Seven steps to Satan

Game: Faust. Seven traps for the soul

Doctor Faust: a story about an offer you can not refuse, on the transaction, which is in one time or another is ready to make any of us. The agreement with Mephistopheles, notarized big boss Lucifer. Thomas Mann, Goethe and Christopher Marlowe, who made a hunting stand and creaking feathers, tongues hanging out.

Seven beautifully tell the story. To find out what it was all over, will have to wade through a strong spirit of quest, sorry, Myst, that is, to a large extent based on meticulous tinkering with relevant puzzles, with very convenient and comfortable control. Won it as friends, this time came …

Faust «- the most wonderful adventure of having at least some relation to Cryo, which ever caught my eye. Designed Arxel Tribe, a small European company will do, if you remember, Ring. This is a wonderful, exciting, long and dull, though strictly following dogma quest. C clever puzzles, gorgeous music and the plot, which are applicable only adjectives superlatives.

From the history of the Faust motif taken and the name of the main character, personality shaky, moderately conditioned, all other tribute was expressed in a lonely Tomiko Goethe on a bookshelf in the office of Nathaniel Meister, directly under the shelf with Dante Alighieri. Motive — deal with the devil, or rather with the old Mephisto, an employee of the law firm deserved, not even hoping to become a partner. Seven well-written and pretty well embodied novels, seven stories of jealousy, greed, love, genius, art, virtue and innocence, seven lives, seven of fate, resting on the scales.

Hero — Marcellus Faust, an old man who lives in an abandoned amusement park, once known as the «Country of Dreams». The park was closed because of the many strange occurrences and bloody crimes committed on its territory too often. Marcellus Faust one, and it comes to him Mephistopheles with a small request. No, he does not need a soul Marcellus — at least right now. But this proposal is also not easy to give up. Speak arbiter, detective fate. To invade other people’s lives and judge, to evaluate the actions of others with the knowledge that depends on your decision of their future path. Mephistopheles believes that they all belong to him, but one who at the top who Mephisto calls «Big Boss», thinks otherwise.

In terms of graphics «Faust» — well, absolutely nothing special. The best time there — Mephistopheles, walking on a wooden beam and diligently keep the balance. It looks like a life — any life, painstaking balancing act between good and evil, filth and purity. In those seven that contributed Marcellus, this balance has been broken — in one direction or another, at one time or another. On this and is trying to say Mephistopheles, stepping over the crossbar.

All fate in the balance related to the park, created by the genius architect Theodore Mohr, park the first half of the century — the millennium uncertain, boring twenties, thirties grim, bloody forties, fifties sad. Associated with «Land of Dreams», because there will be a place for all of these people — they live in dreams. And reality, touch the dream, a reality that brings Mephistopheles in exchange, cripples their souls sold.

Lily and Jody — Siamese twins. They kept usurious office and loved the same man. Money and Hannibal, Hannibal and money.

Past history of this Mephisto could not pass quietly.

Lily offered Hannibal, Jodie — money. Jody took the deal and finish Lily butcher knife.

Nathaniel Meister, a genius alchemist and during the war worked with British intelligence and sent to the death of the woman he loved, for the salvation of «Operation Overlord.» Mephistopheles offered him a chance. Twice.

Artist Frank Barnes was very sorry that he is not Casanova and Don Juan. He drove around with a bottle of champagne and could not find any fellow traveler who might want to drink it with him. Mephistopheles proposed to remedy the situation. Frank agreed, without asking what you need in return. He began to read other people’s thoughts, and his life turned into a nightmare refined. Frank doused himself with gasoline and set on fire.

Kalinka Vysotskaya from Leningrad. It’s hard to find another person who would have been so kind to people. Hannibal sights seriously in love with her himself, Theodore Rolodex in the end who decided to deal with Mephisto, but … Kalinka favor to someone else. Someone who can exist only in her imagination. Someone wearing a mask.

Hannibal Red well able to cope with the whip, and the only pets — a couple of tigers. With the Tigers, he treated like human beings, but with people — both with the Tigers. With the help of Mephistopheles he got something that was asking for a long time. One of the lost owner tigers died later.

Todd — an unusual character. It is a dwarf and it butlegger working on the family, alongside the famous and ruthless Frank Nitti. They also say that it helps orphans. His full name — Tod von Essenbek, and he signed a contract with Mephistopheles just before tolkanut letter to the Ministry of Justice.

History of Giselle is very simple. A little girl needed a guardian angel, and he appeared in her. Does she know that her guardian in fact — Mephistopheles? Irrelevant.

Seven stories, seven deadly sins.

Labyrinth divergent

Bye, Bye, Baby … B «Faust» stunning, amazing music, perfectly matched the old jazz and blues records. Time to Hit the Road to Dreamland … Visit the little world each of the characters is not just a courtesy visit: to collect evidence, determine their fate, Marcellus must be sought, and look seriously, watching the life of the characters for decades. Why Do I Love You … Why Do You Love Me … And with time the music changes, for which it is really possible to sell your soul to anyone. John Lee Hooker, Margaret Whiting and Marvin Gaye, ambitious vocals and poignant melody. Eternal blues Garry Mulligan, Stan Getz and Clyde McCoy.

The story is told slowly — short bursts, all the details are bound to detail the life of the characters, as well as puzzles. The realities, household strokes caused by carefully spelled out in detail the plot, designed to make us a little head work. The knife, which finished off Jody Lily tucked away in the toilet tank, and a tooth Marcellus Lily finds muslin sifting through the ashes from the stove. Picture offense restored piece by piece. The contract with the devil hidden in the skull Lily and blog Theodore containing recognition Jody — the last necessary proof — walled column gazebo where Theodore Mohr came to watch the sunset. Fiery sunset over the «Land of Dreams» is really worth it.

In this novel, we did not know Where did the body of Lily. Intertwining storylines of «Faust» clever and whimsical. All the stories somehow linked, but it is clear at once. Familiar characters more often get in the way to a solution, and rightly so, because in this strange world, a familiar figure to us — the same as relative. Where did the body of Lily? This is to ask one of the tigers Hannibal …

It lacks the nightmarish details, but the authors do not play without rules, «Faust» is tough, but not bloodthirsty. There is a bright and a little funny story Kalinka, with a pearl necklace, which is found in Theodore broken fountain, and we at the games with time imprudently returned there. This is generally one of the best stories. Hidden in her knitting-crescent wrench that opens undercover garden. The mask of a mysterious phantom, which are needed to create: tincture from the leaves of the four seasons, a lot of household products so masterful cunning tailoring dozen units — pressure cast form, punching machines, mechanical cutter and sewing probivatelem «Singer» with fine stitching.

Or the story of Meister, a man, a victory in the end of Mephistopheles. «How I hate those damned intellectuals» — the poor fellow groans Mephisto and impotent rage scratch armrest leather armchairs. House Meister, little freak codes and ciphers — a test of the tests. Latitude and longitude coordinates that are installed on the foot of the bed, combination lock on a huge globe, color combination in the box. With precision-designed spy iron items, like small, but extremely reliable. Short Course «How to open a knife with a thin wax-sealed letter» cache in turning heel shoe, a second, secret, Department of empty box. It seems to be little things, and easy to guess, but that’s because everything is so logical. Then finally sbrendivshy Nathaniel Meister force us to play treasure hunt in the manner of «Golden Beetle» by Edgar Allan Poe. Puzzles on scraps of paper, rusty iron hook for a telescope on a tree branch, a mill wheel with lead heel on the sixth rung from the top. The award — his own homunculus made in the kitchen.

Superb story about art and passion of the artist Frank. Wonderful house with windows to the underwater world, a hiding place for the rotating mirror, very original paintings on the walls and, of course, the famous bed, where two bookshelves on either side of the head and on the left is «Don Giovanni» and on the right — the life story of Giacomo . By the way, Mephistopheles says that Casanova was extremely boring type. Secret lab under the house, the red light and loudly moaning, screaming, sound. Here Frank himself and set fire to, though not to the death. Think of the mask, which is made Kalinka, and think of the mutilated face Frank. Think about who her ghostly lover …

Paradoxically, sometimes ironic ending of each of the stories, with comments Mephistopheles and excerpts from the diary of an omniscient Ted Moore. «Theodore, thou shalt not so good and did not call up any police? I think I just killed my sister. » Of course, Jody. Theodore says it’s ringing in his ears, like a shot. «For many people, the history of Vysotsky Kalinka, Kalinka became Barnes sounds like a modern version of» Beauty and the Beast «, but it is not a fairy tale, even if the final and teaches us something.»

Something about final

«Mephisto Waltz» by Liszt … And Away From My Heart by Presence, sounding in the credits. It’s worth it to go through «Faust» fifteen times.

Mephistopheles, of course, would not have been any Mephistopheles, if not now and then strove to trip, to persuade the scales in their favor. Before the authorities should be accountable. He performs in the most important, key points of which are in the web of stories depends on many lives. This episode with the time in the story of a lover Kalinka. This is a very important element in the history of Tod’s, when Frank Nitti on the phone and offers a deal. Mephisto himself is transformed into Frank and Todd Marcellus becomes a dwarf, and must go through the tricky process of moonshine in order to treat Frank-Mephisto whiskey. And then … then, Todd Marcellus has to win at poker, poker with a very high rate.

This finally completes the cycle of history Giselle, a girl who came up with this clever trick with bath and soap. In her house many secrets, including Frank’s secret hideout, where he paints a false picture. There we see how he became a man in a mask. But Mephistopheles Mephistopheles … will be released on the last confrontation with Faust, in turn ANGELITA, guardian angel.

In the end Marcellus able to dispose of the fate of the entire fleet, «Land of Dreams», in its sole discretion. To do this he will have to … just something to sign.

P.S. The article does not say a word about the quality of the main localizer games of «No-shaft.» So, I say it, the quality perfect.

That said, colleagues

«Faust» — the best of everything, released by Cryo, which we all should bow to the feet only for the fact that it is almost unbelievably loyal genre adventure when other publishers have left us «- says Tom Houston, the site Just Adventure + (; overall rating of the game «game Class A»).

«The best there is in the» Faust «- is history. Since the list of participants consists of seven actors (plus you and Mephisto), you will have to seriously and closely acquainted with each of them, to find out everything possible about their life and the details of their agreement with the devil, «- says John» Gestalt «Bai website EuroGamer (; overall rating of 8/10).

«… Some scenes from» Faust «and then tortured at night: in one of them you see a horrific sexual intercourse between a man and break free the object of his secret desires, the other you can see the remains of the woman fed the circus tiger» — shares Memories of Maine, Bob Dell website The Adrenaline Vault (; overall rating 3/5).

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