Second on the deed

Roles performed:

Novichenko — Andrey Martynov

Lee Jang Hyuk — Choi Chang Su

Hurenko — Oleg Anofriev

Cho Soong She — ION CHI CHUN

Cho Kwang Hsieh — Lee Sung-gwan

Kim Il Sung — Lee Yong Il nurse — Natalia Arinbasarova

Maria Novichenko — Irina GNEVCHUK

Raisa Novichenko — MARINA Levtova


Doc Kwon Sul — PAK Chang Yun

Ivan Novichenko — VLADIMIR Antonik

Pechkin — Vyacheslav Baranov

Kwon Hyung Thyak — CAS VAUGHN QMF

Ko Min Dal — LIM IN PUE

Bobyr — Victoria Filip

Samohin Vladimir Ferapontov

Chistyakov — Alexander Bielawski

Romanenko — Yuri Sarantsev chief doctor — Zakharchenko Marshal Meretskov — VALENTIN Grachev

On September Chil — KHAN DIN SOP

«Mosfilm» (USSR) — Korean studio feature films (DPRK)

In two series


Color. 1st series — 7 parts of 1895 m. The 2nd series — 7 parts. 1796 m. The R / C number 1101286

24.1 / 3

The scenario dimensional joint Soviet-Korean painting on real facts. Served as the prototype of the hero of the film Soviet officer Yakov Novichenko and now lives in the Siberian village of herb …

In the now distant March forty-sixth in Pyongyang during a festive demonstration of thousands in the stands, where the leaders of the Communist Party of Korea and representatives of the Soviet command, flew grenade thrown by a terrorist. The explosion was imminent. The area came to a standstill. Suddenly a man rushed toward the grenade and covered her with his body …

In the film, as well as in life, a feat accomplished in a few seconds. Just to make it necessary to live a real life. Naturally, in the film, even the two-part, hard to summarize all human life. Therefore, the authors have touched only some landmark moments of the hero’s biography and a detailed look at the events immediately preceding the feat.

…The pre-war youth in a Siberian village, marriage, then the war, service in the distant Far East outpost. Here on the border. Novichenko acquainted with Korean Lee Jang-partisan Heck. Meeting was short — Soon Lee Jang Hyuk went into battle. Jacob did not know then that he met a new friend he would have a forty-five in August, when the Soviet Army entered the territory of Korea to defeat the Japanese forces. Together with the Korean comrades, Soviet soldiers worked on the railroad car repair plant, the country needs rebuilding locomotives together fought against the counter-revolutionary underground, guarded podium together on that memorable rally …

The film is constructed as memories Novichenko Jacob, who came in our time in Korea as guest of honor. Therefore, the role of the executor Novichenko ANDREI Martynov had to live on a screen and adolescence, and maturity, old age and his character. Cinema, and «military» experience Andrei Martynov not to take — is enough to recall the foreman Vaskova from the movie «The Dawns Here Are Quiet …». Together with Martynov began his acting fate in that tape and Irina Shevchuk — she played Rita Osyanin there. In the new film, which after so many years of acting intertwined biography, Irina Shevchuk plays Maria, the wife of Jacob.

In the role of Lee Chang Heck, the fate of which is traced in some detail — and the story of his relationship with his parents, and the story of his love and marriage — one of the most famous Korean actor Choi Su Chang. He has played in more than forty films.

The screenplay together with PEC IN Zhong wrote screenwriter Alexander Borodyansky (cm. Materials on the film «start over»).

The film set the director Eldor Urazbaev known for paintings «Trans-Siberian Express.» «Look both», «traffic police inspector,» «tailcoat for shalopaya.»


In drawing up the text for the press, radio and television programs, in particular, need to pay attention to the fact that this is the first joint Soviet-Korean film. The basis of the painting on real events that took place in Pyongyang in March 1946.

The film’s release is timed to the 40th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japanese invaders, so in promotional materials should reflect the theme of the joint struggle of the Soviet and Korean peoples against Japanese militarism, the theme of internationalism and fraternal solidarity of our people in the postwar years, friendship and comprehensive cooperation our days.

It is advisable to involve in the campaign history teachers from high schools, lecturers society «Knowledge» of the Cabinet of Political Education. The demonstration movie is recommended to precede the lecture on the Soviet-Korean relations.

Should be advised that co-writer on the Soviet side was A. Borodyansky (remind his previous work); that the directors of the film Om Gil Saint — People’s Artist of the DPRK, the famous actor and director (to his credit some 20 paintings), and E. Urazbaev, winner of the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR.

Note that the role in the movie performed by popular Soviet actors: A. Martynov, O. Anofriev, M. Levtova, IA Shevchuk.

RECOMMENDED USE: for Kinopanorama and television transmission — h. 10.

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