Is wound on the wheel of old women — as we have done in his youth

Platform: iPad, iPhone

Genre: Racing, Action

Developer: Stainless Games

English: No

Is for children: no

Inspired by the satirical film «Death Race 2000» with Stallone and David Kereddina, car Carmageddon gunman at the time in 1997, served as a red rag for the politicians, who like to blame computer games of all sins.

No wonder: after all, there to win, not only to come to the finish line first, but destroying all rivals or pedestrians passing all the running around in the vicinity of the track. For the conversion of the fellows in the stuffing you generously give bonus points, particularly by encouraging the massacres, and preferably with the style, for example, to carry their hood on a sharp turn with the handbrake.

Today, it does not look shocking and very funny: Old ladies on crutches, consisting of several squares, with a plaintive wail trying to dodge your snarling spiked the car, but this time you are in the side rams one of the opponents on the pink «Hammer».

But getting rid of the controversial raid went Carmageddon only benefit — because underneath lies a very unusual game with catchy spacious levels where’re a constant race against the leaking of time furiously turns enemies into burning pieces of metal, try to find all the barrels of bonuses and unlock new cars for your garage.

Republication for iOS, which collected money for the whole world on the website Kickstarter, offers three management options, but none of them does not give the desired accuracy — a typical problem of mobile games that require quick movements. That finger slips off the virtual pedal, then turn left processed noticeable delay, and sometimes it means the difference between a nice finishing moves of the enemy and the infamous collision with the wall.

Despite this, Carmageddon — still one of the best races for iOS. Hard and hearty product of his age, to play in that — is like to listen again to the best album of The Prodigy, released in the same 97-year.

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