Season of Wonders

Scriptwriter — Sergey Abramov director — George Yungvald-Khil’kevich operator — Gennady Karyuk artist — composer Igor Bryl — Yuri Chernavskaya Lyrics — Leonid Derbeneva soundman — Konstantin Kupriyanov

Roles performed:

Vadim — Arunas Storpirstis

Taya — LARISSA Shakhvorostova

Oleg — Boris Shuvalov


Zinka — Olya GORSHKOVA mother — VALENTINE Ivasheva

Tanya — Natalya Martinson

Vic — P. Lopukhovsky

Kolyunya — G. TOROPOV

Dimka — Mr. Sosnowski

Constantine — D. Kalashnikov twins Albert — Alexander A. Caten — M. Caten guests Vadim — Dmitriev, Oh, Belov, Yu DUBROVIN, I. TRETYAKOV

Victor — Yu Rudchenko in the film: Alla Pugacheva, Mikhail Boyarsky, the trio «Expression» instrumental ensemble under the direction of Yuri Chernavskaya

Odessa Film Studio, 1985

Color. 9 parts. 2505 m. The R / C number 1303985.

16.4 / 8.7. ADVANCED.

This hilarious film created especially attractive to younger audiences musical genre, full of temperamental modern melodies and dance rhythms. It is attended by Alla Pugacheva and Mikhail Boyarsky, as well as vocal and instrumental ensemble «Earthlings».

At the heart of the picture — a funny story happened to a young artist Vadim tee. He was a talented artist, and his exquisite still lifes, apparently written not go beyond the workshop, experts appreciated the «pure art.» But one day there came a moment when Vadim tired of their bothersome punditry. He remembered that once his friend, a circus performer, welcomes guests to his dacha, and decided to go there. Friend-circus, however, meant something to warn him before he left, but did not. And Vadim arrived in a small country village, not aware of the strangeness of some of its young people, as well as a surprise waiting for him in the house where he was going to work away from the city.

Holiday Village, where the rest of the family circus, was not the best place for the seeker of peace and quiet. At every step Vadim surprises lay in wait — ridiculous and absurd, humorous and somewhat annoying — but equally incomprehensible and inexplicable. The artist had to confront one cheerful close-knit company, which consisted of people of all ages — from students to jam smeared brood. To everyone’s delight Vadim too soon joined the mischievous game carried away childish amusements, I realized that in melody and rhythm, without which they could not imagine life, has its own special charm.

Soon after the artist discovered that the secret of the mysterious incident lay in the house, once donated to the children a wonderful old man, master of the circus. Master died, and his house was equipped with the wonders and tricks lives and happy kids, who, growing up, can not part with it.

By the time it turned out, Vadim something changed. Contact with the world of happy childhood, magic, let the circus, fun games and music allowed the artist to a new life experience, feel the joy of it. For the first time Vadim felt the urge to write is not dead sparkling facets of glass, and a portrait of a beautiful young Thai girl, who obeyed all the naughty and the power company, which took over a Vadim with joy and pleasure.

The director of the film «Season of Wonders» George Yungvald Khil’kevich-known as a producer of paintings «Dangerous Tour», «Warning Tsunami», «Audacity.» «Where did he go away!» «Two under one umbrella,» the TV movie «The Three Musketeers.»

For Kinopanorama and recommend the use of television transmission hours. 3 or 9.

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