How many times have you promised yourself to work in the garden only with gloves to keep their hands from corrosive mud, but … thin medical gloves are easily torn, and the dense economic work uncomfortable. Wash hands with dirt after working in the garden is usually very difficult. Here are some tips on how to facilitate this process.

Aggressive bleaching.

If you were able to wash off the dirt, but your skin is dark — it can be bleached with peroxide or citric acid. Of course, this procedure adversely affects your pens: the skin dries up, and it can appear bright spots (they eventually pass, but still). After such an aggressive whitening necessarily need to be applied to the hands of rich cream.

Reliable protection soap.

All well aware that to maintain the purity of the nails before going to work in the garden you need to scrape wet soap. Besides it is possible to cause liquid soap brush and allowed to dry, but after this manipulation is only necessary to perform the dry operation, or wear medical gloves.

Natural cleansing.

Good help to clean the skin rhubarb leaves — for this they need to stretch your hands thoroughly. After working with bushes of tomatoes corrosive spots on the hands to help scrub the red elderberry fruit.

Pay attention.

Experts advise prior to scrubbing dirt off the skin of the hands to make a tray of water, soap, soda and sea salt. And also help bath of water in which boiled potatoes, milk, or a mask of grated cucumber.

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