet 185th law gave us the opportunity to how to work two years, we hope that this trend will continue, because today we replace the elevators less than they wear out. We do not have time. The year 1985 and all subsequent five-year period — a period of active residential construction and, consequently, the biggest supply of elevator equipment — somewhere around 25 000-30 000 elevators a year now ending its 25-year term.

Despite the objective difficulties, the Russian lift building industry continues to evolve. Including this and the construction of new enterprises. Despite the economic crisis, it is currently under construction in Serpukhov biggest lift building plant in Russia. By the way, here and planned mass production of elevators business class «Wellmaks». In addition, to create a small cooperative elevator companies, is also a favorable way. Our market is such that he constantly draws attention, therefore, the future of the lift business quite promising, with no elevator man can not do.

In the development of the elevator industry is very important process of self-regulation. I am sure — everything about liftovikov activities must be collected into a single fist. We move down this path, creating the National Union of lift self-regulatory organizations, which included all participants in the process chain — production, installation, service, maintenance, engineering centers. The next step that you need to do — is to ensure that self-regulation in the elevator industry has become a must. It is necessary that all participants in the elevator market obeyed the same rules and requirements. Self-regulation implies that we will do them to develop and carry out their activities in accordance with the requirements that apply to the elevator. There should be rules through the entire process — from design to disposal. Lift is a socially significant and dangerous objects at the same time. They are very different, are not always trained and educated passengers, but in any case, the elevator has to be completely safe. Therefore, the rules of production and operation, guests must be strict and uniform for all. Obligation to participate in self-regulation — an indispensable condition for unity and effective cooperation of all participants of elevator complex.

It is believed that for the successful development of the elevator industry it must be not only single, but also more independent. I absolutely agree with this. Of course, liftoviki always worked closely with the construction, engineering and housing and communal services. This relationship will continue. But what concerns directly handling equipment should be combined. For example not far to seek — have many years of experience of leading foreign firms. Take OTIS — the world’s first elevator company. It has everything — design, manufacture, installation, service — is located in one large structure. Same KONE, Schindler and others. We have, unfortunately, all scattered, so we want to bring together all. The complex is the task. She repeatedly, but unsuccessfully tried to solve in the days of the Soviet Union. Then one ministry is responsible for production, the other — for the installation, and the third — for the service. Since the Soviet years and is torn.

In October, due to come into force a fundamental document for all liftovikov — new technical regulations «On the safety of lifts», the foundation of a more mature and improved regulatory framework in the elevator industry.

It contains rules, assessment methods and schemes of conformity assessment of lifts and safety requirements of their energy efficiency.

It is very important that the new Technical Regulations puts an unfair barrier to work and just careless, who are still being felt in the manufacture, service and installation of industrial machines. It is therefore important to choose as partners a reliable and trusted suppliers of elevators and elevator equipment, which are the veterans and the leaders of the domestic lift business — Russian Elevator Plant.

Turning to the activities Scherbinsky Elevator Plant, I can say that for us, the most serious problem — the development of increased almost twice the volume of production of elevators, keeping up to the mark the quality of their production. Now we do more than a thousand cars a month. For the successful implementation of our obligations is necessary to organize production, to mobilize the people. It is — hard work, precision, discipline. People are not enough, but they are coping. Another problem is that supply us with components allied partners are unable to provide our increased production volume, so you have to look for other sources to use the reserves.

Special attention — the so-called Cuban order, which is on loan from the Government of the Russian Federation to the Republic of Cuba. We must produce and ship this year, 115 passenger elevators. It is a demanding job, an important order. We hope that in the future the plant will make cars for the Republic of Cuba, because there, as in Russia, is also very outdated elevator industry, and the biggest problem with the replacement of lifts. Of course, they will try to extend the contract. Incidentally, this is the second Cuban custom lift manufacturer in Russia. Three years ago, lifts for Liberty Island did Karacharovsky Mechanical Plant. This time we have chosen.

Today, the most promising products Scherbinsky Elevator Plant — elevators business class «Wellmaks», vertical and inclined lifts for wheelchairs categories of citizens with limited mobility. There is improvement of the design and technology of our production cars that at improving the quality and productivity ensure the reduction of the complexity of their manufacture and metal.

We are confident that our products have long been successfully competing in the global elevator market, will be a long and reliable, confirming a high level of quality and safety of Russian elevators.

In connection with the celebration of the Day of machine builder would like to congratulate colleagues liftovikov, workers lift industry, and wish them good luck, new labor achievements, relentless creativity and, of course, health and optimism!

Liftoviki always is a single, very friendly community, because the specifics of our work does not allow to operate «Who in the woods, who for firewood.» I therefore appeal to continue in the framework of the newly created National Union lift self-regulatory organizations to come together, work together to solve all the issues and to prepare for the international specialized exhibition «Lift Expo Russia». We must show new and interesting designs, so as not to lose face and dignity to present themselves on the market of materials handling equipment.

So the main thing — work, work and work, to develop and improve to domestic lift division was still on top.

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