Secret of the Golden Flower Chinese book of life

(Translation and Commentary William R.)

3. Circulation of Light and Protection Center

Master Lu-tsu said, «How long were the words "circulation of light"? «They appeared in the book» True people began Formations «(Guan Insi). When the light is forced to move in a circle, all the energies of heaven and earth, light and darkness crystallize. This is what was called the seminal meditation, or purification of energy or refined ideas. If you start applying this magic, we find that in the middle being is nothingness. When, over time, work is done outside the body is the body, then, being in the middle of nowhere, it seems that it was being. Only after concentrated work for a hundred days will be the true light, and only then it will be a spiritual fire. After one hundred days in the world by itself develops a point of true light pole (yang). Then suddenly manifested seed pearl. As if a man and a woman embraced and embodied the idea. Then we need to wait quietly. Circulation of the world — this is the era of fire. In the middle of the transformation of primary glow of light (yang-kuang) is the determining factor. In the material world it is — the sun; a man — eyes. Radiance and dispel spiritual consciousness is mainly caused by this energy, if it is directed outwards (flowing down). Consequently, the path of the Golden Flower depends entirely on the back of this method of movement.

The heart of man is under the sign of fire. Flames of fire pushing upwards. When the eyes are looking at the world in rem, fire with eyes directed outward. But if you close your eyes and changing the direction of gaze, send it in and look at the habitat of the ancestors, this district will back the current method of movement. The energy of the kidneys is under the water sign. When desires are aroused, she rushes down, is directed outwards and helps conceive children. If, at the time of the release of energy is unable to go out, and the energy is driven thoughts so that permeates the crucible of the Creator and refreshes heart and body and nourishes them, it also has a method back to the current motion. Therefore it is said: «The way the Elixir of Life depends entirely on the back of this method of movement.»

Circulation of the world — is not only a circulation of flowering seed separate body, but even a true circulation, build up, forming energy. It’s not a passing fancy, and the exhaustion of the cycle (transmigration of the soul) of all the aeons. Therefore, the duration of the inspiratory means a year according to human standards, and a hundred years, if we measure the long night of nine tracks (reincarnation).

Once people leave behind the sound of individualization, he is born in accordance with the circumstances and old age do not look back. Light energy is depleted and flows. This creates nonary darkness (reincarnation). In the book, Leung Yan said: «Having concentrated thoughts can fly; concentrating desire — come to a fall. » When the student cares little about his thoughts and much more — about their desires, he embarks on a path leading into a morass. Only through contemplation and tranquility awakens true intuition — this requires a method back to the current motion. In the Book of the secrecy of correspondence stated: «Liberation — in his eyes.» In just a matter of Yellow governor said, «seed flowering of the human body should be concentrated in a vacuum at the top.» This is an indication of the method. This pronouncement — immortality and overcome the world. It is the common goal of all religions.

Light not only in the body and outside the body. Mountains, rivers and the great earth illuminated by the sun and the moon; all the light. Therefore, it is not only within the body. Understanding and clarity, knowledge and enlightenment, and all movements (spirits) like the light; therefore it is not something outside the body. Flower light fills the heavens and the earth a thousand spaces. But as a single flower of the light passes through the body of the heavens and covers the ground. Therefore, as soon as the light starts to circulate, heaven and earth, mountains and rivers — all starts to circulate with him at the same time. The concentration of the seed of the flower at the top of the human body in the eyes, and is the great key to the human body. Children, be careful! If you have just one day not doing meditation, this light will pour out, and who knows — where? If you meditate only a quarter of an hour, that you can kill ten thousand eons, and a thousand births. All methods are completed silence. This amazing magic indefinitely.

But when classes started, you have to go hard from the obvious to the deeper, from the gross to the subtle. It all depends on the continuity of employment. The beginning and the end of occupation must be the same. Between them, no doubt, the colder and warmer moments. But the goal should be the infinity of the heavens and the depths of the sea, so that all methods seemed light received as a gift. Only then we can assume that we have mastered them.

All holy men bequeathed to one another: «Nothing is possible without contemplation» (fanchao, meditation). As Confucius said, «Awareness leads to the goal,» or when the Buddha said: «The vision of the Heart», or Lao-tzu said, «inner vision», — it was all the same. Anyone can talk about contemplation, but he can not master them if he does not know what that word means. What should be changed dramatically by contemplation — it is self-conscious heart, which shall be directed to the point where the image of the spirit is not yet manifested. Within our six-foot body, we should aspire to the condition that existed before the formation of the heavens and the earth. If people today sit and meditate only one or two hours, looking only at the ego, and call it intuition, how can anything come of it? The founders of Buddhism and Taoism have been taught that it is necessary to look at the tip of the nose. But they do not mean that we should tie the thought to the tip of the nose. They also do not mean that as long as the eyes are looking at the tip of the nose, the thoughts should be concentrated on the yellow middle. Wherever watched his eyes, the heart is also directed. As it may be directed in the same time is up (yellow middle) and bottom (tip of the nose) or, for example, so that it is the up and down? All of this can be compared with how someone took the finger that points to the moon, for the same moon. What it should really mean? The expression «tip of the nose» is very cleverly chosen. The nose may serve as a benchmark eyes. If someone is not focusing on the nose, or he opens his eyes wide and looks into the distance so that the nose is not visible, or closes the eyelids too tightly, so that the eyes are closed, and again the nose is not seen. But when his eyes very wide open, you can make a mistake, directing gaze outward, because of what can easily be distracted attention. If they are tightly closed, the error is in circulation inside the eye, which is why you can easily dive into the dreamy reverie. Just when the eyelids lowered halfway correctly, the tip of the nose is visible just as it should be. So he selected benchmark. The main thing — the right lower eyelid, and then the light will pass through them himself; it is not necessary effort, we just need to wish that light streamed through the ever and a concentrated stream. Look at the tip of the nose — it is only the beginning of the inner concentration, when the eye is directed in the right direction, and then stick to a benchmark; then you can leave the view as it is. This is similar to the way a mason sets the plumb line. Once he found it, he continues to work, focusing on the plumb line, but not distracting themselves with a permanent reconciliation of plumb indication.

Fixed contemplation — is a Buddhist method, which was guarded as a secret.

You can watch both eyes on the tip of the nose, sit upright in a comfortable position and keep the heart in the center, in the middle of the state. Taoism calls it a yellow middle of Buddhism — the center of the middle of the state. This is the same and does not necessarily mean the center of the head. We need only concen—dochitsya at a point which is located right between the eyes, and then everything will be fine. Light — it is something very moving. When thought is fixed at the middle point between the eyes, the light pours itself, there is no need to direct special attention to the central locking. In these few words lies an important point.

«The center in the middle of the state» — a very subtle expression. The center is everywhere; it contains all; it is associated with the release of the entire process of creation. State is the main entrance. Condition, t. E. The implementation of this condition is the beginning, but it does not rest with the inevitable necessity. The meaning of these two words is volatile and extremely thin.

Fixed contemplation is necessary; it secures enlightenment. However, you can not just sit still, if there are worldly thoughts, and it is necessary to examine where these thoughts, where they came from and where they went. Nothing can be achieved by trying to speculate further. It is enough to see where the idea arose, and did not look beyond this point, as the search for the heart (mind, go with the consciousness of consciousness) — an impossible task. At the same time we want to bring the heart to rest; it — the right contemplation. That is contrary to this, there is a false contemplation. It does not lead to the goal. With an increase in the flow of thoughts should stop it and start contemplation. After contemplating to go back to fix.

This dual method of fixing enlightenment, it means the circulation of light. Circulation is the fixation. Light is contemplation. Fixation without contemplation is circulation without light. Contemplation without fixation is light without circulation! Take note of this!

The main significance of this chapter text that "Protection Center is important for the circulation of light. The last section described. that the human body is a very valuable object, if the primary is the spirit of his master. But when the body is used by the conscious spirit, the latter acts on it day and night so that the spirit of the primary scattered and devastated. When it is fully depleted, the body dies. Here we describe a method by which the conscious mind can be assigned, and the spirit of the primary protected; this is not possible, if not start with circulation of the light. You can explain it in this example: to build a beautiful house, you must first lay a great foundation. If a solid foundation — then we can continue to work, and the foundation walls will be deeply and firmly laid, and the support and the wall built. If the foundation is not laid in such a way as possible to finish the construction of the house? And the method of nurturing life is the same. Circulation of the world can be compared to the foundation of the house. When the house foundation is strong, how fast you can build on it! Protect middle yellow fire of the spirit — it is the task of construction. Therefore, Master pays particular attention to the explanation of the method by which you can proceed to the nurturing of life and asks to look through the eyes to the tip of the nose, lower eyelids, look inward, to sit quietly, and put right in the center of the heart, in the middle of the state. Focusing in space between the two eyes allows light to penetrate inside. Then it crystallized spirit and comes into focus in the mid state. Center in the middle of the state is lower eliksirnoe field reservoir of energy (solar plexus). Teacher hints at this mystery, when he says that at the beginning of class (meditation) have to be alone in a quiet place, the body should be like a dry tree, heart — cooled ash. Drooping eyelids, look inward direct and clear heart and mind, and to eliminate the desire to save seed. Meditate every day, sitting cross-legged. Let the light in both eyes stop; Let the power of hearing and smell will crystallize is weakened, that is, the language concerns the palate; let the air through the nose to be rhythmic and thoughts are focused on the dark door. If you do not adjust your breath first, you will see the fear that there will be difficulty in breathing due to its delay. Closing his eyes, we must take as a reference point on the bridge, which is located less than a half inch below the point of intersection of the line of sight, where there is a small hump on the nose. Then you start to collect his thoughts; ears do rhythmic breathing; in the body and heart felt comfort and harmony. The eyes must radiate peace for a long time there should be no drowsiness, no excitement. Eyes do not look forward, they highlight the fact that in under eyelids. This place shines. The mouth does not utter sounds and laughs. Lips should be to close and breathe internally. Breathing — here. The nose does not smell. Smell — here. The ears do not hear external sounds. Rumor — here. Heart is watching what is going on inside. His attention — here. Thoughts do not depart out; true thoughts have continued confidence. If thoughts continue to seed continues, if the seed continues, energy continues; If the energy continues, then the spirit will be continued. Spirit is a thought; thought is the heart; the heart is the fire; fire is the Elixir. If you look at what’s inside, the described method, the wonders of opening and closing the gates of heaven will be endless. But the deeper secrets can not be revealed without the establishment of rhythmic breathing. If a student begins to meditate and could not keep the thoughts at the point between the eyes when he closes his eyes, but the energy of the heart does not give him the opportunity to look at the area of ​​energy, the reason is most likely that breathing too loudly and often, and the rest of the troubles occur it is from this, because the body and the heart to stop trying to force the release of energy and slow breathing.

If the thoughts are contained only in both eyes, but the spirit is crystallized in the solar plexus (the center in the middle of the state), it is similar to the way if someone stood in the hall, but not yet entered into the room. In this case, the spiritual fire will not develop, the energy will be cold, but the true result is unlikely to manifest itself.

Therefore teacher is afraid that the people making an effort will only focus thoughts on the point on the nose and will not think that it is necessary to focus the mind in the space of energy; That’s why he uses the comparison of a mason with a plumb line. Mason uses a plumb line only to see a wall perpendicular to the ground or tilted, and this serves as a guide rope. When Mason determines the direction of plumb, it can start work. But then it operates with the wall, and not with a plumb line. It’s clear. From this it is evident that the focus between the eyes serves as a plumb line for the mason. The teacher mentions it again and again, because he feared that his words could not be understood. Even if students are on the right path, he fears that they may interrupt their studies and therefore teacher repeats several times: «Only after a hundred days of continuous operation — only then — the light becomes true, only then can you start to work with the spirit-fire «. If we continue in a predetermined manner, after one hundred days in the light suddenly appears genuine creative point of light (yang). Students should explore it with open hearts.

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